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Hey guys, it’s another beautiful day once again and you’re here back at Dexter’s World Channel Today I’m so glad to announce that we have already made a harvest a good harvest of our lettuce and just yesterday I allowed my assistant to just put the seedlings over this rock beds because we would like to Try to propagate this Kangkong ( water spinach) and this is one of my favorite vegetables I am going to plant this one because this is good for our salad and it’s good really for our health and Also, I have here some seedlings of this lettuce this pichai and this mostaza Well, this four vegetables are the kind of vegetables that we are going to plant in propagate over The tank of our fish. Well, we have learned aquaponics and it proves to us that Aquaponic thing can be done right at your small area if you don’t have a vast tract of land Or maybe you have you don’t have a space for you to make a garden then Of course You can just make this over your tank of fish and it requires only a very small enough So we are going there to get some soil because we are going to plant this first in the small container as our seedling bed and Maybe a couple of days from now we’re gonna be able to transfer this Seedlings to this individual cups for our aquaponics for the main time before we gonna go there Allow me to just check our Rosy barb in the past two videos that we had We made a step by step process on how to breed this one. but unluckily I wasn’t able to make an actual film of the actual spawning because they spawn at down and I was so tired and it failed to really make a Film on this , but I believe that there are so many eggs Now that are being pasted on the plants and we will now transfer all these breeders we will get this breeders from the Aquarium to protect the fish or to protect the fry from their parents because if we will not remove them, I’m sure That all the fry will really be eaten by their parents So, this is our soil of course Roldan is here his my staff and we hired Roldan to assist us in our Aquaponics and even the breeding of this ornamental fish. Can you say hi Roldan? Roldan will really help us in of course. Thank you for gathering the soil Of course, we will we will fill this up. It’s so heavy well I’m planning to put the Petchay over here the Mostaza and even the lettuce and this is our way of making Sure that the lettuce really will grow and then after how many days were gonna transfer them to the individual cups Containing some soil and even this cocoquaire and then we’re gonna put them over the tank of our fish. Oh It’s too heavy And I think this guy because he is really looking for a job and he texted me and wanted to Be one of our staff here at the house. And of course, I I knew him because he is my Distant relative. That’s why he is now officially employed our assistant for Dexter’s work farm. So can you fill this up and then I will try to carry this one. This is so heavy I think I oh my goodness. This is some Maybe I will place this on my shoulder Ok, can you feel this? Thank you for I’m so glad because this soil is really fir tilled soil. You. Look at this, Hay Well, this will decompose maybe how many months from now and it will become soil so this is very good for our plants Heavy It broke my bone Well, this is some sort of exercise now we’re gonna Put the siblings over this container. I put first the Pechay will never mind the sound of that hen Because their hen has just laid eggs These are the seeds actually and you need on these small amount of this You cannot put this all in this very small space We will just put a little amount of this and you will scatter this over this small container. We will Expect that how many days from now they will grow. Of course. We will make a step by step process also on how to transfer them to this individual cups to be placed over the tank of our Our fish well, I’m so tired It’s really very heavy. I’m not used to carrying weight Now that I’m already 50 years old Well, we have to plant this seeds also of this mostaza. Ok we will open You see the seeds are not colored meaning the seeds are just plain brown and like this one the seeds of the spectra is really dark blue, but this one is Brown and you will spread this all over it’s good that the seeds will be scattered so that you will not have Difficulty getting them individually and transfer them in plastic cups. So we already have made seedlings on This is the pechay. this is the Mostaza and of course, these are the seeds of our Lettuce Wow, this lettuce is also very amazing You see that you see that seeds it looks like the grain of the Palay so five days or maybe less we gonna be able to see this Sprouted siblings of this vegetables and I am dreaming to make a pipe the PVC pipe I am very positive about doing this aquaponic thing because this is really great if you are Maintaining your health actually because eating too much of meat we’ll just do harm than good To our our bodies, so we’re gonna go green We gonna eat vegetables and we gonna we gonna plant them We’re gonna propagate them for our health may be my intention is not anymore to sell this one but just for the consumption of my family and even for myself Maybe you will ask what happen to this tank This is the tank for our breeder Goldust and it has leaks So we have to paint this or maybe use some cement to cure the problem. Maybe you are also Experiencing the same if you are into fish keeping, sometimes you will encounter problems like this Leaking of the pond, of course. I also have a problem over here. You will see You will see that the water is draining because of the leaking you will see that drop of water over there and I have to repair this one. That is why if you are actually making ponds made of wood and of course this Tarp, you will really encounter some problem, especially during the cleaning time. I have here an improvised slingshot and this is intended for the birds that are really coming during night time and I really had a problem with that Bird big bird that is Visiting in this tanks every night. I made the practice on how to really hit things and Just like that Whoa, thank you for watching


  1. What I love about Dexter's World is the simple old fashioned love of working hard, loving what you do, and prospering honestly from that work.
    God Bless You, Dexter. You are a wonderful example for all.

  2. Hello again from a Pinoy in Seattle!!yeah that must be great exercise carrying 60+ pound of dirt on your head!!IT BROKE MY BONES?!?! hehaheha!!WOW!! Your Rossy Barbs really are nice and already have spawn.nice to meet your assistant too.GO GREEN AND EAT MORE GREEN!!IDK about the slingshoot but to protect the fish tanks.

  3. It's a good thing I do not have that kind of bird problem. We have brown shrikes or tarat that visits our backyard but I don't think it's successful in eating my livebearers. I have a cat so maybe it is also one of the reasons why birds that prey on small fishes don't visit my ponds that much.

  4. dexter i am your subscriber can you give me some of your orandas because i want to breed can you give me pls because i dont have capital

  5. Wonderful aquaponics project. Combined with ornamental fish breeding the venture creates a self-sustaining biosphere.

  6. Hi Dexter World.. Do you have the video for Beginner for first timer aquascape?? Which recommend plant less using less light and also is the plant can survive in the tank without any fish?

  7. I was going to say that the hen sounded very pleased with herslf, as they do when they lay an egg 🙂 50 isn't old Dexter, I'm older than you and I'm not old! LOL. Aquaponics is the way to go, so good for a small area.

  8. Kang Kong stems that we discarded can regrows very well in a floating basket,they loves water and grows super fast and tender in floating platforms or baskets in fish ponds,rivers and lakes.

  9. You got 10k subscribers within 4days .. congrats.. every day I'm watching your videos and counting our subscribers.😜👏

  10. Youre deliberately going to hurt the bird! Clearly shows that youre a businessman and not a pet lover. Very disappointed.

  11. Hey dexter

    How many hours should i use my airpump ? Make tutorial of this to make our knowledge big.

    And how many hours airpump should rest

    Like example
    Can airpump rest in 6pm to 6am ?

  12. hi boss dex do you mind telling me the artist and song title pls i the end of the video pls? =) God bless po

  13. Hi, Dexter from UK. I have a few Rosey barbs in my tank every morning 2 males and a female go through spawning but I've not condition them for breeding and they not had much live food, she doesn't look like she carrying any eggs are they spawning or just going through the motions.

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