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Instagram Influencers ve Yeni Reklam Algısı / Instagram Influencers ve New Advertising Trends

Instagram Influencers ve Yeni Reklam Algısı / Instagram Influencers ve New Advertising Trends

We like content on Instagram, favorites content on Twitter and create content on Facebook in every second of our spare time. An egg photo can break the record by beating the Instagram Influencer Kylie Jenner’s most acclaimed photo. When you share a photo, you are constantly looking at how many people liked and commented on the page. So why do we care how many people like us? High and low, everyone, can become an influencer, phenomenon any time. But, where does those followers and likes come instantly? The influencer market, which increases the value of Instagram, is in fact not as pink as it seems. Instagram, a photo sharing platform, outpaced Google and Twitter with $ 6 billion last year in terms of advertising revenue among social media channels Nearly 100 million photos are shared every day on Instagram, which says it has 700 million active users As such, advertisers and brands have already embraced the marketing strategy of collaboration with influencers whom has plenty of followers and likes on Instagram. Because the way of collective thinking does not questions the reality and reliability of a multi-follower account which user is immediately convinced. This created an influencer market for Instagram, and under the theme of “Reliability“ , influencers become the one who twist together the brand and the consumer But how do influencers who do not have a high percentage of organic followers influence the image of brands? We don’t know exactly, what percentage of influencers are using fake accounts as their followers while we’re paying attention to their contents and their cooperations with recognised brands every day Perin: You have 13,000 followers organically. I’m saying it’s organic because you never bought a fake accounts. Şeyma: You can understand whether an influencer buys fake accounts or not by comparing the number of likes and followers. Şeyma: If you say that it’s hard to compare, then you can check the followers step by step to clarify if there is high percentage of fake accounts. Şeyma: Now a thousand different people advertising the same product, trust is broken. Şeyma: What I have been paying the most attention today is whether I really use it; can i really suggest it? This is a very important point to consider Trust is the first issue to be discussed in this market. In this race, where everyone wants to be an influencer, the fact that brands make untrustworthy movements affects the decisions of the followers. So how does a brand find the right influencer? Burşem (Founder of HemDem Advertising Agency) : Looking at the influencers, they aim to contribute to the promotion of the brand. Fake accounts, bot accounts have too many numbers. It also has it’s own agencies and market. It’s often pop ups from websites or some people could DM you whether you want to buy fake followers or not. They offer you some price for some number of followers. There are several portals that detect them not being real. Let’s say you write my name; or any influencer’s name. Then these portals can detect how many followers are real for the account. We’re all looking at the same screen. We can see the sincerity, the reality. You already understand in that moment whether to use that product or she/he makes money to promote that product. Reliability is the most important. When companies ask for statistics from me, I have statistics that have a very large percentage of women and I really address them. They could ask for my male percentage. Let’s assume that it’s %50.. It’s not reliable while I’m focusing on woman in my content. My male followers are really low for beauty and fashion industry which make my account trustful and credible. With paid portals such as Hyper Audit, you can analyze an influencer. So you can understand how real it is on Instagram through data. Have you ever heard of Instapods or broker companies that promote your product by giving people money? Instagram gave up the chronological algorithm in 2016; and created an algorithm based on interest, innovation and relationship. So, the most interacting content started to come to the forefront. This uncovered Instapods groups and intermediary companies whom wanted to promote the product by giving money with again interaction Eylül ( Instapods User) : The main purpose of this company is to bring people together with brands and university students. They share the products of brands with these university students. They share the products of X company or its application so that the interaction increases and visibility increases. However, their main purpose is to influence the consumer/user; not to expand. Therefore, they specifically prefer university students to watch them sharing their decisions with their friends with trustful interaction. They want us to tell “I like” even we don’t like the product. To get that return, sometimes we lie actually. So yes, the concept of sincerity; there may have been a dilemma. On Instapods side, the algorithm of Instagram is important to become prominent at “explore”. That’s because the likes and comments are very important to beat the algorithm. On intermediary company’s side, as I said before, they focus on the interaction and the sincerity between the user and the followers. How you share a content, how often you create a content, how you show yourself to your audience is significant. It’s essential to contribute yourself to convince your friend to buy the product and trust you. I have so much power in my hand as an influencer which I promote a purchasing power for the people. Let’s say that I like a t-shirt on online and share it with my followers. An hour later, I would probably see that stock is finished on it’s website. And the interaction is gone from my sharing. Why should I waste this power then I have so much power as an influencer? Yes, there might be some influencers who waste this power. As they have massive audience, some famous influencers might prefer to cooperate by saying overprice. Because they trust their quality of audience. Sometimes they could share products which they actually don’t prefer to use. Digital companies reach micro influencers and act as intermediaries between them and the brand while actually could share fake tastes. However, Instapods tries to make groups of 30-40 people to like each other’s photos at the first moment after sharing it to come to the front in the algorithm. All of these actions undermine the theme of trust and creation of purchasing power by influencers reveal a new perception of advertising which is also registered by Instagram. You’re an ad. The same thing as advertising on TV and advertising on your profile. Even advertising on your profile is even more valuable right now. Who’s watching TV? Instagram has become such a valuable platform for advertisers and #paidpartnership or #ad attachments have begun to emerge. So what are these? In the USA, The Federal Trade Commission warned 90 influencer to use #AD and #paidpartnership tags below their content while promoting a product. Not only this commission, but also the advertising associations in France; ASA, CAP, CMA publishes papers about the same topic. The objective is to specify the “sales partnership. Instagram made #paidpartnership tag, to make it more standard. Therefore, Instagram is trying to prevent those who promote products without agreement with the brand. The influencers who create purchasing power and trying to trick their followers aimed to be eliminated. Well known advertising understanding has changed a lot today. The advertising understanding has moved from TV’s to our mobile phones in Turkey; actully in all world. That’s because the cost for TV is so expensive when you talk about production, shooting etc. Furthermore, it is more easier to reach massive audiences from mobile phones. For instance, you can reach to your followers with just 1 live broadcast from Instagram without any cost. In addition, you can improve the interaction and gain trust from your audience. It’s like a face to face conversation with thousands of feedbacks. So being influencer nowadays can be defined by using a platform like Instagram to advertise. There is one more problem in this digital world where bot accounts question the reality… In 2014, Instagram closed all fake accounts with a radical decision. Justin Bieber was at the top with a loss of 3.5 million followers. In Instagram where 95 million bot accounts are active, influencers and celebrities have the most bot accounts Now there are instances where Instagram cannot distinguish between a fake and a real account and can close the wrong account Describing that there are so many fake accounts, Instagram says it is difficult to understand silent and inactive bot accounts. For an influencer, this highlights another point. My account is closed. Afterwards, I contacted with Instagram. In the first stage, there is a process where they want my identity card etc.. It’s opened after 14 days. Which is a big loss; 14 big days. You can also see the flow of statistics for an accelerated account. For once, this is a loss. I think this should be compensated to me. Okay, this is not my job. However I benefit from my own account which can be likes, followers, money. Or it can be my interaction rate. But where are my 14 days? The reality has now become a commodity for an influencer where she could have lost the interaction in one way or another The fact that interaction has a material equivalent is a reality that enters our lives with Instagram. Bot accounts are attempted to be distinguished by major portals, while instagram algorithm is being tricked by Instapods groups or certain companies. Influencer marketing is growing rapidly in Turkey and in all world. The perception of advertising starts to be based on the theme of reliability, and it becomes the most valuable whom establishes the most sincerity. On the other hand, the Federal Trade Commission, advertising associations and Instagram itself are trying to put product promotions into a more noticeable system. In this world, which is not as clear as we think, it is very important which influencer we will jump into. Because we don’t really have any idea who is an egg or who is real…

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