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I gotta get an e-zpass because my mom says I lost over bog hey yo what's really good this is win fail fun and we out here again with new fresh internet clips roll them you're up here on the phone booth you already know I'm saying oh to talk to a customer please press one hello oh man using me abusing me lying to my face tell me you liked me on dates and then your try to cut me off you say that I'm the only girl you talking to but yeah you inconsistent you never text back and then you which is the bear bosom of my fair lady impossible you have unscrewed a fat piece of paper bosoms all around in voluptuous babies I hear you're 5 and I'll raise you a 10 tis a drawing of a bosom Oh quite arousing what image are you going to send I think I shall send her the fleshy canvas between the base of my nether regions and the start of my hindquarters yeah okay boys scream you take no chance [Laughter] every night I toss and turn in my bed knowing for certain there is a dark presence plaguing me haunting me preventing my sweet dreams hovering over me like a dark ominous I'm not critical ditz snapping his femur take one whoo Wow is hot hi this weather being unreasonable this carton roll pass both times they ride pass again they're gonna take a ride to see God they looking unusual damn she got on the Sun dress she can come get undress off in a row her summer and make her go sit out for nine months cuz freak man freak man yeah that's me I don't know what he looking at bucko let me take my shirt off so you know I got it on me it's 90 degrees out but he can get hit with this 40 it's hot hot you can get shot shot nobody whooping what a bummer I drop 100 in this with ham there go a group of five sisters let me start doing push-ups so they know it's gonna be a hot boys summer is whether it's beyond me I'm gonna call to see what a pool party's hit no that ain't to move I'll be ahead leave somebody in a pool of blood I hope don't nobody lectures weather go today here cuz the Sun out and guns out it's gonna be let me go back in the house to the fall um Jess I have fruits at my house how California is this look at this oh my god [Laughter] [Applause] [Applause] are you doing if a person asked for water cut which was cut would you give them baby ask for a workup what would you give there you go good way to find it Brody good way to find it we're glad to catch up the birds are coming to drive through order 10 chicken niggers how many catches do they get how many can't Jack do just one what if they want a 50 chicken egg because I'm gonna catch up would you give them I mean eat just one what do they order 10,000 chickens I'd only need one there you go Moo that way okay they come late night ask for answering machine it don't work there you go what if you do work what if what if you do work it don't work it's not what if we give you some ice cream in the machine is down to what would you tell them tricky question still don't work thank God get out of them yeah I'm gonna throw up I'm gonna poop and throw up at the same time I need to pull over let me know do I need to pull over pull over it's got in the car please not in the car nevermind okay if aliens could just abduct us right now I would be totally fine with that 100% dad you have to see this can't look still driving look right now right now look look look what stop flipping me off why are you doing that oh my seat belt too tight okay well then just grab it and loosen it like this now it's turn loose then let it go it'll tighten I can't get a drink where's my binky look around you is probably right next to you with my toy feel around in your seat where's my blanket hey here's the trick you have to open your eyes and look around you is my bed why'd you bring so much junk just to go to the store did you think we were going camping where's the house why isn't the house in here this was a great idea bringing you girls where's the beach I'm gonna bring you everywhere I go Where's Waldo where well Carmen Sandiego [Applause] hey yo you made it to the end of the video thank you once again we really appreciate that and we're gonna have another one coming soon so be sure to hit that bill like share subscribe all that good stuff and we'll catch you next time


  1. Oh okay, well your homie's voice is nice, but I really, really, really, really liked YOUR voice. Oh well, at least that stupid robo-voice is gone. ANYWAY, I hope you feel better! May your future days be filled with happiness, joy, and lots and lots of hugs, kisses, and ICE CREAM! Keep smiling, bro, you're doing great! Peace and Love <3

  2. 0:46 sorry sonny can't take your little phone with you everywhere πŸ™‚ man id forget that cell phone leave it at the hotel man see it with you real Eyes at least than through a screen that only makes it look worse for you no matter how much you put into it & editing it with effects forget that crap man.

  3. From bad to worse… Worried about the voice and not worried about the bad videos? Keep it up, genious…

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