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In the Studio Pt. 2 ft Zedd | One Strange Rock

In the Studio Pt. 2 ft Zedd | One Strange Rock

They didn’t want me
to create a Zedd song. They wanted me to create
a piece of music that matches what this is all about. [music playing] My first thoughts when
the project came to me was, finally, and
excited, because I’ve made classical music in my life. I’ve always wanted to be
more in the scoring world. And the way it was
presented to me is, it’s a project
that Darren Aronofsky is filming for Nat Geo. And I’m a big fan, so I
was immediately interested. So what I find really
inspirational about One Strange Rock is that it’s much
more visually stimulating, and it keeps you
engaged with the topic, and it was my mission to try to
match that in the audio world. So in the series, it’s a
lot about seeing things from a different perspective. And even if you think you
know what a certain thing is, looking at it from a
different perspective you learn a new side of it. And that’s the thought behind
this chord progression as well. The first half is all one
bass note, and these chords, this melody, that’s
really haunting. You think you’ve
heard it already. But it never really opens up. It’s always this question mark
because of this pedal note. It doesn’t move. And then after that big reveal,
you see that exact same melody, the same chords, but with
a different bass note, and it opens up a completely
different emotion. The second step was obviously
recording that piano and then adding elements to it– cinematic moments, some
hits that really grab your attention, building a huge
climax, and then the orchestra is a big piece. I asked my friend Brian Tyler
to help orchestrate this piece. Then it goes back up. I’m in the process
of the second half of the songs, which is
the big climax where the whole orchestra comes in. And [music starts] I
really want to find a way to add my elements
to it, that sound like Zedd, but keep the epicness
of this choir and orchestra. So I’m still halfway done. [music playing] I hope that when people
hear this piece of music that I made for
One Strange Rock, they will realize that
I am capable of writing emotional music outside of
what they think I can do. And I just hope that
people give this a chance and really listen to it, and
listen to the intricacies and details of the
chord progression, and how this musical
piece changes you when you listen to it.

98 thoughts on “In the Studio Pt. 2 ft Zedd | One Strange Rock

  1. I can almost feel how epic this show is going to be. Snippets of the song has already shown some really mysterious buildup vibe all over it. Can't wait to watch this show soon. Haven't had the chance to catch it yet. Thanks National Geographic for sharing.

  2. Inspiration can come from a variety of different spaces and perspectives, even from Earth and space itself. What do you like most about Zedd's track for One Strange Rock?

  3. he speak thru music like Hans Zimmer.
    the way he explain also like Hans.
    i believe someday he will win an Oscar for best Composer for a movie

  4. I feel like this collab was made for me. Two of my favorite things (Zedd and studying the Earth/Space) combined into an amazing project!

  5. The show is very epic and I'm very surprised to know that zedd is creating this song. And I like this show too much.

  6. Did anyone notice how he added the Electronic snare and Kick to the cinematic score! something new! I like it.

  7. yeah zedd.. it worked.. now it's really fantastic.. I mean some kinda mysterious like it's made for our universe… yeah..u just can't stop urself from falling in love with this incredible music.. thanks buddy for giving us such a great music..

  8. As a fan of Zedd since Clarity dropped and topped the Beatport charts, it's great to hear him doing something that really grabs me😁

  9. On one hand you have what Zedd should sound like, and on the other you have "Get Low" and "Stay"

  10. An epic documentary on the highly endangered specie, 'Zedd', he roams in the wild waiting to drop his latest hit on his prey to stimulate the audiences senses.

  11. Zedd has already shown talent for themed songs or BSOs. Papercut, Illusion and the intro he is using in live sets show it up.

  12. Of course we knew you can write these epic music! Keep doing what you love cuz real Zedd fans always support your music.

  13. Of course you can! This reminds me of your first album – which was the real Zedd I knew.

    Not the middle.

  14. Hi, there is much more music in the series than what is released in the album, where to find that!? could someone point me to where I can find the music which is in the last few minutes of episode 8: Alien.

  15. I've been listening to Zedd for years and literally watched him go from nothing to something. He's such a huge inspiration. A legend.

  16. Waooow, don't know what to say about him he's a great producer of all time, I feel the atmosphere of this beat right now!! Awesome 🙂

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