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Instagram Advertising Tool – Instagram Promote Feature 2016 – Paid Ads

Instagram Advertising Tool – Instagram Promote Feature 2016 – Paid Ads

– [Nina] Okay, in this
video I’m going to teach you exactly how you can use Instagram to do ads advertising and how to promote your Instagram posts. So this is an event I have coming up for next week in Hayward, California. It’s how to use Instagram
for your business, so great timing. I can view insights on this post. Right now, I just installed,
or actually, I just switched over to a business account,
so you’re not going to see insights yet. But the one option I do
want to show you is if you click on promote, it gives you some of the
options it does with Facebook advertising, only it’s a little, I would say, it’s momre,
I guess, straightforward. So basically, I’m going to
select my button tattoo. You can probably do this
last, but I’m going to say sign up, I’m going to put the link. I had to think about
the link for a minute. Okay, so when people come to your page, they’ll see that sign up. Now your audience. I wouldn’t leave it at automate. I’m sorry, I’m new to
Instagram marketing this way because it’s a new
feature, but in Facebook, I’m all about doing split testing. So I would create my own audience. I’m going to call this Bay Area stylus MUAs, or makeup artists and then barbers. And what I would do is, I
would go through and pick the location. So I said the area, so I’ll
probably do Hayward, okay. All my posts are coming up. Hayward, San Leandro, San Lorenzo, not Porto Rico, Oakland, of course Union City, and Castro Valley. That is around the barber
shop that all, and salon that I’ll be holding this event, so I know people will be close. I’m going to change the age
because I know the age range of the people that I’m
looking for are probably close to 35 to 45. Usually I would aim it
just towards females, that’s my audience, but
for this event, it’s males and females. So now, I’m going to look
for people who are barbers. Now remember, this is, I don’t now if this is the same. It looks a little bit
different than the interests that are on Facebook,
so they might be geared towards Instagram interests. Hair styles, hair products. I’m just going to put a
couple of different things. Usually again, I would do split testing. I’m just putting a couple of things. I’m trying to think of. Wall, I think is a, it’s a product for barbers. So I would say makeup
lessons, that’s good. Makeup artists. Let’s see if that comes up. Makeup first school, okay, so that’s fine. So this is close enough. So basically, oh, let’s try barber salon. Sorry guys, my Facebook. I should have stopped that. Let’s do salon. Beauty salons and I’m going to do a veda because I know that that is just something that salon stylists kind of know. I don’t know about fuse and extrusion. I’m going to leave that. So usually up here I would
put like, W for women and then put the age and
all that and then the name, so make it very descriptive. I’m going to put done, okay. Okay, you can set your total
budget and then the duration. So I’m going to say let’s run this. The event is on, trying
to think of what it is. The event is in six days, so
I’m going to put six days. I’m going to spend $10. No, actually I’m going to try for 20. I’m going to pause it as
I add my payment method. So actually, of course, you
want to preview it first. Sign up, cool. It looks like it removed my spacing here, but that’s fine. I don’t care about that
and I’m going to add a payment method. I just want to see if PayPal comes up. Cool, so I’ll do PayPal. Continue. And I believe that came
up like that because, and I believe it came up
like that because I already have an account with Facebook
and my Facebook account is connected, so I’m
making that assumption. Okay, I’m going to click on promote. Thanks for your promotion. It has been sent for review. Now this is my only thing. On Facebook you can only have 20% text. I don’t see exactly where
the rules are for this, so we’ll see if approved or not. Or not, I’ll let you know. Okay, I want to show you guys that, oh, let me show you two things. Oh, I’m looking at the
ad that I just created. If I click on currently
promoted, it shows that basically it’s being promoted, so I’m
assuming that was accepted. I also did the video just in case. Okay, I want to show
you what happens after you try to promote any of your posts. So in order to see if it’s
been approved, I’m just going to go to the heart and you’ll see that there’s recent activity
and then right there you see the promotion. So I can click on it and
what I ended up doing was promoting the video also, just in case Instagram had any kind of restriction. So I’m looking and it looks like this one, it was approved. Right, it has my promotion and my details and so is the original
one with all of the text. So so far, it looks like
Instagram does not have the limit for the 20% text. So for those of you who
don’t know, if you advertise on Facebook, you can’t
have more than 20% text on the image. So it looks like
Instagram, they don’t care. Super. Just set this. Let’s see how this goes. I’ll come back with the actual
results of my advertising and the analytics in my analytics video. I’ll put the, and I’ll put the link to
the analytics video below once I do that. Hey, Nina again. So did you like that video? All you have to do to
see more videos like that is one, like that video. Thumbs up, and then
subscribe to my channel and then you’ll be notified
as I get more tutorials. Or if you’d like to ask
about me doing a tutorial, go ahead and leave the
comments in the box below and I’ll respond and let you
know if we’re going to add it to our list. Also, don’t forget that
I’m here every Wednesday at 10:10 p.m. Eastern answering questions. But again, don’t forget. Like and subscribe, like and subscribe, like and subscribe. See you soon! (upbeat music)

52 thoughts on “Instagram Advertising Tool – Instagram Promote Feature 2016 – Paid Ads

  1. Okay so I've been trying to do this with my account and I gotta say it's not worth it. Today I tried again and noticed that the flow of likes on the photo that I was promoting suddenly stopped.
    Thats not normal, It had already reached round 90 likes in less the 40 min. Then after that, nothing. Also when I look at the campaign progress it shows zero clicks and views and still after 3 hours. I paid for 24 hours, around 10 US dollars.
    Feels like a total rip off!

  2. how do people get paid on instagram . do they need a lot of followers. then start promoting things. then get paid .

  3. Hey, FollowingLike can automate the work on Instagram. https://plus.google.com/+NiuBe/posts/DqKKQkeW6jg

  4. i've made a promotion on instagram for 1 day. Is it the charges of the promotion will be deducted from my bank acc?

  5. how long did it take for Instagram to approve your promotion, I just promoted my first post and I'm curious as to how long it's going to pend

  6. I have a small business, I need to have big profits and real audience .So I’ve used the service of instanobel.com and in addition I watched your videos and these videos are very helpful, post more business videos. and can you talk more detail with sells and promoting as in pop up shops or how to make your first 100 sales.

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  8. It takes my money out of my account without telling me😅How do I stop that? Or how do I take my credit info out of the business tool?

  9. When I click on „Add Another Paynent“ it brings up facebook and says Something has gone wrong or something … WHAT SHOULD I DO??? Please answer lol

  10. I’ve been trying to promote some of my post but it’s not letting me add a payment method at all. It keeps saying “ general error “ but my payment method that I’ve been attempting to use should be able to work but it’s not accepting, help anyone ?

  11. very nice video. thumbs up to nina thomas. one thing i wanna ask is that generally there are two ways to create promotion on Instagram, one is through your app like in which you have created a simple post and want to promote it by selecting required options. Other way is to link up your instagram to your facebook which i did, and found out that its UI(user interface) is very similar to FB(facebook). Now my question is that i have created a page and on it if i want to create promotion via its(instagram) fb linked account, then do my promotion run on fb only or on my instagram as well. if it runs on both platforms that how will i knew?

  12. Once my promotion ended, how do i know if instagram alr deducted the amount of how much i spend? Do i hv to do it on my own or is it automatically deducted from my acc? Tq.

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