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Inflate Online – Advertising Balloons for Sale – Advertising Inflatables

Inflate Online – Advertising Balloons for Sale – Advertising Inflatables

Hey guys, this is Jacob with Inflate Online. Inflate Online sells advertising inflatables. American made advertising inflatables. We’re located in Atlanta Georgia and most
of our inflatables ship out in one to two business days. Some of the inflatables we have are sky guys
and sky tubes. Both sky guys and sky tubes are incredibly
affordable ways to advertise your business. But if you want something bigger, we have
rooftop balloons and also themed advertising balloons. The rooftop balloons are great because they
are equipped for a banner, so you can advertise any kind of special event that you’re hosting. They also have 16 tie down points around the
balloon so you can safely secure it. Also they’re ready for internal lighting and
we sell light kits for the balloons so you can light it from the inside. And the bases are made out of 18 ounce vinyl. Which means that it’s the same type of vinyl
that is used for commercial grade party inflatables like bounce houses and water slides. We also sell accessories for inflatables like
blowers. We have blowers both for the sky guys, sky
tubes, and for the different advertising inflatables we sell. We also have hook stakes and tent stakes to
secure the inflatables. If you can’t stake the inflatables down we
also sell sandbags, and we sell repair kits and patch kits for any inflatable damages
you might have. If you have any questions about anything that
we sell, please leave us a comment under the video. Also you can go to our website and live chat
us. Or you can give us a phone call or send us
an email. Our website is www.inflateonline.com. Also be sure to like us on Facebook to see
our different information and promotions that we have. If you’d like to see more videos like this
just hit subscribe and we’ll see you in the next video.

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