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Imperial College London: Where It All Begins

Imperial College London: Where It All Begins

We live in a world that is constantly asking questions To understand our complex planet, we need people and organizations
dedicated to solving global challenges. At Imperial College London, the next
generation of problem solvers are engineering sustainable solutions to
climate change. This technology is transforming the way
we interact with our environment. We’re improving health and well-being by
developing materials that protect the human body from injury. These inventions are tested and refined,
resulting in products that push the boundaries of scientific
achievement. In these labs, techniques to prevent the spread of life-threatening diseases are examined under the microscope. Our research has the potential to save lives across the planet. This is Imperial. A community of problem solvers, dedicated to finding answers to the world’s most challenging questions. An engine of innovation that goes beyond the university walls. Our research travels. It takes shape in the real world and
comes alive when it reaches the people who need it the most. “…Scientists at London’s Imperial College…” “…Amazing scientific breakthrough…” “…Armourgel become rigid on impact…” “…Imperial College London has it’s own pilot plant…” “…to cut 20% of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions by 2050….” Imperial’s work is influencing lives on a global scale and we’re looking for the best minds to
join us. Where it all begins…

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