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Illegal Immigration: It’s About Power

Illegal Immigration: It’s About Power

I recently watched a group of protestors,
most of them young, denouncing President Donald Trump’s immigration policies. They were waving Mexican flags and shouting:
“¡Si, se puede!”—”Yes, we can!” This is now the rallying cry of the open-borders
left, but it wasn’t always. In fact, I wondered if a single person at
the protest knew where it came from. The slogan first became famous fifty years
ago, thanks to Cesar Chavez. He was the founder of the United Farm Workers
union. When Chavez said “Si, se puede,” he meant
something very different: “Yes, we can… seal the borders.” Cesar Chavez hated illegal immigration. He was Hispanic, obviously, and definitely
on the left, but he fought to keep illegal Mexican immigrants out of this country. He understood that peasants from Latin America
will always work for less than Americans will. That’s why employers prefer them. Chavez knew that. “As long as we have a poor country bordering
California,” he once explained, “it’s going to be very difficult to win strikes.” In 1969, Chavez led a march down the center
of California to protest the hiring of illegal immigrant produce pickers. Marching alongside him was Democratic Senator
Walter Mondale, and the Rev. Ralph Abernathy, the longtime aide to Martin Luther King. Ten years later, Chavez dispatched armed union
members into the desert to assault Mexican nationals who were trying to sneak across
the border. Chavez’s men beat immigrants with chains
and whips made of barbed wire. Illegal aliens who dared to work as scabs
had their houses fire-bombed and their cars burned. Chavez wasn’t embarrassed about any of this. He bragged about it. No matter. Chavez remains a progressive hero. President Obama declared his birthday a commemorative federal holiday. It’s an official day off in half a dozen
states. There’s a college named after him, and dozens
of public schools. Cesar Chavez’s life is a reminder of how
much the left has changed—and how quickly. Until recently, most Democrats agreed with
Chavez. They opposed unchecked immigration because
they knew it hurt American workers. And they were right. One study by a Harvard economist examined
the effects of the mass migration of Cuban refugees to this country in 1980—the so-called
Mariel boatlift. He found that American workers in Miami with
a high school education saw their wages fall by more than thirty percent after the refugees
arrived. If you believe in supply and demand, this
is not surprising. After the fall of Saigon in 1975, Democratic
Governor Jerry Brown opposed letting Vietnamese refugees into California on the grounds that
the state already had enough poor people. As he put it at the time, “There is something
a little strange about saying, ‘Let’s bring in 500,000 more people’ when we can’t take
care of the one million Californians out of work.” First term Senator Joe Biden of Delaware agreed;
he introduced federal legislation to curb the arrival of the Vietnamese. Two decades later, leading Democrats were
still wary of mass immigration, especially illegal immigration. As Bill Clinton put it in the 1995 State of
the Union address, “…Americans… are rightly disturbed by the large numbers of
illegal aliens entering our country. The jobs they hold might otherwise be held
by citizens or legal immigrants. The public services they use impose burdens
on our taxpayers.” No prominent Democrat would say anything like
that today without being denounced as a racist. Clinton got a standing ovation. As late as 2006, there were still liberals
who cared about the economic effects of immigration, legal or illegal. “Immigration reduces the wages of domestic
workers who compete with immigrants,” explained economist Paul Krugman in the New York Times. “…We’ll need to reduce the inflow of
low-skilled immigrants. Mainly, that means better controls on illegal
immigration.” That same year, Senator Hillary Clinton voted
for a fence on the Mexican border. So did Barack Obama and Chuck Schumer and
23 other Senate Democrats. Not anymore. Twenty years after Bill Clinton told Americans
they had the right to be upset about illegal immigration, his wife scolded the country
for enforcing border controls. So, what changed? Not the economics of it. The law of supply and demand remained in effect. It’s not a coincidence that as illegal immigration
surged, wages for American workers stagnated. What changed is that Democrats stopped caring
about those workers. About the middle class, really. Why? Here’s the answer, in four simple facts. One: According to a recent study from Yale,
there are at least 22 million illegal immigrants living in the United States. Two: Democrats plan to give all of them citizenship. Read the Democrats’ 2016 party platform. Three: Studies show the overwhelming majority
of first-time immigrant voters vote Democrat. Four: The biggest landslide in American presidential
history was only 17 million votes. The payoff for Democrats: permanent electoral
majority for the foreseeable future. In a word: power. That’s the point, no matter what they tell
you; American workers be damned. I’m Tucker Carlson.

100 thoughts on “Illegal Immigration: It’s About Power

  1. How little the average American knows about Cesar Chavez. He was anti-illegal immigrants. If he was alive he would be supporting Donald J Trump.

  2. The difference between Conservatives and Liberals is Libs are always emotionally reactive. Most of their political beliefs stems from a feeling of trying to white knight – or be accepted as being progressive and "forward thinking" . Half of the liberals ive met are actually extremely offensive, racist and dare I say "triggering". Liberals like to feel like they are more virtuous and if you arent the same then youre either racist, homophobic, transphobic, misogynistic, etc..
    I encourage everyone to read passage John 15:18-25.

  3. Los progres de EEUU aprendieron sobre clientelismo observando a la Argentina peronista. Nosotros ya estamos hundidos en esa bosta desde hace más de 70 años.

  4. Illegal aliens are DEATH to AMERICA…COMMUNIST DEMOCRATS…THEIR DESIRE FOR POWER at the expense of American citizens‼️

  5. Democrats and all their radical minions want to remake this country's image,demographics and ideology,culture molded to their own agenda.They believe that the poorer and dumber their country's demographics has become it is more likely easy for them to control everyone and impose their masters' oligarch agendas. KAG 2020!

  6. I'm an illegal, and I voted for Trump twice. I just told them I was voting for Clinton and they said I don't need ID

  7. If some one beat people and set fire to thier homes in today's world it would not help .so why do you word it like that in these times?

  8. Can come to United States illegal but become legal when be in United States ?
    I want away from islamic regime, I hate islam my country makes terrorism and kills people for islam I am atheist and want away from islamic law. Please help.

  9. The weak crave control, of others, and over themselves by others. The strong crave freedom. Theres far more weak people than strong people. And so on.

  10. I recall another story of a family illegally crossing a border to flee violence in their homeland. In fact they made a Broadway musical about it, called the Sound of Music. Funny I don’t hear much from the Trumpers complaining about them.

  11. so why not punish the american employer for denying american workers to have a job with american wages. wouldn't that be an easy way stop illegal workers from receiving jobs that legal workers could have? or is the problem american standards of living are too high thats why people from other countries are willing to work cheaper and harder; or maybe the problem is that employers, lenders and share holders need to be content with lower profit margins so that american workers can have these jobs with american pay and benefits. no its not just about power, unless you mean power as in profits. the PLAYERS on BOTH sides, left and right, are concerned with power = profits = power, and the pawns be damned.

  12. The problem sensible and fair minded people have is the Left preying on stupid people they tell them everyone that doesn't agree with them is nasty selfish a bigot a racist a facist. They are doing their up most to scare people from thinking.

  13. The Democrats paint Republicans as monsters. But in reality, the Democrats are giving the illegals so many amenities to ENSURE they vote blue (I guess some of them can be smart). The Republicans just don't want the massive flow of illegal immigrants, because it will lead to inflation. Just take one long look at California's current state, high housing expenses, homelessness, public drug use, also the recent return and mutation of an old disease called Typhoid. I'm living in Bakersfield and let me tell you, spending most of June in a car is not fun. I'm black as well, so go figure eh?

  14. Immigration in general is all about power. Demographic voting patterns show non-whites overwhelming vote Democrat. Close the borders and end immigration

  15. The subtle approach is to go "cashless" on the payroll side. No National Insurance Number no job. If there's no job, people baulk at coming over. Singapore goes one step further which is heat-seeking people radars in the Straits, which would be ideal in the English Channel. And as Brits invented radar, it would be useful between the EU (which wants to move people out at all costs to Britain as part of George Soros "Open Border" campaign), and a nation which knows France is safe (and plentiful).

  16. how can we fight this, it just seems like an unstoppable wave, if the democrats get power, our freedom's are gone, they will have unlimited illegals voting for them.

  17. Tucker so right ! All about power . Illegal immigrants you are just a piece of chess for democrats use you for power .. Asian for Trump !

  18. Wooaaaah what? I did not know that Chavez beat illegals. I was never taught such a thing before, if anything the schools I attended glorified him as a peaceful protester who started the "Si se puede" stuff as a slogan for a strike campaign set up by grape farmers. It's not that I disagree with Tucker but I genuinely want his sources because if this is true then my last name is something to not be so proud of lmao. I don't like illegal immigrants but I atleast think they deserve a better fate such as deportation or a quick death unlike what Chavez did.

  19. That's y I love Tucker Carlson. No matter what he'll always be the smartest guy in the room. In any debate he comes packin'. You can't cuck the tuck.

  20. Can anyone PROVE Ann Coulter's Statements Wrong Below from book "Adios America" :
    "America is not a “nation of immigrants,” it is not an “idea,” it was never “diverse,” and “diversity” is a catastrophe."

    "If America were an “idea,” every country on earth could be America. Electricity is an idea. The airplane is an idea. Washing with soap is an idea. That’s why other countries have been able to adopt those innovations. No other country on earth has been able to approximate America — except our fellow Anglo-Saxon nations…"(Ann Coulter, Adios America, 2015, page 51)

    "America is not a mere landmass — otherwise, the Indians would have written the Declaration of Independence and put a man on the moon. Far from discovering America, Indians didn’t even detect America. There was no America until the British and Dutch arrived. They were not “immigrants” because there was no established society for them to move to. Without the white settlers, what is known as “America” would still be an unnamed continent full of migratory tribes.."(Ann Coulter, Adios America,2015, p.51)

    "Every single president, except Kennedy, was a Protestant. (Recent Democratic presidents were, of course, atheists, but all except JFK professed to be Protestants." (Ann Coulter, Adios America,2015, p.53)

    "For one hundred years before the signing of the Declaration, and one hundred years after, America was extraordinarily un-diverse in ethnicity (British, Dutch, West African, and Germanic), in religious practice (overwhelmingly Protestant, 98 percent Christian), in language (English), and in cultural mores…….And the country remained overwhelmingly Anglo-Saxon and Protestant right up until Teddy Kennedy decided to change it." (Ann Coulter, Adios America,2015, pp.53,54)

    "Contrary to PC nonsense about America being a “diverse” melting pot, America has never been a “nation of immigrants.” Most Americans have always been born here. Even as late as 1990 — a quarter century into Teddy Kennedy’s scheme to remake the nation — half of the American population traced its roots to the black and white populace of 1790.(9)"

    "Nearly the entire white population of America from 1600 to 1970 came from a geographic area of the world about twice the size of Texas. The entire black population came from an area of West Africa about the size of Florida."

    "Until Teddy Kennedy struck, America was never less than 99 percent white Western European and West African black.(10) That’s “bi-racial,” not “diverse.”" (Ann Coulter, Adios America,2015, p.54)

    "Two centuries after the first Europeans settled America, the white population was 80 percent British and 98 percent Protestant.(12) A century after that, the populace was still overwhelmingly English-speaking, British, and Protestant, but, for an exciting change, also included Germans and Scandinavians.(13) The colorful immigrants at the turn of the nineteenth century were wildly different from the original settlers in the sense that they were white people from a different part of Western Europe." (Ann Coulter, Adios America,2015, p.55)

    "The entire time it was processing immigrants from 1892 until 1954, Ellis Island received only 12 million immigrants.(15)" (Ann Coulter, Adios America, 2015, Page 56)

    Can Anyone Prove the Above Statements Wrong from a book called: "Adios America" ?

  21. So the demacrats changed there way of thinking so they could take over the country why can't we disbanded the Democratic party all together after all George Washington said that we shouldn't have more then one political party so why don't we just stop the Democratic party destroy them before it's too late

  22. There would be no third world invasion of the Christian West without Jews. Search YouTube for "Barbara Spectre Sweden." Refer to Emanuel Celler and Jacob Javits. Dr Kevin MacDonald assiduously documented in his book Culture of Critique, Jews’ ceaseless subversion from the moment Jews got off the boat to make America and every other Christian western country into white minority countries. Jews are so keen to impose limitless non-Western, non-Christian immigration on the Christian West while demanding Israel be a Jewish-only, ethnic-cleansing Apartheid state, that Jews should share in the fruits of their invention of multiculturalism.

  23. The Mariel paper has been revised based on the result being predicted by a change in how the sample data was collected:


  24. I love PragerU video … We use their videos all the time and supported them too. They know how to twist history and tells us half true half lies Let me ask you this are the Navajo, Cherokee and Sioux. Just to named a few illegal immigrants ?… and what is hispanic or Latino o American? Is there any difference? Or who were the native of America? When they were before us? Who are illegal in stolen lands? ..

  25. Prager U (and Epoch Times, that i keep getting ads for) can suck it. Sure, free speech (opinion) blah…blah…blah… but they skew facts and spew propaganda. They (+FoxNews+the Blaze+etc.) are the fake news. Get your head out of your ass people.

  26. My brother had a carpet laying business in the 90s and was making decent living at $300 a day when the illegals came in and worked for $10 an hour he could not compete. He not only lost his business but he lost his home as well.

  27. Ilegal immagration is about bringing your Replacements and New Masters Islam and Sharia law because you Refuse to Breed and have children so you are Extinct and Must be Replaced Invaded and Conquered by Islam and Sharia law your choice your fault enjoy your demise foolish mortals

  28. American Citizens birth rates dropped again in 2017 from 1.3 Extinction levels to just .7 beyond Extinction levels while Muslims birth rates are steady at 8.8 Children per wife as Muslims refuse to use birth control and abortion so they are your Replacements and New Masters Islam and Sharia law your choice your fault

  29. Get the liegalls out of our country, should have used real bullets, instead of rubber ones,if Trump gets 4 more yrs, I say he should spend that 4 yrs DEPORTING THEM, SHOT TO KILL !

  30. It’s obvious Democrats will do anything to be in power. No matter what it does to our country. Just look at the last two years.

  31. "Yes we can…" be sent to Mexico and see how they like it. People waving foreign flags on my country's soil really incenses me.

  32. I wish I could "Thumbs-up" 100 times (or more). The Left in America will kill this beautiful country. Praying for Prager U to win Parker v YouTube!

  33. Whenever Carlson interviews someone, he always looks like he lost faith in humanity by the sheer stupidity of leftists.

  34. It's about votes, and it illegal is already illegal, so they have no problem with voting 20 or 50 times. Just because something is hard to prove does not mean it isn't happening, that's why the Democrats fight so hard against better election security!

  35. I find it amazing that I posted this on Facebook, twice, and it doesn’t show up. More censorship? The left can’t handle the truth.

  36. We need a rat purge both 4 footed & 2 footed rats. DemonRATs denizens of evil serving their Lord Beelzebub while servicing his demons.

  37. One suggestion: Instead of saying "If you believe in supply and demand" you should say "If you UNDERSTAND supply and demand". Supply and demand isn't a faith-based teaching that requires belief. It's a demonstrable phenomena that only requires instruction and understanding.

  38. illegal's should live with protesters . let them pay for the families not tax payers . lets see how mich they love them . dont push on us we have our own problems and its the protesters ..

  39. Poor poor misguided fools. The reason illegal immigrants work for less is because Americans feel entitled. They do the jobs that white Americans refuse to do, or for the amount of money. Instead, we would rather take government handouts in way of food stamps and welfare than do, what we see as demeaning labor. If we lock the borders and remove the illegal immigrants, our economy will fail almost immediately. Instead we need to remove income tax and state tax, have solely a sales tax. This sales tax will have to be hefty, but it eliminates the argument of illegals not paying taxes.

  40. Tucker Carlson. Brave, intelligent, sensible, and constantly asking the question 'wtf happened to America ? '. Not a direct quote, but no 4-letter expletive is strong enough to cover the debacle, and the lies.

  41. It lowered our wages, but it also lost Americans their jobs that were taken by the invaders. I know, I lost my job and so did 6 others I worked with to illegals.

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