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Infographic video & Infographic advertising – “PlantDemand” (SixHats)

Infographic video & Infographic advertising – “PlantDemand” (SixHats)

Does your construction materials team plan orders and schedul production like this? Your customers call the sales department
to order materials on certain days, but your sales team needs to refer to the
plant operators because they don’t know if the plant has a capacity to add a new
order on that day. Plant operators are not informed about tasks, don’t know customers needs, and the quality control team doesn’t know what testing and design should be priority. Than suppliers require enough notice time to produce and deliver the raw materials to your plant. The back office is overloaded with reporting and coordination of activities, making back and forth calls with customers, sales and plant personnel. And on top of all that it is difficult for management to forecast and get
up-to-date information. Imagine if each person on your team had a
specialized tool that helps them make their job easier. PlantDemand is a new service which brings your operation together, assists with scheduling, forecasting and dispatching
your materials production and sales. The order calendar is the heart of your
operation and organizes your entire team. Here they can view schedule sales and
quickly enter new orders from anywhere. This live calendar is also aware about
the compositions of your mix designs, which you can use to forecast your
inventory and material demand. PlantDemand provides reports that help
you fine-tune your operations. By compiling information from the Live
Calendar you’ll be able to plan production and sales of the plant. Demand
reports can continuously inform suppliers about upcoming needs, sales can get a quick forecast and see their performance for the month. PlantDemand
has a portal for your customers with a private calendar that keeps them involved in the scheduling of their orders. Invite customers so they can create requests, initiate conversations as well as track changes and approval status. With PlantDemand planning your
operation becomes the easiest task of the day. Our user-friendly interface
allows your team to quickly find the information they need. They are able to
plan activities and resolve conflicts using both PC and mobile devices. Your back-office is relieved, because they need to spend less time passing around messages and preparing reports. And your customers and suppliers are happy, because they are
always aware of the upcoming production of your plant. Learn how PlantDemand can improve your
work. Go to plantdemand.com to get your demo account today!

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