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Inside Digital – Episode 1

Inside Digital – Episode 1

This is the first experiment. This is the first day. Today we’re trying something experimental. So we’re going to follow somebody around to see how their day goes and I’m going to be the experiment. After that it will likely be the department heads. Today is a normal day for being in the office. There’s a lot of meetings and trying to juggle being productive between meetings and getting the most out of meetings. Jumping between tasks and meetings and being effective at it, I think is a skill and it’s a skill which you can learn and it’s something which I’ve practiced over the years. I try to delegate as much as I can. A lot of the meetings I have are about delegation. And ensuring that people have what they need and that I am explaining myself clearly on what I want which is a big challenge. I like to reach inbox 0 which basically means that I basically empty all of the emails out of my inbox so that it’s completely empty. Now that will last, in a 0 format, for about three minutes but it’s done. So this morning hopefully I can get to inbox 0 in the next hour. But I’ve got about, how many emails to get through? 652 emails. So, you know, I’m pretty fast. I’m pretty good with time management and the shortcuts with gmail are just the best. We have a client coming in shortly. It’s a new client. They are just from around the corner from us actually which is pretty cool. The first part of the engagement is critically important so that we can understand everything about the company we are about to start the marketing for; to understand all of their resources, to get them to meet the team and explain the processes and so on. And to just make sure everything gets started off in the right way. And it sounds like the company is doing some pretty amazing stuff so far. And just so you know as well I have a stutter and I like to explain it upfront because if I get excited, and I do when I talk about strategy, it comes out. So that’s how we know you’re excited? Yeah, if I’m not stuttering it’s a problem. Alright gentlemen, I’m going to have to stop it there. But thanks for coming in. It sounds like a very exciting project and I’m happy to be part of it. It’s really exciting huh? But now we have to figure out how to market it really effectively. But it is such a better design and website and team. Did I leave my sunglasses upstairs? Oh man! It was a good catch up with Kath. So at the moment, it’s all about recruitment. And I was telling her that, essentially it is the highest value task that she can do because if she hires the right person, it’s fantastic for her team, it’s fantastic for her and it ensures everything after that point is smooth sailing. What’s hard about it is that to find that person, it takes a lot longer than anyone wants it to take and then in-between that you’ve got the pressures of production workflows and the sales activities that are already happening. So that’s happening and I am supporting her with that because I also then want to be interviewing everybody that starts at Web Profits. Just so I can make sure they’re at the standards which I have as well which is it’s either a “hell yeah” or it’s a no. Hey yeah, I’ve got you on speaker and I’m being recorded by Britt right now so watch your words. Let me be myself then. No, don’t do that. No, don’t do that. Pretend! Pretend! So capacity wise, you’re concerned? The goal I have is to maximise a sale and get as many as we can as fast as possible. But with that, ensure that the quality of the production stays the same. And we can scale which is always hard with a people business which is what we are. We are going to our accountants office in the city. I have a few things I wanted to discuss with him in terms of our own finances and just in terms of some personal stuff as well and so yeah, just heading in there. Time for a taxi. No Ubers. I prefer Ubers but we’re in the city now. Surely there should be one soon. It was a good meeting; very productive. He’s a fast talker. I’m a fast listener. I should be more patient. I know I’m not that patient. Everyone tells me I should be more patient actually. So I play piano, I’m learning how to play golf and everyone says “Just relax Alex. Slow down”. So maybe I can take this as an opportunity to slow down. I like days like today because a lot of things are moved forward. The challenging part of a day like today is that I don’t get any work done. I need to balance a day of meetings with a day of no meetings and just spending time in front of the computer and just getting things done. Because there are still a lot of things that I have to do. I’m going to the Google offices this afternoon for Google honours. Matt: I think they’re going to do a few talks. Awesome – Do you think it’s possible that we could record this on video? Matt: You should give it a go. Alex: We should try. We should just take Britt and say she is part of.. Matt: I don’t think they’re going to say no. I don’t think they’re going to say no.

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