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Hi curious and curious Do you know that Instagram has officially launched the Branded Content Ads for all advertisers? or Do you know that some series are already Snapchat more than Netflix? or Do you know that Twitter will look “fake news” technology used to find neutrinos? Well, in this video news, as every Monday, we’ll talk about this and plus. So I recommend you see him until the end … I’m JJ Priego and this is Easypromos TV! Vamoooossss!!!! [MUSIC] These are the best news of the week. Let us begin! 1. YouTube is committed to remove all videos that encourage discrimination The decision may involve the global elimination of thousands of channels, although the company, no deadlines or how detailed will. So YouTube has announced that it will ban its platform, defend videos the superiority of one group to justify discrimination against others because of their age, gender, race, caste, religion or sexual orientation. The company has released its Community rules change on a post. 2. T-Series, the first YouTube channel to reach 100 million subscribers It is not surprising that Reed Hastings, Netflix CEO, pointed to YouTube, it makes a months as one of the main threats and not to rival platforms, which are emerging around, like Disney or Apple TV + +. And, for the first time, one of the channels of the portal owned by Google, has just reached 100 million subscribers, an achievement that has even come into Guinness of records. The record in question belongs to T-Series, a music channel and Bollywood content, it has held for years, a battle for the throne of YouTube with PewDiePie, the Swedish sensation and the first youtuber to reach 50 million followers. In March this year, both proposals crossed the barrier of 90 million followers, almost simultaneously, but finally it was T-Series, which has been the cat to water, reaching the round and symbolic figure of 100 million. The Indian music label, was born long before YouTube, exactly in 1983 in New Delhi, hand Gulshan Kumar, a businessman who said, in the era of cassettes and who she was killed in Mumbai after receiving several death threats. With an average 125,000 subscribers to date, its growth seems unstoppable. 3. Some series of Snapchat and are more than Netflix Another competitor to Netflix. And is that, Snapchat Originals, the draft audiovisual productions Snapchat, it is reaching important figures for the platform. In fact, “Endless Summer “, one of his series, just reach the 28 million views. And although this figure can be reduced compared to other products audiovisual, as some YouTube videos. Visualizations, exceeding the record hearing, popular series like the original production of Netflix, “Elite” who has a record 20 million views. In this sense, the original productions of Snapchat, have grown rapidly Since its launch just eight months ago. These advances are due largely to the investment made by the company to develop this content. On the one hand, Snapchat, has worked with producers of popular shows among young people, as the number of the Kardashians. And on the other hand, the company has commissioned to include in their productions, to influencers and creators of popular content. The popularity of these original productions, strengthens the growth of Snapchat, which Earlier this year, he stopped his escape from users and now has more users than Twitter. 4. Twitter allows you to switch accounts more easily on their web version Twitter has announced changes to its Web version, which you can change from one account to another more easily. The social network, which recently announced changes in the way share by DM and tracking notifications, noted that this novelty, It can also be enjoyed on Twitter Lite. The first step to access this feature, It is to add a new account in your profile. After adding the other account, the user You can switch between accounts with just hold down a few seconds icon your profile picture. 5. Twitter will look “fake news” technology used to find neutrinos Neutrinos are almost ghost particles, so much so, that it is very difficult to measure their mass and track them. Therein, they resemble the false news that roam the social networks. And it’s why Twitter, just buy a company, Fabula IA, which He began using artificial intelligence to investigate neutrinos and in an unexpected turn of events, their algorithms will be used to find false news Twitter. And, Fabulia IA, has artificial intelligence algorithms, which They can get to track vast amounts of data in an analysis by the TechCrunch technological means in February, resulted, 93 percent reliability to detect false news. 6. Facebook removes 3,000 million fake accounts in 6 months What you hear, Facebook, has eliminated 3,000 million fake accounts in recent six months. These data were released last week as part of the strategy transparency, which intends to carry out Facebook since 2018. This Compliance Report Content Standards, which presents the third annual, Facebook has introduced a amount of censored content that appears on your platform, including fake accounts, spam, terrorist propaganda, child sexual exploitation, hate speech, intimidation, nudity or violence. The point is that moderation of content is one of the battles that users carry waging for years against Facebook. And it seems Facebook, it is acting accordingly. 7. WhatsApp activates a mysterious Facebook share button The latest beta of WhatsApp for Android comes with surprise. And is that a button “Share Facebook “seems to anticipate a close relationship with the social network. Thus, the beta WhatsApp for Android, including idle button. Although, she says WaBetaInfo, it could be a mistake. And, the button does not work. To see it, simply hold down on any chat message, to reveal options that message. Clicking on the menu three points, it appears cited “Share on Facebook”, a button that could be used to post a message sent to Through conversation WhatsApp or to share multimedia content. perhaps, the new button appeared in beta, is a foretaste of that interaction. 8. Facebook will announce its project cryptocurrency this month CNBC reports, it seems very likely that the social networking giant Facebook, announced this month its draft cryptocurrency. Start that will enable its employees, take part of their salary in the currency. CNBC says that Facebook also plans to cede control of the cryptocurrency to third parties, in order to ensure that the digital asset is not fully centralized. It is assumed, third-party organizations, will pay up to $ 10 million, for the opportunity acting as a node, and thus validate transactions on the network, to the native token Facebook. It is rumored that the stable currency, which supposedly will be integrated as a payment tool WhatsApp Messenger and Instagram, will also be accessible via ATMs physicists. Criptocurrencia Facebook itself has been the subject of much speculation in recent months, as the company has revealed little about the project. We will see that finally happens. 9. LinkedIn possible to measure the real impact of advertising videos And, the videos are the most watched in social networks. LinkedIn also in the that, according to internal information, audiovisual content are shared by most the users. And so it is with sponsored content. Thus, users see advertising videos, 300% more than other types of ads, which makes companies, have been put batteries in audiovisual advertising strategy. Well, the professional network, today announced a new partnership with the platform Moat Analytics, which allow advertisers to have additional information, in addition to the of LinkedIn itself, on the impact of the videos, which will help them play, a better marketing strategy. Moat Analytics, is a platform for measurement and analysis, Data owned by Oracle Cloud, which allows advertisers to constantly measure the visibility of their ads across multiple platforms. The objective of this LinkedIn integration, is that companies get more accurate information and to compare the results of video campaigns on different platforms through a single tool. One of the strengths of the platform is that it detects the quality traffic, ie, if the ads are being seen by humans or robots, and if the content made the viewer, to commit to the brand and acquire the product. Interesting. 10. Instagram officially launches Branded Content Ads for all advertisers Instagram has announced the launch of Branded Content Ads, that offer companies a new way to enhance its partnership with influencers on the platform. While the Branded Content Ads were first announced last March, even They were in their beta testing phase. But since last June 4, they are available for most advertisers, and on June 17, will be ready for all advertisers on its platform. So, from now, advertisers have the ability to promote publications organic, they have created the influencers as ads in the feed. Think, 68% users, have pointed entering Instagram to interact with the creators. And so, through the Branded Content Ads, companies will have the opportunity to tell their brand stories through influencers. And so, reach new audiences and measure their impact. And, although so far brands have been able to work with popular influencers Instagram, to create advertising campaigns to promote their products, these publications, only make it to the followers of the influencers, limiting its scope. The Branded Content Ads allow advertisers promote these same publications Instagram, just as they would any other ad, expanding opportunities outreach and participation. A further advantage when using the Branded Content Ads, is that brands may obtain reports detailed reports on the performance of these collaborations, ie, have more control over their influencer marketing investments and thus create more transparent campaigns and focus better relevant results. attentive to the canal, which I will discuss in depth, about this new feature Stat. Well, here’s news this week, next week more and better … How you have fallen curious and inquisitive? By the way, coméntame, what news you have proved it more interesting in the comments … I read them all … Ahhh, and part of him like the video, subscribe and campanita … I recommend these two videos … In one, I explain that YouTube remove the exact number of subscribers, and in this I explain the evolution of Content Marketing. Are two essential videos … You can also follow me Sciences Science and Stories of History. And remember, knowledge is a prerequisite for survival. Many thanks.

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  1. Youtube no sólo debe acabar con el racismo, también con la pseudociencia como el terraplanismo u homeopatía

  2. Muy buen video, gracias por el vídeo, para desarrollar nuestras habilidades en las apps y para poder crear mejores contenidos, muchas gracias 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  3. 0:46 Que t'has passat a C de Ciència ? hahaha
    1 – Youtube haurà d'eliminar la majoria de pel·lícules americanes
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    7 – Al tanto amb compartir contingut privat amb Facebook, perill
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    9 – Bona feina, pot fer més forat
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    xavier institute for gifted youngsters = Xavier institut per a joves dotats => ara entenc que pengis tantes coses a la setmana hehehehe

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