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If Superstore Ads Were Honest – Honest Ads (Target, Walmart Parody)

If Superstore Ads Were Honest – Honest Ads (Target, Walmart Parody)

hey what’s up world I’m Roger and I own far too many companies so I’d like to give back but I’d like to give back in a way that still makes me money so I can buy stuff because we all want stuff we all need stuff and you can get any stuff you wanted Rogers item cube my big box for buying stuff in don’t worry we have got most stuff need a cup we have more than one kind power tool sure toys guns cribs we’ve got it all you want to get an eye examined by a trampoline depending on your location I can make it happen because instead of carving out my own segment of the American consumer market I decided to say screw it let’s just be everything this way instead of running just one mom-and-pop shop out of business we can run them all out of business under the guise of capitalism and healthy competition bathmat cellphones greeting cards literally anything of which you could think we’ve got racks and racks of Shame fabric designed to hide the disgusting human body and style but not too much style here this is merely fine right sure yeah hold if you don’t like it don’t worry it’s not built to last very long yes he was made bite well I don’t want to use the word slaves because it’s not correct what employs is a bit of a stretch too let’s say it was just made by people getting paid a small amount of very little money to make these garments quickly and if necessary poorly I know what you’re thinking you’re worried about losing jobs but jobs are just one of the many stuffs that you can get it my item cube oh sure we won’t start you out on a living wage or work our way up to a living wage but we will offer a wage competitive with the equally low wages of other item cubes out there even better for me we’ll make sure most of our employees stay part-time so that we don’t ever have to give them benefits which if you ever got them aren’t very good it doesn’t sound like a very good job actually yeah you know what we should form all unions that’s right no unions please I say please as a courtesy if you try to form a union we’ll probably shut down the entire store I mean Google that we do that we also shut down our stores sometime if there’s a little too much crime for our tastes you can google that too super stores like ours show up in towns where all needs are met and then we run every local shop out of business with our competitive prices and then when we’re the only game in town we just leave if it becomes hard because of either unions or crime or you know whatever what happens to the town why don’t we leave questions like that to the philosophers because it has a direct impact on it the point is we’re going to come to your town and ruin every business that isn’t ours so you better play nice with us or else we’ll leave after we’ve never stated everything depriving you of jobs and other use of all that stuff you want to buy and nobody wants that right we want well-paying jobs and quality goods so come on down to Rogers Artem – we’ve got it all all that stuff come buy it from me hey we’ve got a pizza barn up in here you up just awful go get me a coffee a dog bed and some Legos anyway I’m still Roger and a hell I’m running for president too because well good I guess [Music] thanks for watching if you want to subscribe hit the big C in the middle and if you want to watch more videos like honest ads hit one of the boxes to the right be sure to hit the notification bell Veloso YouTube will notify you when we have a new video

100 thoughts on “If Superstore Ads Were Honest – Honest Ads (Target, Walmart Parody)

  1. Dont blame this on WalMart; Sears (& Roebuck) was doing this AGES ago. Montgomery Wards, Kmart… They ALL would be doing EXACTLY what WalMart does (if they had emerged victorious)… It's all about capitalizing (as in capitalism )… Look at our president; that shyster parlayed his role on a reality show into the most powerful office on the planet. It's ALL about ferking the other guys before you get ferked.

  2. Honestly, just don't work at the place if it's that bad. Eventually they'll have to raise their employees pay or they get run out. stop complaining about problems everyday people created

  3. “Get an eye exam and buy a trampoline….I can make That happen!” Rotf….my eye doctor is inside a Walmart. I loathe WM but love my eye doctor! That said, I did buy dog food and toilet paper last week while waiting for the eye doctor. Ooops! I don’t shop Walmart or Target very often at all actually. And I’m not the Target Girl, either. “Google that….”.

  4. "You wanna get an eye exam and then buy a trampoline? Depending on your location I can make that happen!" It's like someone gave a lunatic a checkbook.

  5. My town has every big box store. Walmart, Target, Kroger, Sam's Club and Kmart before it shut down. There was a Mom and Pop store that owned every deli,bakery and the Small grocery store Wades Supermarket. It had 9 locations and the final one is about to close.

  6. Ridiculously accurate..I took over my parents mom & pop style shop after high school in the 90's..then walmart 7-11 Starbucks CVS pharmacy opened up all in 2 block radius..I closed my shop in 2016 after 36 yrs we've been there due 2 no buisness

  7. Roger for president……roger forgot to mention shut down a store then put homeland security inside it and store national guard goodies inside…..Oh, did I say that out loud….crap! I’m not answering my door.

  8. I wish you would have put after your purchase we will double check at the door in the lower-income neighborhoods just to keep you honest and if you disagree with our practice will keep you there for as long as we want haha Walmart's the greatest

  9. Hey Rodger you're so damn honest shooting everybody straight from the hip you should run for President we could use a honest one

  10. So if a superstore like this pops up in your town, get a job there and work to create a union? Then they'll fuck off.

  11. lets not forget the unfiltered dumping of toxic chemical waist into rivers by the businesses that 'employ' the not slaves that are making the cheap garments. (tanning and dyeing)
    …. oh right, we can easily shut our eyes on that because it only kills people far away in poor countries without proper regulations where that business became the most important part of the countries economy…

  12. Wal-mart actually makes you sign a waver when you start working there saying you understand that if you start a union they will fire you.

  13. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/union-walmart-shut-5-stores-over-labor-activism/

    they do close. because,you know. "we need to make money as well"

  14. And if they were honest we wouldnt have walmarts and targets anymore cause they run there employees out the door and do everything themselves without employees help

  15. The profanity at the end of these has no value. Isn’t funny. Overshadows the educational value. Gives deniers a cheap excuse to discredit the messenger. Facts and comedy, keep. The cheap profanity, lose.

  16. I got a few more ideas:

    – If Science Journals were honest
    – If Chinese Herbalists were honest
    – If massage parlours were honest
    – If The Peer Review process was honest
    – If Sports Betting was honest
    – If YouTube was honest
    – If The Military was honest
    – If Whitegoods stores were honest
    – If Amazon were honest
    – If Charity Organisations were honest

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