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Integrating and Analyzing Google AdWords Campaigns in SAP Marketing Cloud

Integrating and Analyzing Google AdWords Campaigns in SAP Marketing Cloud

Do you want to reach even more customers
and gain deeper insights ? Run display and video campaigns in Google AdWords and evaluate their performance data in SAP Hybris Marekting Cloud. This is Peter. Peter is a marketing expert at CookieFactory and has already used paid search
campaigns in Google AdWords successfully. Now Peter asks his agency to try other
types of campaigns in Google AdWords for their newest cookie creation. Of course,
Peter wants to see performance data in SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud for the
campaigns his agency created. For this, he needs a campaign in SAP Hybris
Marketing Cloud that is mapped to the Google AdWords campaign. With the mapping,
the performance data is transferred from Google AdWords to SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud. Peter asks his assistant Liz to take care of the mapping. On the launch
pad, Liz opens the Campaigns app and creates a Google AdWords campaign. In the
Campaign Designer she chooses the “Search Network Only” box and selects the
agency’s Google account. Then she enters the Google AdWords campaign ID. Now, Liz
drags and drops an action to the campaign box to assign a campaign type. One after another she assigns Peters Google AdWords campaign types. “Display
Network Only”, “Search Network with Display Select” and “Video”. For the video Liz can
even see a playable preview. Finally, she saves the campaign that now
includes four Google AdWords campaign types. When she’s done, this gives Peter
the campaign details. He goes to the performance tab of this campaign to see the performance data. He can also look at the campaign performance in the chart view. Here, Peter can see which campaign type was the most successful. He can also
see in which ad network his campaigns were mostly viewed and on which device. Liz is happy about how easy and smooth the integration of SAP Hybris
Marketing Cloud and Google AdWords is. Peter is thrilled to monitor his
campaigns in one place. He is convinced that the new cookie video will help his
newest cookie creation become a great success.

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