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If You Get One of These Messages, Delete It Immediately!

If You Get One of These Messages, Delete It Immediately!

*Bright Side* If You get this Message Delete it Immediately Do you Have WhatsApp on your Smartphone? If so, you are one of the 1 Billion People who live in 180 Countries and Chose WhatsApp as their communication platform. Free Calls and Messages, Photos Videos and Documents Exchanged What can be wrong with it? Well, Scammers Also like the most Popular Messaging Application in The World and They Have Their Own Reasons Every Once in A while they Came up with a new Fraud Strategy Affecting WhatsApp users they Misuse the App to Spread Scams Viruses and Hoax messages with Such A large amount of People who love and trust the App They Actually Have A very High Chance of getting A Huge Profit out of it Brightside Does not want you to be one of Those People who, Fall prey to online Scammers in fact We want to stop it all Together and you Can Contribute by not Only Watching this Video Yourself? But Sharing it With your friends and Just Everyone you know Watch This Video Till The end To find out What dangerous Message you Should delete Immediately and how to protect Yourself from Whatsapp Scams Give Us a thumbs Up if you agree it’s Important to stay Alert to Keep your Smartphone and Bank Details Secure and it’s Nearly ten Years of History WhatsApp has Become A target of Scammers Quite A few Times If You have Been With it for a while you Probably Remember some of them in Spring 2016 for example WhatsApp users, were Invited to download the exclusive Version of the App Called Whatsapp Gold it Promised Future Users the Ability to send Hundreds of Pictures at Once Mo G’S Video Calling and super Security Features Scammers Said this App Had Been Previously Available Only to Celebrities so Those who wanted to join the high society Followed The Link to the download Page on the App Website and Got Their mobile’s infected With Malware That Malware Could Steal Data and Track Movements and Activity of Those using it Later The Same Year Scammers Sent out Messages Offering 100 Great Britain Pounds Around 100 $30 Gift Vouchers for Sands Berries A Chain of Supermarkets in The Uk messages, Had Malicious links in Them Following Which Helped criminals to Collect personal Data Install Tracking Cookies and Advertising Browser Extensions to the Victims Phones Now Please Pay Close Attention to what we are About to tell you if you get the Following message via WhatsApp Delete it Immediately and don’t do what it wants you to your Subscription has Expired To verify your account and Purchase a lifetime Subscription For Just Point 99 Great Britain pounds Simply Tap on this Link it might be put Into Slightly Different Words but the Idea Remains the Same WhatsApp wants you to Pay for using it and it is Officially a scam We know you want to Keep WhatsApp on your Phone and you might be okay With Paying That Little Amount of Money for the Joy? Of it but Please don’t do it Instead Disregard the message delete it and Block the Center Why do Many People believe it because if You have been using WhatsApp for A few Years you Probably remember There used to be A Subscription Fee of Around 99 Cents However After WhatsApp Had Been Purchased by Facebook it Became free it is so since January 2016 and it is Unlikely to change Anytime soon Why is Following the Link Dangerous you might Think Paying Those 99 Cents Is not going to do much Harm to your Budget Well it Is not what the criminals Actually want from you? They Are after all the Money you have on your Bank account if you follow the link in the Message You will be Asked to Update your Payment Information if you do so you voluntarily Hand over your Bank Account to criminals it sounds Terrible Right the good News is you Can Protect Yourself from all this by Following some Easy Tips First here is what WhatsApp Itself recommends You Should Look out for the Following Points when you suspect a fraud The Center is Reassuring you he is Affiliated With WhatsApp The Message is Telling you it Afford it to others The Message Claims That if You Forward it you Can avoid Account Suspension and other Types of Electronic punishment The Message Promises you a reward or gift from WhatsApp or other Companies Moreover We have put Together A list of Five Things you Should Keep in Mind not to become a victim of Whatsapp Fraud? Number Five WhatsApp is free and it Does not want you to Forward messages to other People 99% of The Messages you are asked Afford in WhatsApp are Spam We often do it because it Is a Matter of Seconds However Forwarding A message Cannot do Anyone much good except for the Scammers A famous WhatsApp hoax Made People Forward A Certain Message to ten other users Saying they will be free from new Subscription Fees if They do it just Think of it How Can Forwarding Messages save a Company from the Financial Crisis if There is ever a subscription fee Everyone will have to Pay it No Matter if You Forward Messages or not Some Scammers go Creative and invent new Apps Founders Names They send Messages on Their Fake behalf Some David Dee’s Sure Tech for example used to threaten to deactivate all inactive users to Make Room for new efficient subscribers People Were Promised They Would Remain free users and Get the App Icon Change color Into Blue Or red if They informed ten Others on Their Contact List The Matrix Is everywhere Real WhatsApp Management never Wants you to Afford Anything Remember Number Four Never Click the links and WhatsApp messages Forward to you Without Double-Checking Even if it comes from A known Research If the Company that is Offering you an Amazing Deal and What’s that message sounds Familiar to you there’s a good chance the Scammers know it as Well in Other Words They might use that? Company’s Name to Make it Look Legit and have you follow the link Trusting the Name it might be Real Though to find out if It is so simply Google it Only Believe official Company Websites Or even Make a Phone Call to be Sure Chances Are you will find Many similar requests or News of Scam online Number Three You Receive an official Message from WhatsApp confirm its Authenticity with them The Best way to stay away from Hoax Messages from WhatsApp and viruses is to check with them you can Describe your Problem in The Contact us tab Or use the Contact email at Their official Website WhatsApp is also interested in Becoming a safer place so that they will Appreciate your Contribution to Fighting Scammers Number Two messages from Unknown People With downloadable Content from Unknown Are Likely to be infected Do you have Spam Protection and Antivirus Installed on your Smartphone if you Don’t it is a great Idea not to download Anything Which Comes from a link in a whatsApp Message Such Content will eat up your mobile Data Take up your Smartphone Space and it Can even get, Access to your personal Data the Best and Only Safe Place to get a Valid App is App Store or google Play Store Number one if You are unsure if The Message you receive is real Or has safe Content but it Comes from someone you know cross check with them Today Many of Us find it Easier To click or do Whatever the message is telling you than to talk to the sender this Is How Fraud Chains Grow so before Taking Any Action Talk to the Person who sent the message to you ask Them if They Really sent you the message or? Forwarded it Without Checking the Source While Whatsapp is doing its best to create and ensure a safe Communication Space Some Scammers Still Manage to Break Their defense so the Best Thing you can do is Stay Alert and Follow These simple Rules Let Us know if You like this Video hit the Easy and Safe like Button safe you Can, trust Us Subscribe to our Channel to join us on the Bright Side

100 thoughts on “If You Get One of These Messages, Delete It Immediately!

  1. I just use iMessage 😐 or messenger. Why get an unnecessary app when you can get texts, calls, and video chat in one app

  2. This is Jeffery he is about to click WhatsApp gold
    To stop him like bright sides video

  3. Pffff who would give someone else lot amount of money 😂😥😆😆🤦‍♂️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  4. K so if this happens there is another solution
    Just text all the curse words in the English language.

  5. I only check links about wishing independence days , new year's , or birthdays . Who also check only these links hit like

  6. It was funny so my mom got this random number and the person said HELLO WOULD U LIKE TO BUY SOMETHING then I’m like NO IMA KID Y U BULLIN ME XD

  7. How about about not using the app, at all? It sends a clear message to service providers to improve security and reduce advertizing. In the fast-paced world of today, few people consider the benefits of psying for a few excellent, safe applications, rather than wading through junk and risking identity theft and spying.

  8. It happed my friend forward the message u can change the collor of whasApp and to sent it to 10 people and i dident sent it
    Because it was like weird i deleted it but i got it again and same with my friend

  9. Couple things to clear up. Viruses are extremely unlikely on iOS devices. Anti viruses are not needed on an iOS or android device, because even Android has built in protection. And it’s just common sense to not click on random links.

  10. If u see that message just say hey do u want some money and then call the police to camp he/she and when they come the scammer gets arrested

  11. I never got a message, but I have gotten calls from scammers.
    …. I May have lost some money to scammers.
    Once I got A Hangouts Call To Give Money.

  12. Omg thank you my friend always sends chains. I was bout to click on one till it looked like the one in the thumbnail. I looked for this vid and it saved me. I shortly after texted my friend to ask if she opened it before sending it and she didnt. I texted her not to do it but it was too late.. She came to me in school the next day and said she opened it and got a virus.

  13. The easiest way is to tell WhatsApp to make an update that checks links are they infected when they are infected it makes a sound that is infected and when it's not it makes a sound that is safe

  14. BRIGHT SIDE, My mother's phone had sent a weird messenge about this "SOS" Thing. We were on a concert so she wouldnt have typed in. Please help us.

  15. If a friend stops messaging you for a long time and later then sends a message containing a link, or if it doesn't, if it influences you to do bad stuff, such as suicide, it means your friend stopped using your messaging app and got hacked! Be cautious when on the Internet, a comment like this one could be a scam!

  16. My sister keeps getting these messages for somebody named "Niomo" but each message has a different last name and they are always like, phone bills or just messages

  17. It's really because one day one nuber who I didint now mesage methis:This is for My best friend and send me a link . I block that number.

  18. And thats why i dont have WhatsApp WAIT NOW SCAMMERS KNOW THAT I DONT HAVE WHATSAPP frick me WAIT I CAN DELETE IT ALL ahh why not

  19. Somebody sent me a link and I didn’t know what link it was so I clicked it but then checked on YouTube if it’s a scam or if it works to get a free dominos but turns out it can HACK my account! so I guess she wanted me to get hacked and I have Roblox for like 4 or 3 years so yea how I almost got hacked and I’m guessing scammed…..

  20. I legit just downloaded WhatsApp

    But luck ily I have a anti virus app that is verified and it's made by my carrier and I'm an expert on viruses so yeah I don't believe 3.99 quarters of the time and I'm also good at looking at links and what they look like and do depending on the letters and such

    Also why would you believe Amazon is sending you free coupons I've gotten this pop up from YouTube legit like 5 times and it was like • congrats you have earned a free 1,000,000 gift card for target just answer these questions•
    Yeah I never believed it.

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