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okay so we’re great speaker up next this
is his first time visiting Northern Ireland and we are so thankful that
you’ve taken time out of your busy schedule to be here with us today Finn Thormeier hopefully I said that right yes you can actually you can correct me
is from Germany however he lives in New York the lucky duck he is working as a
digital wizard Finn is the best person to talk to you if you want to build a
personal brand through the power of social media so let’s hear from the man
himself then everybody hello yeah I’m very excited first time in Northern
Ireland first time in the UK actually so really excited to speak here and and
this is my first bigger speaking engagement and I think this is do we
have the slides up already can we put the first slide up just so it makes
sense what I’m gonna say next cool so that’s gonna be the topic of
what I’m gonna talk about in general but just as an intro I think how I got here
is kind of interesting I met Lucy where’s Lucy right now there I love you
Lucy she found me on Instagram and she thought my stuff is interesting enough
to have me come to Northern Ireland and speaker day her event we met briefly in
New York but that’s all the history we have through Instagram p.m. I think that
topic came up already today but just a very short background on why I am gonna
talk about personal branding I my my background I dropped out of college in
April last year so just over a year ago because I realized that’s not what I
wanted to do and I didn’t have a clue what I’m gonna do so I decided I don’t
know what I’m gonna do but let’s just share me and not knowing what I’m gonna
do and me figuring out what I want to do so I didn’t have a background in social
media I started a blog I started Instagram started Facebook Twitter
snapchat YouTube anchor all the platforms I just tried to do anything
and everything and figure myself out and somehow I don’t know why people got
interested in that and I grew following mostly on
Instagram that’s kind of where stuck I think if you look right now I’m like 32
K but why I feel very I feel like I can relate to this audience it’s because I’m
from a small suburban town in Jeremy that’s where I’m from
and so there’s nothing going on it’s called Bremen North don’t ever go there
I don’t I can’t recommend it and so I I was in this situation too and I feel
like a lot of by the way I out first before I keep on rambling who here knows
what a personal brand is who has heard the word personal brand please raise
your hand raise it high cool so the majority who here is building a personal
brand or once to build a personal brand or wants to grow a personal brand
awesome so majority um how do we switch slides by the way cool personal branding
is basically you marketing yourself right you selling yourself anyone who
wants to become an influencer you’re marketing yourself you’re trying to grow
you’re trying to attract people to whatever you want to attract whether
it’s makeup whether it’s a service you provide but you’re marketing yourself
and I went when I started my social media I did not know what that word
meant and I kind of stumbled into that I was just talking about whatever I was
doing and whatever I was passionate about people like that and then I
traveled to New York six months ago because I realized I want to get out of
this place called Bremen North because there’s nothing going on and that’s when
people started telling me you’ve built an amazing personal brand and I’m like
ah what I didn’t know what the word meant and that’s how I stumbled into
that and and I’m helping other people grow on social media right now and
everyone who wants to build a personal brand and I realized that half of these
people of you guys are bloggers and vloggers so you guys should know and are
probably trying to build a personal brand because that is exactly what
blogging blogging is if you’re trying to become an influencer you’re building a
personal brand but there are also a lot of
brands here and if you understand that personal branding is just one type of
marketing and as a brand you obviously are trying to market yourself to because
you either have a product or service you want to sell and you need to market that
so you find customers and these are the two things that helped me grow and that
I use to establish a personal brand in such a short period of time without
knowing anything and these two are just two basically they’re under priced
marketplaces where you can either promote yourself as a personal brand
your blog or vlog your photos your videos your services whatever it is you
want to do or if your brand that’s where you can sell that’s we can you can talk
to customers that’s where you can build an audience for your community service
whatever it is and these two things specific specifically Instagram story
ads and LinkedIn video are in my opinion the biggest opportunity right now and
I’m kind of going over that’s what this talk is gonna be about why I think that
is and why I really really recommend any single one of you to look at these two
places very very put a lot of attention there because if you’re not going there
right now you will miss out on a lot of opportunity and I’m gonna go over why
that is who your users Instagram cool most who here uses LinkedIn on a regular
who has a LinkedIn account well okay who uses LinkedIn on a weekly basis on a
daily basis yeah not a lot so I think next slide
so this is the the basic theme of when you’re trying to build a personal brand
or basically if you’re trying to market anything and this is supply and demand
thing if you have a product and you want to sell it you need to find this the the
places in the market where you can reach people better than all the other people
who have a similar product with a similar service who are also makeup
blogger vlogger whatever it is you want to get the audience
and reach those people so you know you have to find places where that balance
between supply and demand is in your favor
and right now Instagram and I think we we all kind of whoever uses Instagram
it’s very hard to grow an Instagram who feels it’s hard to grow an Instagram
we’re struggling with that who has followers there and it’s trying really
hard to grow on there but it’s somehow not working out even though you’re doing
all the things right you found a niche you you provide value you use hashtags
you DM people that’s all the things you learn everywhere right like how to grow
an Instagram you use hashtags cool doesn’t work anymore no one’s really
using her searching through hashtags anymore and all the things that people
actually look for in hashtags they’re so oversaturated that you don’t show up
like if you do you make up and and you use hashtag make up there are a million
posts on there that no one ever would stumble upon your posts so that’s the
main theme that I’m gonna help you overcome with those two things that I
just said LinkedIn video and this room story ads so Instagram story ads lets me
on there have any one of you seen Instagram story as who knows what I’m
talking about when I’m saying Instagram story ads okay so there’s a big
difference between people who use Instagram and who know what this is who
knows what Instagram stories are right so if you scroll through your stories at
some point you might find the video where there’s this small word saying
sponsored and that means it’s an ad that means someone went to the ad platform of
Instagram and Facebook paid money to Instagram or Facebook Facebook Facebook
and they paid Facebook to show that video to people as an ad and this place
next slide the reason why I’m so excited about Instagram story at specifically is
because it is the least crowded marketplace you can find right now
there are 5 400 million daily Instagram story users so 400 million people use
Instagram stories on a daily basis that is an incredible number on a daily basis
and Instagram stories there are there’s no real number but there are less than
500,000 advertisers on there and I would say at least half of those are based in
the US so if we’re talking Northern Ireland it’s it’s not a lot of people
who are actually using this platform to run ads towards and next slide here’s
just a number of gifts to give you a perspective of what the power of this
tool is I can spend a dollar on ads and have 20,000 people watch that ad if
anyone has has ever done any ads that’s the CPM of five cents that is nothing
you can ever get anywhere else I’m paying one dollar or one euro it’s
almost the same or pound I think it’s pound here is a pound here
and I get 20,000 views on that video and then you have the swipe up that’s a link
Li and that’s the reason why I’m telling this to anyone because this is a tool to
reach people and drive traffic to anything that can be your product if
you’re selling a product that can be your service is you have a service that
can you’ll your block site if you have a blog that can be your Instagram page if
you have an Instagram that’s how I used it that better you’re seeing right there
of me being in there that’s the video of me in New York saying hi my name is Finn
I’m a random kid in New York I’m not trying to sell you anything all I want
you to do is check out my content and if you liked it give it a follow and so the
swipe up goes to Instagram comm slash and for my art that’s by the way my tag
don’t know it’s cut off down in the corner and you can use this tool however
you want its attention it’s a lot of attention it’s a lot of cheap attention
twenty thousand or 40,000 eyeballs per dollar you can use those eyeballs
however you want I use it to grow accounts I use that to grow my account
you can use that to grow video channel your YouTube channel your
blog you can use it to drive to your website sell your product whatever it is
I don’t care next slide one trick if you use it and
that’s what I built this kind of presentation towards if you use it the
way I did it to grow your Instagram the trick is to target very broadly and to
say okay I want it I want to have people who care about my content and so target
let’s say the whole of Ireland or Northern Ireland or a whole Europe or or
even Asia right now it’s pretty cheap because not a lot of people are
advertising on there but go very broadly but this is an incredible tool that you
can use however you want but it’s under price and if we go to the next slide
this is an actual screenshot of a campaign I ran and if we go to the next
slide spend seven hundred sixty one dollars on
it not a lot of marketing budget that’s not a lot of money next slide that video
that ad got sixteen million impressions so not even a thousand dollars and I got
over sixty million impressions on there more than 32 million eyeballs on one ad
try to do that anywhere else newspaper radio TV ads and clicks almost
300,000 those are the numbers of people who swiped up so these 300 thousand is
the traffic you can get to whatever it is that you have people swipe up 300
people landing on your block 300,000 people landing on your Instagram page
300 people landing on your product page where you can sell people whatever it is
these are very good numbers and if you target more narrow you won’t probably
get those numbers in that in that amount but it’s just an under priced
marketplace right now and so whatever you want to do personal branding sell a
product use this next slide LinkedIn video that’s the second thing
so that was Instagram story ads everyone should look at that the other
second thing that I think everyone should look at is LinkedIn video and it’s it’s a brand new feature right now
LinkedIn is an old platform LinkedIn was founded 2004 I think 500 million users
of their most people think who thinks LinkedIn is an online CV who
thinks that yeah that’s how it used to be used that’s what it was that was as
always has been an online CV you put your your work experience there your
last job you have maybe recommendations of your employer that’s how it’s
traditionally used it got acquired by Microsoft last year in September last
year they introduced native video so only since September last year you can
post native videos on LinkedIn before that you could only post links to your
to your YouTube and so that means it’s under crowded right now that’s again
what I meant with marketplaces that our uncrowded right now there are 500
million users on LinkedIn it’s a massive old platform but I would say there are
only 5,000 people who consistently create content on LinkedIn more
specifically video content that just means that that balanced 500 million
people who are there – who are ready to consume whatever you want to post and
only 5,000 people who are competing for that attention right now just means
there’s a lot of there’s a massive land grab right now on LinkedIn video and for
example if you see that video right there that is a video I posted I think a
month ago that video got 23,000 views I’m actually at LinkedIn in the Empire
State Building because the VP of a LinkedIn video invited me because he saw
me on LinkedIn and wanted to have lunch with me but that’s the opportunity right
now and that’s this again like if you want to build a personal brand make
videos on LinkedIn and talk about whatever it is that you want to talk
about if you have a product or you have services go on there as a business owner
and talk about your experiences like it’s just a tool you can do whatever you
want with it but it’s so uncrowded right now that the
cost of entry is much lower than if you try to do YouTube right now because
YouTube everyone’s doing YouTube right now like
if anyone has a video you go to YouTube to post it if you have a video usually
the first thing you think about where do I post it cool YouTube but that means
that you’re competing against millions of other people posting content here
you’re not competing with many also one thing about the algorithm and I think
Calvin mentioned that briefly right now LinkedIn wants you to post
videos so what they do is whenever anyone like link likes or comments on
your video it works as a share because that gets served to all of their
connections and if anyone ever posted anything you know you want to share if
you can choose between people liking your stuff commenting on your stuff or
sharing it with your friends you want them to share it because that gets
reached right now anyone who likes or comments on your stuff it basically
works as if they share it that just tells you how big the opportunity in
terms of organic reaches I tell anyone I meet if you have anything to talk about
anything to share anything you want people to hear Garlington right now
that’s the biggest opportunity and obviously it’s a different audience
right like if you go on Instagram and then go to LinkedIn it’s a different
h/h range but that also means that you can use LinkedIn as an additional
platform to reach a completely different audience I have audiences on Instagram
and LinkedIn and they don’t cross-pollinate
like it’s a completely different thing and that just means on LinkedIn you have
a lot of people who can actually buy stuff because they’re in the 30s 40s 50s
they can actually afford your services right so that is the massive opportunity
to and then just one thing that I’m very passionate about as a personal brand
there are a lot of personal brands right now out there I don’t know exactly how
this situation is in Northern Ireland but in New York I can tell you everyone
and their cousin and their mom is trying to build a personal brand right now and
a personal brand is – right you can use that however you
want once you get eyeballs and once you get people to care about you as a person
you can do with that attention whatever you want and so how to send others
personal brand it’s not very hard it’s to care and be honest that’s my opinion
there are a lot of personal brands out there who only want to build a personal
brand so if they get free shit who only want to build a personal brand so they
can boast with their followers account who don’t care about their community who
don’t care about the people who they actually who follow them and who only
want to sell stuff and push courses and and promote stuff that they don’t care
about because it brings money and it’s also the power of social media means
that you can show whatever you want and you can also hide whatever you want so
you can only show the good stuff you can only show when you’re at awesome events
when you’re meeting the big people when you’re doing fun stuff but you can
decide to not show the real stuff when when you know when you’re feeling down
or when boring stuff happens or provide context that yeah you met a cool person
or a big person who is important but you’re not actually buddies but you only
randomly met because they were at an event or whatever so please when you’re
building a personal brand care and be honest that’s really how you stand out
right now because most people are not doing that when they’re building a
personal brand and next slide write questions you can always DM me on
Instagram I will try to answer I will answer all of them if if you are DM me
on Instagram I don’t think it’s showing yes sinthome your er fi n n th ORM e I
and then the after that is e R this was not showing that’s my that’s my
Instagram how are we with time can we do like a couple of questions one or two
quick oh then we’re doing a couple of questions but that was what I wanted to
talk about personal branding use these two platforms really I hope I provided
enough data I didn’t explain you how you win on these platforms I didn’t explain
you how to make awesome campaign on Instagram stories I
just wanted to show you why you should really really really consider going to
these places right now and use them because that’s gonna change more people
are going to advertise on instrument story so the prices are higher more
people are going to create content on LinkedIn so the land grab is going to be
over if you’re gonna start doing it in a year when everyone is talking about it
so that’s what this talk is hopefully conveying use these two opportunities
right now thank you thank you so much I really thoroughly enjoyed that one I
think in a sense for everyone it’s a quick tool to implement it’s a quick
message it was really good thank you my question is in terms of LinkedIn I know
what’s been said a few times and probably everyone else will agree with
this is that it’s seen as more of like a corporate or like an academic or online
CV platform how do you think it will look if I know project so I’m an
academia so I’m know thinking maybe too much wait what my colleagues might think
but if I start to put my personality on LinkedIn and my like whatever the head
of my department sees that I don’t know how that will be seen you know I’m
thinking there’s an older age on LinkedIn as well and will they begin to
fade away and it will not become the new do you understand my question
so your question is that you’re not sure how your employer’s gonna react well not
really I think my concern is how how well do you think LinkedIn will take all
this new material like from makeup artists and bloggers and vloggers and
because I have been on I’m on it quite a lot and when I see videos like that
honor I skip past them because I’m like no I’m not on it for that I think people
are on it for a different reason I mean that’s that’s kind of what’s being
explored right now because it’s so new so it’s kind of in the face of people
figuring out what actually works on LinkedIn and that’s why I think now is
the right place to do it because you can experiment and that’s what you should be
doing I definitely think because LinkedIn is a
professional platform the kind of context in which you
promote yourself is different so I would approach it for example if you what’s
what what do you blog vlog about I’ll say fitness or nutrition yeah so I would
I actually just talk with someone who has a fitness business and there are
some people right now who really give fitness advice understanding what the
audience is and saying okay it’s probably my 40 year old 50 year old who
is not very active and so let me give fitness advice based on them and not to
the 22 year old what’s the best protein bar because the 50 year old doesn’t even
know what a protein bar is but definitely like talking about it in the
context of building a business so anyone who talks about fitness also does the
business side of things you’re not only training but you’re also
acquiring clients you’re marketing yourself you’re you’re so talking more
about that side of how did I find my first customer how do I go about
marketing myself as a fitness so you reach a bigger audience so you’d not
only reach those people who want fitness advice but you also reach all those
people who think how can I get my first customer how do I go about finding
clients maybe I’m not a fitness business but that’s that’s a problem that most
businesses have and that’s how I think you should approach thinking content
right now thank you very much I think we saw the bounty bar you were talking
about again was that a bounty bar bounty bar yeah
what is that that’s a chocolate bar oh just my age my wife says I was born 40
years too soon I want to ask you a couple of questions LinkedIn I have 12
and a half thousand contacts and LinkedIn
I used sales navigator I’m gonna be to be business and building my brand
through then I actually got a DM today for somebody wants to do business with
me during they actually just sent them a text and says I’ll call you later I want
to ask you about tagging that videos tagging people and videos and also hash
tagging people what would your recommendations be use it in the way
it’s intended so it’s funny that you ask that because four days ago I made a
video about telling people that I don’t want to get tagged and that went viral
for me and because people are misusing the tagging function if you have a video
and and you want to you have a person that you feel like actually will value
that video or you addressing someone personally or you talk about something
this person inspired me to do this then tag them that’s obviously how it’s
supposed to be used don’t spam it and just tag 50 connections that you have
who have no context to the video just because you’ve want to force them to
watch the video same with hashtags like use the hashtags that are relevant to it
right now I know it’s funny that you ask the to the video I showed about LinkedIn
where talked with the VP of LinkedIn video he was saying exactly that they’re
pushing hashtags right now massively on LinkedIn so I think it’s gonna become
more more and more important to figure out what the right hashtags is but
personal experience I don’t think it’s very important right now because people
are not even aware that there’s a hashtag function on LinkedIn that means
they’re not looking for a damage it’s not not an effective tool to get more
reach but it’s always just about being aware how it changes so what I’m saying
to you right now might be different in two months even more so because it’s so
new and so it’s constantly changing and people are in the process of figuring
this platform that it might be completely different
than two months but use both functions how it’s supposed to be use thank you over there and thanks very much thought I was
absolute fantastic affirmation er my name is James Perry I’m a pregnancy
coach and Langton is worked fantastically for me all be it’s very
very niche and that I target accounting students globally right in the world but
one thing that I like your opinion on is Kali a literature the seals navigator if
you’ve used it you know you were talking about paid advertising three Instagram
there’s any such functionality three LinkedIn so your question is should you
use paid advertising on LinkedIn I know I tried it remember the slide where I
said CPM right now on the Instagram is five cents so that means I’m paying five
cents at least for some specific targeting five cents to show two
thousand people CPM on LinkedIn ads right now is ten dollars well that’s
what 20 X 200 X I don’t think it’s worth it right now how much time one more so
this is the last high and then absolutely brilliant talk so well done I I’m in LinkedIn quite frequently and one
of the things that I’ve noticed is that there’s a lot of people going on and
plugging what I call pointless crap we’re all time per so I like to consume
like quality content and I think linked by the way we all do
yeah of course we do I think LinkedIn is so as Sonia that people aren’t really
understanding what the platform and why they should be going on
watch reviews on like the type of content that should be shared good
content means that a plugging point is always that that that’s exactly the
opportunity right now if you look on insta on LinkedIn right now the types of
videos it’s the the video production is very low so there’s not like a YouTube
blog where you have drone shots and you have music in there and you have
transitions and all that fancy stuff it’s just people taking out their phone
and filming yeah there’s a lot of things that are
like boring and that’s exactly what there’s a more more opportunity because
if the boring content works right now just think about what good content can
do on there so it’s just right now to get more specific what works really well
on LinkedIn right now in terms of content it’s content anywhere between
one to three minutes videos videos are very much preferred on LinkedIn right
now because it’s a new form of content for them written stuff articles have
been on LinkedIn for a while videos are new so they’re pushing it so one two
three minute videos five minute max that’s what I’m seeing and it’s very
simple stuff very authentic self pull out your camera
point it to your face don’t try to get fancy I’m actually seeing right now that
it’s working less well like if you’re trying to put edits in there and music
and and all that fancy stuff people feel like it’s not authentic anymore so make
it simple talk about business related stuff storytelling works really well the
format of telling a story that you experience as a business owner as a as
someone who who faces these problems as an entrepreneur or whatever it is or as
someone who wants to push their services and then one lesson at the end so I I
just one of my clients just like cancelled or like like didn’t want to
work with me anymore I’m frickin sad but here’s how I handled
this situation so people can get a take away and learn from it that’s in general
what works really well on LinkedIn right now and what about those people and who
just aren’t comfortable in front of the camera at all yet still go on
yeah so do you post videos on oh yeah I know no no you don’t I do on Instagram
stories and on Facebook life but not LinkedIn because I just think people
just haven’t established what exactly it’s to be used for that’s really why I
mean yeah so what I mean you either don’t do it because you’re uncomfortable
or you do it even though you’re uncomfortable and you get the results
that’s like the simple answer but because like that’s what a lot of people
are thinking on LinkedIn right now that’s also why it’s working so well to
be authentic you can literally make a video about saying this is my first
LinkedIn video I really do not want to do it because it’s making me
uncomfortable and I feel we’re doing this but I’m still doing it because I
feel like there’s opportunity here you know how how much that will resonate
with so many people and once someone can relate to you that’s when they gonna
watch you because they feel a personal connection and they want to watch the
next video because they want to see how you evolve getting better at video and
evolving so I don’t know do it anyway okay thank you thank you so much okay
thank you fin that was really interesting
LinkedIn is one of those ones that I still haven’t got Ryan – no Nev you
always say that it’s really good to get on – so thank you fin once again


  1. Seeing you go from some random young kid on IG doing charity stuff in train stations to talking in front of 300 people is incredible. Very proud of you and wish you the best

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