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If “Pharmaceutical Ads” were Real Life – Erica’s Movantik Moment

If “Pharmaceutical Ads” were Real Life – Erica’s Movantik Moment

hi I’m Erica and I take movantik for O.I.C. opioid-induced constipation Erica can’t poop hi I’m Erica, Hey Erica you doin that thing about how you can’t poop? Man
how embarrassing that must be since you’re a real person and not an actor
whoa I just got wicked deja vu anyway sorry
continue so I got fired from that construction job turns out Frank was
pretty pissed that they left all that stuff in the video
Erica’s cool though, but every week she takes these giant girthy turds, when I saw it
the first time I was like who left their bocce ball in the toilet turns out it
wasn’t a bocce ball, you ever seen “Night of the Lepus?” Like this, its crazy, I don’t
even understand how it’s possible, her butthole must just….. I used to run, I
loved it but a bad injury led to chronic pain
Erica’s full of shit that injury happened four years ago now she just likes
popping a vicodin and having a glass of wine before going grocery shopping but
you didn’t hear that from me, I’ll be right there Erica, hold on i’ll be right back
prescription opioids helped with the pain but left me constipated you guys
know me I mean I love coming up with nicknames for people who can’t poop, Erica’s
kinda hard though, I mean we got our “Air Wrecker” Erica, Eeeeerica, Erykah Badoo doo, Erican’t Poop, Ericain’t breath in here, Ericlogged the toilet again,
“the Scarlet Scatter,” “Poopy Woman” cuz she kind of looks like Julia Roberts, you
know, if she got hooked on pain pills or whatever. Fiber, laxatives, oatmeal, triple
chili cheese dogs, sugarfree gummy bears, hot pockets, I mean we got her one of
those squatty potties, I even tried scaring the shit out of her,
I jumped out and was like Christina Aguilera died!
still constipated…. finally I let it out come on Erica that’s totally
inappropriate for the workplace you know poop puns are why her husband left
her two years ago Well, I mean that and all the cats….nothing! That
was my movantik moment, let me tell you about Erica’s movantic moment, it smelled like two wet dogs eating microwaved fish at a carnival for feet, now she
spends more time on the pot than Tommy Chong, seriously it smelled like she died
five years ago he said movantik is specifically
designed for O.I.C. and can help me go more often you know
ever since she got on that moveantik she walks around here like her shit
don’t stink, but we all know that ain’t the case. Movantik may cause serious side
effects including symptoms of opioid withdrawal severe stomach pain and/or
diarrhea and tears in the stomach or intestine- wait did she just say tears in
the intestine? I just rather not poop tell your doctor about any side effects
and about medicines you take she always got shitty about me winning employee of
the month she’s always number two no I’m just
kidding I made those for the bit Movantik may interact with them causing
side effects, So I just looked it up and apparently movantik is like the same
thing they give heroin addicts for an overdose except it’s like directed at
your poop chute, you know that explains a lot
she has been screaming at me a lot more than usual lately. Let it out like I did, have
your movantik moment or try not to get hooked on your pain
pills and poop like a normal person but if you do.. come on try and move those turds
along, you’ll be singing to this crappy song, pull down your pants, stick out your tush,
spread your butt cheeks, give it a push With MovantiK you’ll be pooping a lot today.
Just wanted to say thanks for watching and a big thank you to our sponsors snow
globes snow globes are a wonderful addition to any family household we need
the money no what you need is self-respect we’re
not doing a snow globe commercial sponsored by snow globe now it’s
sponsored by clean that shit up how about that
I’ll get the mop.

100 thoughts on “If “Pharmaceutical Ads” were Real Life – Erica’s Movantik Moment

  1. Oh something's wrong? Here, take some pills. Wait, those pills caused a new problem? Here take more pills. Wait those pills caused a new problem? Here take….

    Cheers Mahk.

    Prescription drugs are the devil

  2. Phuckin A these are the funniest, best Gotdamm videos I've ever seen and hey……that means sumpin cuz I'm a 70 year old dude. BTW been poopin like champ me whole life and I take opioids daily for my painful hangnail on me big toe! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  3. it is so strange to hear: oh, well, i got this surgery and i take 4 years of opiods now in my mid 40s… no big deal….WHAT? in europe, you get opiods when you have cancer and nothing else helps… a strange concept.

  4. All joking aside, the constipation from opioids is very real. Opioids slow down or shut down your intestines or something. Earlier this decade, I was on percocet for a couple weeks following a surgery. And, after a few days, the constipation hit me. It was extremely painful. And eating fiber doesn't help. It just blocks you up more. I took senekot, and I was finally able to poop. If you are on opioids following a surgery, no joke, make sure you have senekot available in your house. Also, do not double down on eating fiber, it just makes things worse.

  5. "Opioids should be used responsibly and only when prescribed by a doctor unless your buddy has a few leftovers from his root canal." 1:14

  6. “Now it’s sponsored by clean that shit up. How ‘bout that?” —Mahk

    Love that you added that musical number from that ancient ass movie! Good job Mahk!

  7. I’m at work at my desk crying I’m laughing so hard. I can’t even eat my lunch! Any misspelled words are cause I can’t right see through the tears!! Too funny…I needed that!

  8. Now that’s weird, I made a colonoscopy comment ten minutes ago and this appeared in my recommended. Eye in the sky?

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