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Intermediate German #31: Job Advertisements

Intermediate German #31: Job Advertisements

Cool music “The only thing, that should stand between you and your dream job, is your personal adviser!” We are in constant contact with the human resources departments of the leading companies in the Rhine-Main areas and are searching for: Office Administrators
Industrial Business Management Assistants
Foreign Language Correspondence Clerks You can expect from us 14 months salary, full travel expenses reimbursed, and reliable cooperation. If you feel, that this is meant for you, send us your application or call us. We are looking for mechanics for our semi-truck garage for the maintenance and repair of our own fleet of vehicles. Job experience and also a willingness to work Saturdays are expected and we offer regular hours and pay hourly. We would gladly host a personal interview with you. You are the sales talent, which we would like to foster. As an advantage: A completed business management training A pronounced affinity for all that has to do with IT A working knowledge regarding MS-Excel, -Word, and -Outlook Foreign language knowledge Are you motivated? Convince us with your application, what makes you a sales talent! We take care of fresh air!… and are looking for you! Our company plans, installs and monitors air conditioning and ventilation systems for the foodservice industry and manufacturing. In order to strengthen our team we are looking for:
Mechatronic technicians
Ventilation system builder Do you want to work with a young team? Then apply, please. We look forward to meeting you. For the strengthening of our team we are looking for an assistant tax consultant for July 1, 2017 or later in part or full time (starting at 25 hours per week). Choose your field of work: Wages / Bookkeeping / Annual Accounts / Tax Filing You should send your application written or via email to:
Antrim Tax Team GmbH As an assistant tax consultant in our team, you would have two requests available: Your field of application in the areas of: financial or wages book keeping / annual accounts / tax filing. Your weekly work hours – start at 25 hours and go up. The third request is reserved for us: Your informative application, preferably today. Thank you for choosing to learn German with me. If you are looking to take your learning to the next level, subscribe to this channel and get two videos each week from me. If you support this channel on Patreon, you can also get a copy of the script for every video I upload along with a worksheet and answer key. If you are just starting to learn German, check out my German for Beginners playlist on the left. If you have been learning German for a while, but you are still looking to learn more check out my Intermediate German playlist on the right. Danke fürs Zuschauen. Bis zum nächsten Mal. Tschüss.

4 thoughts on “Intermediate German #31: Job Advertisements

  1. Leider du leber Lewi, du hast das wichtigtest Ding vergißen: Man müßen allen Videos mit der englische Unterschreibung (auf englisch ist english subscription) machen. Ich weis daß ist die Intermedien Deutsch b1 b2, aber die"Studenten" wißen s nicht, was du sagst. Bitte, wan macht ein Intermediate German Video für b1 b2, erzähl oder schreib s auch auf englisch an! Ich hatte nie verstanden leider. Natürlich lerne German for beginner auch.

  2. Ein sehr gutes Video!👍
    Leider gibt einge Aussprachefehler,die man noch verbessern hätte können
    Keep up the great Work!

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