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Innoventure Jr: Formal and Informal Communication

Innoventure Jr: Formal and Informal Communication

communication is how we get information to each other we have many ways of communicating with all the different people in our lives depending on who you're communicating with there are appropriate and well not so appropriate ways to communicate different forms of communication can make a big impact on your message how you communicate influences the way people imagine you especially if it's someone who doesn't know you knowing the right way to communicate can open a lot of doors but it takes practice casual or informal communication styles are fine when dealing with family friends and other familiar people texting abbreviations emojis and being silly are great for giving your friends at laughs but when delivering serious information it's best to use complete sentences good manners and clarity use a well-written letter or email and if possible a face-to-face meeting sometimes a combination of these is also a good idea you

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