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Impeachment Commercial

Impeachment Commercial

-Last week,
House Democrats announced that they will conduct
a formal impeachment inquiry into President Trump,
and many Americans don’t know exactly
what that means. Luckily, I saw
a commercial last night that explains
the impeachment process. Take a look. -[ Gasps ]
Gin. -Oh!
-Oh! -I love our little
get-togethers. -Well, you know what
I don’t love? -What? -Not understanding everything that’s going on
with our country. -Tell me about it. -Like, for example, what exactly
is an impeachment inquiry? Is it different
from impeachment? -Peach-mint is my
favorite kind of Martini. [ Laughter ] -Mine, too. But an impeachment inquiry
is when Congress conducts an investigation to see
if there’s enough evidence of wrongdoing to warrant drawing
up articles of impeachment, the first step
in impeaching a president. -Well, that clears
everything up. Peach-mint-tini, anyone? -No, it doesn’t. Tell me more. -Well, some representatives
in Congress think impeachment of the
current president is justified because he’s committed
a high crime or misdemeanor, even if he’s not a violation
of a criminal statute. -Oh, I love statues. My favorite is Michelangelo’s
“The David.” Huge wiener. -While other members of Congress
think the Constitution doesn’t legally define
a high crime. -High crime — is that like
when you smoke reefer and vandalize a daycare? Guilty. -No.
-So, what happens now? -It’s simple. Six House committees will
investigate the allegations against the president
and present their findings to the Judiciary Committee. -Then he’s out.
-No. Then, if there’s enough
evidence, the House will vote. -Then he’s out?
-No. Then the president is impeached. -Then he’s out.
-No. Then it moves to the Senate.
-Then he’s out? -No.
Then the Senate holds a trial. -Then he’s out?
-Yes. -Yes!
-But… -Ugh! -…as long as the
Senate Majority Leader doesn’t decide to dismiss
the whole thing. Otherwise, he’s not out.
-How do we ever get anyone out? -Well, she’s out.
-Good. So, how does the Senate
trial work? -Well, at the trial, the president’s lawyers
will defend him. The members of the Senate
will act as a jury, and the whole thing’s presided
over by a Supreme Court Justice. -Like Judge Judy. -She’s not a
Supreme Court Justice. -Oh, no. Did she die?
-I don’t know. How long does this whole
dumb process take? -Well, the last one took
about 10 months. -Just like my pregnancy. Little Albert did not want
to come out. -Can you blame him? Then, after that, will
the president be removed from office? -The president is only
removed from office if 2/3 of the members present
vote to convict. -I’m not allowed to vote. Because of all
the daycare vandalism. -Shut up! Will the president be
impeached or not? -I don’t know. -Well, I guess it all
comes down to one thing. Judge Judy.
-Congress. Oh, I hate you. -Cheers. -Watch “The Bachelor.” It’s better than trying to
understand this [bleep]

100 thoughts on “Impeachment Commercial

  1. The whole process is 10 months? There isn't even enough time than.
    House Dems should still impeach to put pressure on GOP senators.

  2. I'm sick. We're gonna be stuck with that f'n Trump til he's voted out. And you watch, the same criminal process that put him in there in the first place wii keep him there. All President Lying Big Mouth has to do is discredit everyone who is potentially able to beat him–Biden.

  3. Funny skit. In reality Trump wins either way because we will have wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars and hours to impeach someone that more than likely won't get impeached.

  4. It's obvious that Americans are being bamboozled! This is just an introduction to what's to come. America will ultimately be ruled by a dictator which will mean the end of the free world. Wake up people!

  5. Gin..a demonic name for men but called the secret for women over 40 years of age..btw..house congressional members are absolutely lazy..that is the nice word for the sin called sloth πŸ˜­πŸ‘½πŸ–€

  6. Love this so much!

    Love the "can you blame him?!" and "Congress…. Oh I hate you" love the banter between those two πŸ˜‚

  7. If you don't understand this then stop voting. You are too stupid to participate in a functioning democracy. Tell your stupid friends and neighbors to stop voting, too.

  8. The range in the background is driving me nuts. It's a 30 inch pro range, looks like a Dacor from the door, but the cabinet above it is a custom insert hood sized for a 36 inch range. And then they just aligned the range on the right side instead of centering it. So it's a 30 inch range in a 36 inch space, but aligned on the right for literally no reason. Wtf are you doing Seth.

  9. 40 year olds pretending to be 20 year olds trying to make fun of 40 year olds.
    Funny, just not in the way they intended.

  10. I hope someone really does the golden girls knock off talking about complex relevant topics, doesnt even need celebraties. They could very well be nerds in a drag.

  11. It's really sad that Americans are so foolish. 1st Mueller for 2.5 yrs and now this. Sad, the poor Americans are so overwhelmed with their phones that they can't see the crimes laid out by law enforcement's top non partisan people. Poor Americans. Life is so hard and trump crime so confusing. He shut down aid money until he got his "FAVOR". That's so hard to tell…

  12. Lying Traitor criminal racist rapist moron thug President Trump will allow Russia to assist him in winning the next election and then the imprisonments & executions will begin. Jail this lying scumbag traitor Trump. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Save yourself USA πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

  13. No, the president will not be removed from office.

    Not as long as Barr is AG, Mich McConnell is the congressional leader, Kavanaugh sits on the Supreme Court, and his base and the entire Retrumplican criminal party continue to support him blatantly wiping his ass with the constitution, he ain't.

    No, if we want Trump out of office, we've got to impeach, or vote out, the whole damned lot of 'em.

    Then we can get down to some real criminal trials and start locking 'em up.

    Until then, it'll just be more of the same

  14. You're telling me Mitch McConnell has the power to just dismiss all of this, regardless of what Congress decides? So what are we excited about?

  15. Power…pride…greed…selfishness…ignorance…nepotism….tribalism…and HATE is why the American people are going through all this…we can't afford another racists moronic administration…we need to get all the current occupants out of the white house before they try to use the old "we need to have a war and unite as americans for a new crisis bullshit"!!!!

  16. β€œHow do we get anyone out?” – They’re called elections. That’s the only reason why the dems are doing this..

  17. Much as I would like Trump to be impeached, I don't think it will happen, because they couldn't even do that to Bill Clinton, and we all know why people were wanting him impeached.

  18. The commercial is a great parody – the best is showing how ignorant we are especially with the mention of Judge Judy – as if she really is a fine, smart judge (she is not according to most judges – e.g. by never compensating properly people who have been cheated) – and that some Americans think she is a supreme court judge (I have met some of them).

  19. If multiple successful attempts at obstructing justice wasn't enough, if brazen violations of the emoluments clause wasn't enough, if being an unindicted co-conspirator in a felony wasn't enough………

  20. This is why the whole process is a show. He will be out of the office by the time they can remove it. This is clearly intended to make us feel like something is being done, when, quite literally, nothing is happening. It's a very expensive TV show.

  21. Impeachment should have begun as soon as Mueller probe concluded. 10 acts of obstruction should be enough to impeach.

  22. Donald Trump will not be removed from office, you're delusional if you think Mitch McConnell or the Republicans in the senate will vote to convict and remove him from office, he is a republican, and even if a republican were to remain in office after he leaves Trump has has support among a majority of Republican voters so, which means the republicans in office will not do anything to move against him regardless of what he does… Trump was NOT wrong when he said he could stand on 5th ave and shoot someone and not get in trouble, at this point he could run into a kindergarten commit a mass murder and still end out his term as president of the United States, the only thing I would hope for after that is that someone else gets voted into office in 2020.

  23. If this is directed towards Americans you have to use smaller words and crayons, especially if certain types of Republicans are watching

  24. The path to getting rid of djt is much simpler:
    Step 1: Register to vote.
    Step 2: Bug your friends and family to register to vote.
    Step 3: Join the majority of us from 2016 and vote the clown out in 2020.

  25. Not funny and still not interesting… If you think you are getting a big fat Trumpburger you will be disappointed when all you get is a skinny Cohen chicken salad and side order of old dry Manafort fries

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