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Instagram Has The Right to Sell Users’ Photos for Ads

Instagram Has The Right to Sell Users’ Photos for Ads

ensign and users are fighting back after
i’ve some privacy changes that were made on that on social networking site and
basically what they’re going to do is allow private businesses to use some of the
photos that are posted on instinct and for their own advertisements so
according to the new changes a business or any other entity make a cancer ran
for the use a new user images and may do so without any compensation to u so if
you put your picture upon histogram basically put your pressure on the
internet um… mcdonnell’s use it as a field definitely that’s it so well we can actually brought the very
very good point and he’s not a means to graham user himself but he if he noticed
that there might be some problems with this in the future is a wil wheaton
after yet which is kind of amazing island don’t
usually hear about him in these kinds of stories around a bit god bless he says it’s someone histograms a photo
of seth green walking through an urban outfitters does that mean
urbanoutfitters can take that image and use it to create an implied endorsement
by sacked what is their pictures taken by complete
stranger who gets final say in how the images used the subject the photographer or instead route yeah before running advertising been
take your pictures and pay for your efforts that’s how it works but it’s it brings up a really
interesting question and it’s something that has to do with face book as well so
face but instead graham twitter these are all three services uh… and we
don’t have to pay for middle but you know it’s a great way to stay connected
with people it’s a great way to promote a business whatever it is but at the
same time these companies need to make money as well and oftentimes what they
do is ease our private information or they sell our private information in
order to make their profit uh… so i’d like that were fighting back and i
don’t think there is a grant should be be doing this but also there is a price support pay
when you’re putting stuff on the internet you’ve got information will be
amused so these companies make a profit which are totally fair so buttons do you know what social
networking do use argues that twitter that that you know he’s faced with a man
i’ve ever had a fever pitch there is a i think that i could face book great
business and you know where we start he started by uh… a bunch of kids at brunswick road case in that totally random like seventeen-year-old kids got
together jenks pregnant school haha extra equipment but that doesn’t last
night during the body rather had been activity it over here they would do it for us to believe
there’s a getting screwed up your view bananas and then somebody has a bad
night with aids started over a hundred followers or something like that coldly cheesy picture with a uh… that’s kind of amazing here what always amazes me is the fact that
someone can hate a public figure and not to like take time out of their day to
create a hate page it’s actually find it flatter usually flattered by that i was
not plugged well dot net n_ e_ r_ they think about
you enough to actually make a page about a lengthy it’s kind of obsessive yeah
ago its offensive and and and then either this looks like once i got used
to it like it bombing out first course noticing it was like a worldwide that’s widespread kits was like showing the
items face book and i was like help of playwrights
coverage kitchen twelve thirteen some and uh… eventually going up there had been a
quick break to the court obsessed quest for new hampshire’s lakes wednesday thursday the green in these kids and try to track
down these wise acres are picture with james senate seats so and they don’t close that all without them which is right dot with the dead like when i look a year later they’d
like lost interest then you’re right that i was like it would give where did you get

100 thoughts on “Instagram Has The Right to Sell Users’ Photos for Ads

  1. It doesn't matter what they say verbally. The legally binding terms of service is the only thing that matters, and they specifically claim the right to sell your photos.

  2. I don't mind ads on any of the free sites I use, I don't use adblocker either. If the site is going to remain free to the user they have to make their money somehow and ads is how they do it. But what Instagram is doing is ridiculous. That is *your* picture and they have no right to sell it an use it. There was a huge scandal(?) between a stock image company and an anti-choice group in which the group was using the images for political leverage which was against ToU. That might happen with this.

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  4. If this barrier should be passed we should start thinking of controlling the Internet which is the worst option but even better than this….

  5. Step 1: Get a friend
    Step 2: Give copyrights of your photo to your friend
    Step 3: Sue the shit out of instagram for using your friends photo when your friend didn't give them the rights to the photo.

  6. I don't think you capture the essence of the absurdity of this Terms of Service. If a dime piece sorority girl posts a bikini shot of her and her friends at Spring Break a potential advertiser could use that picture as part of their advertising. A strip club could use that picture and advertise half off lap dances after 10pm.

  7. In the social media business model, the goods being sold are your privacy and and your data. Being surprised by these costs later on is just irresponsible and ignorant. When you sign up for these services, be aware of the costs and decide if the loss of privacy is worth the value of the service being provided. For many people, it is.

  8. Anna…FB and twitter already make money just from you using their site through ads. The fact that "they need to make a profit" is already covered by this. They don't NEED to sell our info, it just gets them more money.

  9. Who didn't see this coming? How fucking naive are you? Facebook is not your friend. or your chum, Facebook is a rapacious salesman exploring all imaginable methods, through which it can use you to profit. Facebook does not give a shit about you, not even the law of the land.

    See Facebook fighting German ruling that users be allowed to use anonymous names.

    You are the product, you have put yourselves up for sale. Deal with it, or just stop using the sack-of-shit site.

  10. Amen. People need to start thinking before they go posting their entire fucking lives and every waking moment on these "social media" networks. I don't know why so many people haven't figured out that these social media sites are run by greedy venture capitalists, not some kind of non-profit public service like public libraries or public parks.

  11. Nvm…. This is a lye they are not selling pictures just read the thingy were it says ther rips sitting or what ever it says its not true

  12. I think it was a given that the whole point of FB buying instagram was this reason.

    Do you think your private info/photos on facebook arent sold without your knowledge?


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  14. Don't like Instagrams policy? Don't fuckin use it….people will start raging about this because they're soo dependent on these sites that theynt have the will power to stop using…

  15. Just how hard can it be to save your photos inside your own phones, micro storage or harddrives and only physically transfer (which shouldn't take a few seconds) and be way more secure than doing it online?

  16. a more possible solution would be to inform your sister of the consequences of uploading duckface pictures every 10 minutes to a public website as a cry for attention

  17. It's ridiculous that it has come to point where instagram legally needs the approval of the user before someone can copy your image. Copying a picture is not a crime – you don't deprive the original owner of any of his property. This while intellectual property debate is a made up problem.

  18. @ohedd that's actually a good thing. You know how many people use fake pictures that aren't them? That's how serious crimes can occur. Think about it

  19. Wow, Ben uses more social media than I do. i bet he uses his "cellular telephone" for "Text Messaging". I'm so totally "like hip & wicked cool" that I use my phone for calling(not texting) and Email(not texting).

  20. I upload nothing to youtube, they do not have my address, my place of work, my phone number, my friends' names, pictures of myself, pictures of my relatives, where I went to school, where I went to university, where I went on holiday, where I plan on going next, my sexual orientation, my date of birth or my real name

    If youtube/GOOGLE change terms of use to infringe on any of the above, I delete my account.

    It will happen, it is inevitable, but until then I will continue to use Youtube.

  21. I don't know. Here. Thing is, YouTube seems more about sharing video content than people taking their bullshit pictures of themselves and putting it through a filter. YouTube is more a community than a tool for narcissists. Or maybe I simply don't understand Instagram. I don't use it myself.

  22. The thing is, my photos are so horrible to begin with that if Instagram wants them, I've known they they've reached a point that they don't matter anymore.

  23. search college humor photograph. that should describe fairly well what it's about. I have no personal experience though so no clue myself

  24. Fuck dude imagine taking a picture with instagram and one day find an Adult Friend Finder add with your face on it. That would be awkward. Your reputation might suffer from that kinda thing if someone ever noticed that… I only have 2 pictures on instagram anyway. but i guess ill delete it.

  25. Not sure what to think about this, if you hit that you agree with that terms and conditions, and if it is clearly in there… perhaps they should have the right..

  26. facebook, youtube and xbox live they can use anything they grab off you while you use their services, xbox can even retro actively (you should understand this term its interesting) change a contract while in court to suit their original intent…. microsoft is a bitch

  27. Men this girl is so stupid, this simple accident rises that issue that there is no legislation on privacy in the internet, companies can changes there legislation at will and dont even ask your permission, well what about selling children porn photos to make money if the whole issue is how to make money.

  28. This is wrong, but people are acting like Instagram wants everybody's photos they don't want your pictures if you are unattractive or other reasons.

  29. This is outrageous.
    Against all our civil rights.
    Instagram and other companies have enuf millions of dollars to afford to pay professional models to advertise their products.

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  31. This is the main reason why people should read the Terms and Agreements first before creating an account. We all have the choice to do this but most of the time, we take it for granted. We want to create accounts so bad that we sometimes sell our privacy and our little possessions, too.

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