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Instagram to block weight loss ads from minors

Instagram to block weight loss ads from minors

– Teens on Instagram be seeing ads that, among other
things, tout a flat stomach. How about, oh, I don’t
know, lip augmentation? – Yeah. – Believe it or not– Yeah. – –this is a change. What?
– Yeah. – Good morning. – My eight-year-old asked
me about cosmetic surgery. He doesn’t even see Instagram
but this is something that is happening, that
this has become part of what teenagers talk about. They’re seeing it. Because kids under
18 are seeing post after post of fashionable
people, influencers, telling them to buy this
or that diet product or to get this or
that cosmetic surgery. And there’s just so much of it. Instagram feeds are really
saturated with this stuff. You know, it’s already in
the conversation around you and in the feed. So why is Instagram
making this change now? Right? This is a lot of
advertising money at stake. Why would they do that? Well, maybe because
of this woman. This is the British
actor, Jameela Jamil. She calls this a huge victory. You can kind of see
her picture there. But if you’re going,
have I seen her before– it’s because she’s on the
show “The Good Place.” And she has been a real activist
in terms of diet culture. And what she means
by that is the idea that companies manipulate you
to not like your own body, to criticize other
people’s bodies, to get this perfect
body in mind, which then means you buy their stuff. So she has, by the
way, both attacked and defended the Kardashians. First, she’s defended
them against weight slurs. But she’s also taken them
on, and other celebrities, for promoting products
like diet teas or things like that for losing weight. These are just some of the
people she has taken on– Cardi B, Iggy Azalea. But look, Instagram said
the idea is cut down on the pressure that
people can sometimes feel as a result of social media. You know, sometimes it’s not
just your friends’ posts, it’s all the ads you’re
seeing and there. – But your son would log
on or you like, looking– he’s not on Instagram.
Right? – He’s not looking. But my point is that that
becomes part of what kids talk about, then their younger
siblings hear about it, then they’re on the playground–
– Yeah. – You know.
– Yeah. – Yeah. – All right. Thank you.

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