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Instagram Story Ad Storyboarding

Instagram Story Ad Storyboarding

– Hey there, this is Adam
Arkfeld with ParaCore, and today I wanna talk a
little bit about the way that we approach designing and building different types of ad
formats because between the various platforms there are a lot of different ways that ads can be built. You can build slideshows,
carousels, canvas ads, story ads, you know, Instagram,
Facebook, messenger ads. There’s all sorts of ads. So when we get into areas
that are just a little bit different or maybe
there are a lot of options and we’re trying to communicate a vision with, let’s say, our
designer and then someone else creating other
content, like in this case video content, will oftentimes storyboard a little bit of the ad so that everyone’s on the same page and
we can all very clearly see what we’re doing. So I’m gonna show you what that looks like here right now. This storyboard is for a Instagram slash Facebook story ad. And it’s not just for one ad. It’s actually for a carousel. So in Instagram and Facebook you can do a Instagram carousel story ad, which means that you have actually three
panels instead of just one. So a lot of times they’ll see one panel but on this one we’re
gonna be doing three. And so on the left here you can see image. That’s the first one. The second one is a video. And then the third panel
is gonna be an image and then all of that
goes to a landing page. So what we’ve done is
basically we’ve outlined what the three panels are gonna be. So the first one’s gonna be an intro with the logo, the headline, a message, and then a headshot, and the arrow means that you can swipe up. And then the second
panel’s gonna be a video. So we have video outlined here, and then it’s essentially showing three different types of videos
that are gonna fall, so this is actually
gonna be three different ads but they’re all gonna
kinda be designed the same. So one of the videos
that our person filmed was a guaranteed leads video, and he said, “Swipe up,” you know, “to learn more,” a no commitment video, and
then a flexible budget video. So this is a really easy
way to see, all right, we have the first one is an image panel and the second one is a video panel. We’re gonna have three different videos, so basically three different
ads that are running these different videos. And we have the content outline headshot, it’s a video that’s gonna
say to swipe up the CTA. The third panel is an image panel and that has an overview
of all the benefits, so there’s five bullet
points they’re gonna show there. In the graphic itself, we’re gonna have a swipe CTA, a stronger Call To Action because that’s the third panel. And then when they do that someone goes to the landing page with the form content and tries to convert them. So just by diagramming
this out and kinda putting it on a whiteboard,
it’s a lot easier for me as a person strategizing this, Dustin, the person who’s creating
the video content, Andrea, the one who’s
actually doing the images, and then whoever’s gonna
be building the ads. You know, for us there’s
four people involved in this one small Instagram story, and this creates a really clean, easy way to understand what’s going on. So what I recommend is if you’re building any types of ads that have multiple people involved, multiple
components, even if it seems really easy like an Instagram story, it’s definitely worth just throwing it up on a whiteboard and diagramming it out. And then, you know, if
you need to send this to a client then you can
send it to the client and they can easily
conceptualize what’s gonna happen as well. So a lot of times, you
know, even we get caught up in, you know, putting it in the sauna, outlining all the
requirements, but it’s just incredibly easy to diagram it so everyone can see it, have a conversation, take a screenshot, send it
out, and you’re good to go. So thanks for watching. My name is Adam. I’m the owner of ParaCore. We do (indistinct) lead generation, and if you have any
interest or need any help with Instagram ads or
any other types of social ads please let me know. Like the video, comment, subscribe, and we’ll see you in the next video. Thanks a lot.

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  1. Hello Adam 4 quick questions. 
    1) What is a Guarranteed Leads video? (what are its parts)
    2) What is a No commitment video? (what are its parts)
    3) What is a Flexible Budget video? (what are its parts)
    4) Instagram stories are 15 seconds long. Is this storyboard for a 15 seconds long InstaGram Story Ad?

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