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In Theaters Now: Ad Astra, Rambo: Last Blood, Downton Abbey | Weekend Ticket

In Theaters Now: Ad Astra, Rambo: Last Blood, Downton Abbey | Weekend Ticket

– New in theaters this weekend, “Rambo: Last Blood,” “Ad
Astra” and “Downton Abbey,” what will you see? This is your “Weekend Ticket.” (mellow melodic music) – I finally came home.
– Uncle John! – [John Voiceover] To defend
the only family I’ve ever know. – You must really want this girl. (dynamic upbeat music) – All she’s got is me. She’s coming home. – John Rambo is back for
his fifth playful romp in “Rambo: Last Blood.” when John Rambo’s niece is
abducted by the Mexican Cartel, he decides it’s time for revenge and if they’re coming for him, you’d better believe he’s gonna set up some “Home Alone” traps Rambo style and bust out his trademark bow and arrow. If you’re someone who’s going in to see how many kills Rambo
racks up in this movie, here’s the current kill stats by movie with of course “Rambo IV” having the most, leaving a lot of work for
Rambo this time around. This movie’s for you if you’re looking for an intense revenge
action movie this weekend, if you love any of the
other “Rambo” movies or if you’re a fan of these
very real “Rambo” recap videos Sylvester Stallone has been posting. – It’s over! – Nothing is over! (melodic cinematic music) – [Sylvester Voiceover] Deep
in the jungles of Burma, a happy group of mission– – [Eve] What are you thinking about? – [Roy Voiceover] I do what
I do because of my Dad. (melodic haunting music) He was a hero, he gave his life for the
pursuit of knowledge. Control, are you getting that, over? (low pulsing) (melodic suspenseful music) (machine beeping quietly) – [Eve] It’s crazy out there, there’s fires everywhere
and plane crashes, they’re calling it the Surge. – “Ad Astra” comes out this weekend, astronaut, Major Roy
McBride, played by Brad Pitt survives an incident on the Space Station only to learn that the incident may be connected to his father, whose spaceship and crew
went missing 30 years ago. With this knowledge and the knowledge his
father is still alive, he’s sent on a mission to find his father and find out what happened
and what he’s been up to. I’ll be honest, that’s oversimplified, because the movie is said
to be both introspective and a visual spectacle. This movie’s for you if you
like movies like “Interstellar,” you like a movie with
a lot of stars in it, or you like movies with
a lot of stars in it, ’cause it’s in space. – [Man] Woo! (melodic orchestral music) – Blimey! – The King and Queen
are coming to Downton. – What? – I want every surface
to gleam and sparkle. – A Royal luncheon, a parade and a dinner, I’m going to have to sit down. – Tell your driver to ready the car to take you to see “Downton
Abbey” in theaters this weekend. In a continuation of the “Downton Abbey” television series from BBC, the Crawley family and their
staff are readying the estate for a visit from non other than the King and Queen of England. This important visit is
sure to send the Abbey into just as much drama
as we’ve come to expect from the six seasons of the show. This movie’s for you if you
love a good period piece, you’re a fan of the
“Downton Abbey” TV show and you wanna see what happens next or you figure since it’s 2019, they gotta sneak a Yaaas
Queen joke in there somewhere and you’ve just gotta see that. That is your “Weekend Ticket!” What will you see? And check back next week to see the next animated
movie from DreamWorks. (light melodic music)

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  1. “Here’s your weekend ticket to see “Ad Astra”. Rated PG-13. And “Rambo: Last Blood”. Rated R. Both now playing at a theater near you.”

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