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Import campaigns from Google Ads into Bing Ads

Import campaigns from Google Ads into Bing Ads

If you already have Google ads campaigns You don’t have to recreate them from scratch and Bing ads You can import your Google ads campaigns into Bing ads and get your ads up and running on the Bing Network in no time here’s how it works from the top menu click import campaigns and then import from Google ads You’ll sign into Google ads Choose whether you want to import all of your Google ads campaigns or just some and Select exactly what campaign information you want to import? and When it’s done review the import summary to see what was added updated or skipped if there were items that couldn’t be imported That last part is very important. There are a number of Google ads features or settings that are incompatible with Bing ads For example, Bing ads has different requirements for bids and budgets and different targeting options So it’s a good idea to do two things after you run an import first check the import error log You’ll find this under import schedule in history This log shows you exactly what the import skipped due to incompatibility second take a look at the help article what to check after importing from Google ads and Review any other incompatibility issues that could impact your campaign structure or performance? You’ll want to spend some time fine-tuning your bidding budgeting and targeting strategies to make sure you get the most out of Bing ads The next time you import from Google ads you have the option to delete any Bing ads campaigns or ad groups that you have deleted in Google ads You can also set a schedule to automatically import daily weekly or monthly Whatever makes it easier for you to keep all of your ad campaigns in sync Thanks for watching

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  1. bing ads are not good for india because they have no cards payments option for india they have option of bank transfer only for india and in this method they do fraud with there customer i have transferred 2 time in my account but they don't add my fund in my account i talk with there support for my money and gave then all proof of my transferring amount i talk them for 15 day consistently but there is no solution for me after all 2 days they ask me for new proof for transferred amount how could i gave so many proof of one transaction i harass with there services and i left bing and i lost my money too.

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