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Instagram Updates its Mobile Ads & FB Amps Up Its Pages Service: Social Marketing Cluster Facts

Instagram Updates its Mobile Ads & FB Amps Up Its Pages Service: Social Marketing Cluster Facts

LinkedIn takes free head shots, Facebook updates
their Pages service, and Instagram updates its mobile ads app. All that and more coming
up on Social Marketing Cluster Facts. Welcome to Social Marketing Cluster Facts! I’m Lea
Scudamore from aimClear at our studio in Duluth Minnesota. Every week we’re gonna give you
the social scene in five minutes or less to keep you up to date on what’s happening! So
let’s dive in. Instagram has updates for their mobile ads app. In an announcement on their
blog, they said they’ll have new features like landscape photos and 30 second video
ads. They’ll also introduce Marquee, a product to drive reach for events quickly, like for
new product launches or film premieres. They’ll also have new optimization tools to help drive
Facebook and Instagram campaigns. Facebook announced on their blog new updates to their
Pages service for businesses. One highlight is a bigger, more prominent call-to-action
button right under the cover photo. They also introduced new sections for different types
of businesses. Under the shop tab, businesses selling goods will display more proximately,
while the “services” tab will showcase professional service companies’ offerings to consumers.
Pages also features an updated layout for easier navigation.LinkedIn is touring the
country offering free headshots! Ending October 12th, LinkedIn’s bus will traveling from coast
to coast visiting ten cities. They’ve already hit Philly and New York. Check out their tour
schedule linked below! According to LinkedIn, people with profile pics get fourteen times
more views than ones without them. YouTube plans to make data about how users look at
ads available to advertisers. According to the Financial Times, which sited unnamed sources
within YouTube, the platform plans to allow third-party groups to place code in the pages,
allowing them to track context and position. This is possibly in response to advertisers
like Unilever and Kellogg complaining about viewers missing or ignoring ads. An ad is
counted as viewable if half its pixels are on the screen for two consecutive seconds.
Adweek came out with their list of the top ten most watched YouTube ads in August. Sports
stars mostly dominated the field. Surprisingly, Lexus’s hoverboard only came in at third.
Yes, that is a real hoverboard floating on magnets. DC shoes made the most watched ad,
featuring motocross racer Robbie Maddison. He rides a modified motor bike like a jet
ski, cruising on the ocean and riding waves. Here’s an excerpt from an interview immediately
after the shoot. Moving on…..Twitter updated their UI for iPhone and iPad users. They previously
were built separately with a different experiences for iPad vs. iPhone. Twitter was updating
two systems for every change and unfortunately iPad users were getting left behind. With
the new platform there is a more unified experience for all. Plus it costs Twitter a lot less
work when changes roll out delivering updates to iPad and iPhone users simultaneously. iPad
users can now create and see revamped quote Tweets, see trending topics in search, visit
product and place pages, plus a bunch of other features iPhone users already have. You can
learn more about Twitter’s methodology behind their new Adaptive UI on their blog. According
to The Wall Street Journal, Twitter’s newly assembled team in Jakarta is working to grow
their business to the over 250 million Indonesians. Their first step announced Monday is a new
partnership with Indosat. The union allows the 68 million subscribers of one of Indonesia’s
largest carriers to buy more minutes for their phones through its direct messaging feature.
Jakarta is the world’s most active city on Twitter.To celebrate the 49th anniversary
of Star Trek, Google released an update to their voice command app.
OK google, beam me up scotty. And that
does it for this episode of Social MarketingCluster Facts. You can check out the links
to this week’s articles below. Go to our aimClear blog for more of what we do. I’m Lea Scudamore
from aimClear. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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