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Increase The Revenue Of Your Google Ads Campaign

Increase The Revenue Of Your Google Ads Campaign

– Did you know that 76%
of ad budget is wasted for most businesses on
the wrong search terms? (upbeat music) Hi, my name is Masha from SEM Dynamics, and I’m going to go over what you can do to make sure that you’re
not wasting your ad budget. The first thing you need
to do is take a look at your search term report. Now search terms are the actual phrases that people are typing in into Google when they see your ads. Depending on the structure
of your campaign, when someone types in widgets for sale, ideally your ad will show up. However, if they’re
typing in something like, how are those widgets made, there’s probably no
intent to make a purchase. You do not want your ads
to show up to those users. Analyzing a search term report
will help you to collect where you’re wasting your budget and what you need to do to cut that waste. Once you know which search terms you do not want to show up for, you can add those words
into your negative keywords, so that your ads do not show up when people are typing them in Google. In addition to looking
at your search traffic, take at a look at the physical location of where your visitors are coming from. You can look at state,
city, even zip code level. More often than not, you will see traffic from areas you might not
necessarily be targeting. Especially if you’re service business, and you do not help clients, let’s say from a different state, you want to make sure that you
do not waste your ad budget on those clicks. You can see this
information either through the Google AdWords Dashboard
or through your analytics. Once you know where the
traffic’s coming from that you do not want,
you can remove them from your targeted locations. The next thing you wanna look at is when your conversions are taking place. For example, if you’re running your ads in middle of the night and historically you got no
conversions from those clicks, you probably want to change
your time adjustments so you do not show your
ads middle of the night. Click learn more to discover how you can better optimize your campaign.

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