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Instagram Stories Tips For More Engagement | Coffee Corner 014 | Video Marketing Insights

Instagram Stories Tips For More Engagement | Coffee Corner 014 | Video Marketing Insights

Hi, and welcome back to coffee corner on today’s episode We’re going to talk about the latest in video marketing such as how more platforms are adopting native video I sat down with some cool professionals and we talked about all things video And I’m gonna end with some tips and tricks on Instagram stories. So you know the drill grab a coffee press ever full-screen mode and enjoy *Coffee Corner Intro* Here’s what’s new in video marketing last episode Do you guys remember me talking about native video uploading on Linkedin and how it’s only available to a select number of viewers well? It’s now available for everyone All you have to do is go to your linkedin app check to the right of the text screen bar at the top of your? Screen, you should see a new video icon if you click on it All you have to do is like the video you wish to upload or record your video right in the app? It’s that easy during its test Phase linked and found that native video content was shared 20 times more than any other content type now that it’s available to everyone It’ll be interesting to see the stats and insights we’ve gained from this new feature, but don’t worry I’ll keep an eye out and make sure you guys are the first to know Until then take advantage of native uploading cause I know I already have Facebook launched a watch tab for original video shows but surprise It’s only available for select number viewers for now that means in the near future when you go on Facebook not only will you be able to see what your friends are up to or Maybe stock an ex But you’ll also be able to watch your favorite football team or maybe a new show without ever leaving the Facebook App so why is this important? well before it was just netflix that was competing with cable for eyeballs and now some big players like Disney and Youtube and Facebook are entering the space and that means more innovation because these players will have to adapt in order to come Out on top Since Facebook is investing and making more video content that means more videos on your screen and that means more space for advertisers to Reach their Target audience So that means the next time you go to watch the olympics you might not be pressing play on your remote You’ll be pressing play on your phone Facebook is testing out the ability to create gifs within the app, but right now it’s only available to a select number of users gifs are popular form of video content that you often see on Instagram and Twitter and This is Facebook finally bringing it to its platform YouTube has added a breaking news section to its home page It’s unsure whether this content is curated by Google or its algorithm And it’s unsure whether this section will remain or only appear during breaking news cycles but either way It’s a really cool addition to the homepage and as we all know YouTube is the go-to place for video and now possibly the news with so many different platforms offering news and updates We here at coffee Corner are curious to know where you get your news whether it’s Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook now Maybe YouTube Etc let us know in the comments below last week we had our annual barbecue to celebrate StoryMe’s growth and Naturally I sat down with a few professionals in various industries to talk all about video strategies. Let’s check it out Why Video? Video has the power to create more story Create more of a story around the brand as well Photography is great, I mean that’s a perfect medium but having video To convey a message it has so much power for the brand to use that medium How are you using video? but now we want to take it a step further, and you want to use actually those kind of videos and employer branding, so It’s a big word But we have to make sure that the job that we have the the careers that we have and we have a lot of them That we that we attract the correct people The future of video? Two things you can do as a company is first of all you create different types of content for different Segments, so you are able to target a specific segment with a different message and secondly you’ll be Able to also use data coming from that segment or from the persona You’re trying to target and incorporated into your video messages Let’s dive into some tips and tricks let’s talk Instagram stories A huge trend right now is real-time marketing and Instagram stories allow you to do just that by posting at an Event or sale and really allow people to feel connected to your company It’s important as a company to diversify your content and one easy way to do that is with Instagram Stories plus you don’t have to worry about starting all over on a new platform and even more importantly Instagram stories are fun They require a little time and they don’t need to be perfect get creative and show if your company’s personality Hashtags Hashtags are a great way to summarize your content and an even better way to brand yourself on social And they’re super easy simply click on the face icon tap on hashtag and type away Location tags tagging your location is another way to increase visibility because it’ll help you show up on more searches And it’ll make it easier for potential clients to find you to tag your location click on the smiley face icon Tap location and select where you are going live like Instagram post insta stories are sorted out with an algorithm But when you go live it goes straight to the top of people’s feeds and they get a notification that means More reach And no cost Tag users like I said earlier insta stories are a great way to create engagement and tagging your users does just that It brings them into the conversation Plus, it doesn’t hurt that they get a direct notification making them aware of your story To tag a user simply write the @ symbol followed by their username Ctas or adding links Another way to create engagement is by including call to actions or if you’re an instagram account with 10,000 or more Followers adding links and that’s because Instagram stories are a great way to tease the larger content so utilize this by using clear call to actions that’s it for this episode of coffee corner if you liked this episode and you like What we do then hit that like button And if you’re new to the channel hit that subscribe button right here And be sure to check back every week if you missed the last episode of coffee corner You can watch it right here And if you want to know about video marketing in general you can watch our blog right here until next time bye

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  1. Great episode!
    – love the LinkedIn video embed feature! It's such a big improvement to the platform! They stepped up their game!

    Also, love the new mug!

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