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Instagram Introducing Ads, as Promised

Instagram Introducing Ads, as Promised

(Image source: Mashable) BY JOHN O’CONNOR The honeymoon for Instagram users is over
as the company announced its long-promised plan to introduce advertising to the photo-based
social network will roll-out today. With Twitter’s release of its much anticipated
IPO plans dominating headlines in the tech world … … the folks at Instagram thought it would
be the perfect time to announce it will start showing advertisements in users’ news feeds.
(Via MSNBC, CNN) According to a blog post from the company,
users in the U.S. will begin to see the “occasional” video or image ad from “brands you don’t follow”
in their photostreams. The company says … “Seeing photos and videos from brands you
don’t follow will be new, so we’ll start slow.” The service will focus on a “small number
of beautiful, high quality” ads, and — much like Hulu’s ad tailor program — will allow
users to block specific ads and provide feedback for why they did. (Via Instagram) Instagram’s advertisement roll-out has been
a move nine months in the making, beginning with Facebook’s $1 billion purchase of the
company in April, 2012. (Via The New York Times) That move was followed by the restructuring
of Instagram’s terms of service, which Forbes says led to a massive internet freakout and
the introduction of the #boycottInstagram movement after users discovered the company
would begin populating their newsfeeds with advertisements. But the boycott Instagram movement never really
caught on, as Businessweek reports the photo service’s ” … user base has grown from 30
million to 150 million … ” since Facebook acquired the company. A writer for Techcrunch says the addition
of advertising to Instagram was only matter of time given Facebook’s success with ads,
but also says … ” … given the nature of the Instagram product
— a focused feed of single-serving images — advertising will be far more disruptive
on here than it will on Facebook, which is already comprised of a variety of post types,
sizes and formats.” A spokesperson for Instagram told the Wall
Street Journal the ads will feel “natural” and “unobtrusive,” but declined to show what
exactly the ads will look like. The company says it will announce more details in the
near future.

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