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What’s up you guys Jason Wardrop here And in this video I want to go through and give you an Inc income breakdown of August Just this past month because really before I started my youtube channel Somebody’s income breakdowns from other channels like Tanner J Fox and some other friends They really inspired me to actually get started with my youtube channel. Now. I’ve done a couple of these in the past I know a few of you guys have you know asked me to do more of these and so I just I figured I’d go through and share with you guys until you kind of some of the backstory of August because It’s kind of interesting actually what happened in August So for those you guys who’ve been follow me for some time now, you know like YouTube is not my core business it’s kind of just like a side hobby that I do is just kind of more of like an experiment and I’ve got friends that you know I’ve gone through and growing big channels and They’re making some pretty good money just off the ads and even selling courses and stuff like that So it’s like you know, what on the side I’ll kind of make that a side hobby because I can also Teach and educate people for my core but business, which is a Software companies called arsenal marketing and we help real estate agents generate more leads follow all their leads and all that good stuff So I thought you know There there could be some good even though it’s just fun kind of shooting the videos making these videos for you guys I thought you know might as well have a fun little experiment Now if you guys have been following me for a little bit of time back like in January for remarks before I really started getting a lot of subscribers and all that stuff and a lot I’m talking about like at least 10,000 right not like crazy numbers like a hundred thousand or he thinks I’m only at like 10,000 or something like that right now but back at that time I was making videos like almost every single day and and if it’s like a slow day so week I would be still making 2 to 3 videos a week and Then over the summer. I kind of slowly slowed down and then this past month in August August first I actually got ACL surgery, which a lot of you guys already know that if you guys been watching this channel And so literally August 1st, so about August 14th or 15th I was sleeping literally 18 to 20 hours a day Like that’s no joke guys Like the doctors gave me the percocet stuff and I would have like three a day basically to keep the pain away and that stuff Have you ever had it completely knocks you out and then after that it was like hey, I gotta get off this stuff That’s just killer and so literally the first two weeks I was sleeping I did not do any work for my software business did not do any work for YouTube especially and It was really interesting. Like what I went through and saw and in the whole month of August So the first two weeks is you guys are basically was telling you I was pretty much sleeping the whole time And then the last two weeks I made only two videos So two videos the whole month of August and I saw the most income from ad revenue by a long shot There’s a massive jump. I’m gonna show you guys here in just a second, which was pretty crazy But as I’ve gone through and I’ve dissected all of like why that happened and the different strategies and everything I really attribute to what I call legacy videos I’m gonna show those to you guys here in a second and show you guys if you’re looking to create a YouTube channel how to actually create those and how to kind of get thatthat spark because like a video like this this isn’t a Legacy video right a legacy video is something that is gonna pop up in the search engine That people are gonna go through and find six months down the road twelve months down the road It is still going to be relevant whereas this one it’s only relevant for like right now because you’re wondering like how much do you make in August and so in about you know a Month from now nobody’s gonna care about this video is gonna be kind of irrelevant Which that’s similar to a lot of posts on Facebook or Instagram? You know that post is only relevant for that time and then a month from from that time It’s not gonna be popping up in nobody’s newsfeed. So it really just doesn’t help. Okay. So with that said, let’s jump in I’m just gonna get on my computer right here and show you guys so look this is last month, August 1st 2018 August 31st 2018. The reason why it’s a couple days late is because YouTube takes a little bit to get all the last ad dollars trickled into the last couple days are kind of delayed by a little bit lilius 1895 and 32 cents, I’m gonna show you guys here I’ve got this spreadsheet of you know, kind of like the months building up to now and really quick guys I remember last time I think you did this video like a month or two ago a couple months ago and Somebody’s like well, you’ve got this huge following from your software company and the real estate leads and all that stuff guys I literally don’t really promote this channel big-time to that company like in these legacy videos Which I’m gonna show you guys how to build and crate here in just a second. That’s really what’s brought me literally 80 to 90% of my subscribers and Continually brings me about 50 to 60 new subscribers every single day. And so the excuse of like oh you had a big falling or no that has nothing to do with anything and Everyone starts from zero at some point, right? So this these these numbers I’ve been doing this pretty much I started January 1st of 2018. The channel is a little bit older than that, but I wasn’t really like Consistent or I wasn’t really focusing on growing it and building as an experiment It’s all about January so you can see 1895 and 32 cents and so you can see right here It started out about 50 bucks, which this is pretty average, right? If you go back and look at the month before in July is pretty consistently around the 40 to 50 dollar range Then look at this guy’s so like this is like right here. 815 You can see this is the whole time. I literally was just Sleeping like no joke guys, you can ask my wife Literally just out all day long yeah, so but you can see like I was still you know from these legacy videos bring in all this revenue and then I Have I literally have no idea what happened to you guys? I’m still trying to figure it out I’m not opposed to it But YouTube can be kind of like up and down as you guys can see right here cuz like 60 bucks this day And then BOOM this is my first day August 21st, 2018 as my first day to pass a hundred dollars in ad revenue and it’s funny guys like You pass like you get these little bumps in revenue and for some reason this is more fulfilling to me than going through and just doing all this like crazy stuff with my software business right like the first Time I passed 100 thousand dollars a month in my software business When I pass some hundred dollars and a day on my YouTube ad revenue I honestly was more excited even like when we passed two hundred thousand dollars a month like this was for some weird reason I know you guys are gonna think I’m crazy but this is like almost more satisfying because it’s like a hundred percent organic and it’s something that’s like very Passive with these legacy videos that you can see it drops and so like, you know, this is obviously because I wasn’t really doing videos Boom, I had $100 day right here. And then it jumped up to 112 on August 27th. And Once again, I don’t know MIT that made that was a day. I post a video I don’t know but like having that significant of a jump that’s like literally double from these numbers over here So pretty cool just to jump in I’ll show you guys my my kind of spreadsheet So this is one I’ve shown you guys before like two months ago or something like that You can see in January when I first started I made $140 which this is back before they ride around like April May time They made it a rule where in order to get the ad revenue you have to have at least 1,000 subscribers and I think it’s like 4,000 watch hours watch time or something like that I don’t even really know what it is. But then you can see I was making pretty steady. Consistent jumps 143 92 855 1000 this is where I kind of started, you know, teetering off. I wasn’t making videos as consistently and so you got 1,000 1,100 1,300 1,300 so those like, you know, I was still making probably two or three videos a month but all these legacy videos Started really building up and then in August where I literally slept half the month I my shot up my income by like 500 bucks on the ad revenue Okay, now obviously this is not like, you know complete game-changing revenue but the thing I think is cool is it’s like well Hey there, you can go have that pay for your car payments your mortgage or whatever You know, it’s just like it’s kind of fun. Just like a little fun experiment We bring in that passive income that you can see here at core sales I’ve got some basic little Different mini course sales on my youtube channel that go through and promote and you can see July had a pretty big month August was not too bad and that’s just because of once again the repetition of Getting these videos that are out there. I mean, it’s been eight months I mean just think about that guys in eight months, where could you go and have like this passive income of like almost $2,000 where you know you sleep optimal like if you were to go do that in real estate, you’re gonna have to have like $200,000 cash invested. So this is what something that I think is pretty cool is kind of fun So I’ll keep updating you guys. So roughly the the $4,000 $137 44 cents a day. I it’s funny because I love Little Caesars Pizza I don’t know about you guys, but I think of everything in Little Caesars Pizza, so I actually just had one for lunch but you know five bucks how many Little Caesars pizzas could you get every single day like I mean that this is I don’t know. It’s kind of fun for me I’m a total nerd but whatever. So I’ll keep updating. You guys. Let me know that what you guys think of these videos to Drop a comment down below, but let me just show you guys really quick some of these legacy videos what I’m actually talking about Alright, and you can see like some of these videos like this one got three hundred three views This was I think it posted a couple days ago total bomb this one about two point two thousand one point five thousand let’s go to Let’s go to my channel. You’ll be able to see like the most popular videos and like why they really are the most popular. Okay? So you come over here you’ve got some of the most recent ones right here. I mean you got the popular uploads So this one these are what I call the legacy videos right like something like this video where it’s like an income breakdown of August It’s gonna be relevant for about three to four weeks and then nobody’s gonna watch it Nobody’s gonna care and it’s just gonna go by the wayside So like, you know YouTube ad revenue you might make like five bucks, but it’s not really gonna be a big deal But these are legacy videos right here. Okay, it’s where you’re targeting specific keywords They’re gonna go and you know ranked in Google search engines for different terms like this One’s my hottest one how to set up your Facebook pixel for beginners and 2018 right which here in a couple months We’ll probably need to do one for 2019 and then this one how to use Facebook Ads for beginners So like, you know If somebody’s like looking to go through and figure out how to run Facebook ads or and this is probably how a lot of you guys found me right is they’re gonna type into Google or YouTube Facebook Ads training or Facebook ads for beginners or how to use Facebook ads or how to set up a Facebook pixel and then my videos pop up and These ones you can see this one. I made eight months ago. This one made seven months ago this one made six months ago how to create Instagram ads for beginners how to create a free messenger bot so you can see these Are all these legacy videos and if we jump back in here to the analytics? You can see we’re so in the month of August You can see where majority of this revenue is actually coming from so this how to set up your Facebook pixel for beginners my most popular video right here He brought in two hundred and fourteen dollars in one month right, that’s like getting a Tenant in a rental property like a duplex and you’re like, you know, you got your mortgage you got to pay off But then you’re making an extra two hundred dollars in cash flow yet You don’t have to go fix any toilets or anything like that. How do you see facebook? Ask for beginners? 199 and guys, this is pretty consistent. If you go back and look at previous months, I made these videos What was it seven and eight months ago eight months ago seven months ago six months ago nine months ago and these are pretty consistently bringing in anywhere between 150 to 200 dollars per month. So any time I make one of these legacy videos I really try to go through and give it my all and like give really good content because look these can be creating Over a hundred dollars per month and just add revenue, right? So 100 bucks We got one two, three, four, five six seven So seven video is over a hundred dollars some of them at the two hundred dollar mark three of these almost at the two hundred Bucks, which is pretty sweet, right? so like you can be if you do have some freak accident like you tear your ACL like I did or Like I’ve got you know baby coming in two weeks or whatever you have these legacy videos that can go through and bring in those ad dollars and not like it’s a huge game changer, but kind of is though right like If it helps you pay for your insurance Or your phone bill or you know some food or groceries or whatever doesn’t have to cover all your expenses But it’s kind of cool. I think so that’s why I kind of nerd out on the whole YouTube stuff and I’ve just really made it a fun experiment where I’m just like gonna keep continue doing these videos now that I’m like back at it I’m like awake I’m mobile somewhat I still have to wear a brace kind of sucks But it’s all good and be off in a couple weeks But I’m back at making these videos for you guys to one educate you help you guys out But also just kind of a fun experiment just like watching it grow and seeing like, okay What causes the 112 spike or what causes these dips down here something like that, you know, so this is kind of fun If you guys want or I would really love it. If you guys drop comment down below Let me know what you guys think of these types of videos or what types of videos you guys don’t want to see from me and my channel more than happy to go through and help share and educate and help you guys with whatever you guys are looking for help with and If you guys found this video enjoyable helpful, whatever Go ahead and give it a thumbs up Also, if you guys are brand new here, make sure you subscribe hit that notification bell and once again guys like like obviously these numbers like 1895 that’s like that’s that’s nothing to brag about, right? It’s not like a lot of money But it’s like when I saw these numbers with some other channels and they were shooting videos like this It was inspiring to me like it helped me like, oh, okay That’s that is possible and like and I just did this in eight months And honestly, I know a lot of people in eight months to get a lot higher than that, but it’s just kind of fun Right. So anyway guys, hopefully this was helpful to some of you guys And if you guys don’t mind drop comment hit that thumbs up subscribe and hit that notification bell And with that said guys, I’ll see you all later

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  1. Once again, another great video!

    It was your video, on July 26th, that inspired me to get started posting consistent videos on my channel. Told myself a video a day, like you did at the start of the year.

    I got started on July 29th and am at 23 videos in 38 days. A bit behind schedule, but will get caught up as I plan to hit 100 videos in 100 days.

    So thanks for putting out great content and inspiring me to do the same!

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