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If Milk Commercials Were Honest – Honest Ads

If Milk Commercials Were Honest – Honest Ads

If you want to grow up big and strong then buy my mammal utter juice products They won’t actually make you big and strong But we’ve been literally saying they’ll make your bones stronger for years and no one’s questioned it Yes in its runny liquid form this liquid Cow teat spray pairs perfectly with Everything from your high fructose flakes of corn to your sugary disks of fat, or just by itself Mmm So fresh you can still taste the animal milk sack that we squeeze this out of ,yes This nutrient-Rich ooze was meant for another mammal But will tell you it’s good for you by showing you that one athlete you like so much and put on glue that looks like milk on her upper lip right, athlete? Do you have this product? oh, what a slogan, and all those sugary treats wouldn’t taste good without my Solidified utter fat, that’s right most baked items fried items are generally cooked items use slabs of the Fattiest part of the cow goo or sometimes you spread it on top of the baked things once they’re done either way We make sure that you’re always eating it or you can have our aged cow Titty goop depending on how long we let it get moldy changes what kind of fancy block of solid Pus it becomes and If we can’t sell enough of it will sneak the excess into your food without you knowing it in fact We made it possible for us to sneak it into a ton of food with some fancy politics How do you think pizza companies made their crust taste better? It’s all thanks to us That’s right even if you don’t think you’re buying my goo. You’re buying my goo But you’re probably willingly buying my animal squishy glom because we crammed our utter goo agenda into your food Pyramid or plate or whatever nonsense picture you subscribe to to tell you how to eat? Healthy so you now think that you need this in your diet Once we’ve brainwashed you to add my gloopy animal squirts into your diet We’ve got you for good because these solidified, cow nipple drops are physically addictive That’s right when we mold our cow breast milk into these solid blocks of melty mush, it creates Casomorphins which is an opiate more addictive than morphine Which is good for us because if you really knew how we treat the cows, whose utter drops. We steal you wouldn’t buy it It’s horrifying and unhygenic and full of hormones and drugs and literal pus and animal abuse or maybe you do know all this, but you’re too addicted to my solidified blocks of fresh-squeezed mammal to care If it makes you feel better to pretend that the milk tastes better when the cows are happier We’ll show you a bunch of cows in a field, but that’s unrelated to our actual process so drink and eat my creamy goo that’s shot out of a larger animal stomach because look it melts which is somehow an appealing thing for eating that’s Right numb it up. I’m Roger by the way But you can call me the Milkman Thanks for watching if you want to subscribe hit the big C in the middle and if you want to watch more videos like Honest ads hit one of the boxes to the right be sure to hit the Notification bell below so YouTube will notify you when we have a new video See you next time

100 thoughts on “If Milk Commercials Were Honest – Honest Ads

  1. it's been 15 minutes since I am get to know about this honest ad list and now I'll try to give up most of them.

  2. I was recently sent for a first-time DEXA scan by my doctor, to measure the density of my bones. After examining the scan results, the medic told me that my bones were in excellent condition. 'You must drink a lot of milk', she smiled. 'No. I never drink milk', I said. 'And I was never given milk as a child.' ' Well' she said, 'you must eat a lot of cheese', 'No, I never eat cheese', I answered. 'Do you eat yogurt?' she asked. 'No' I told her. She looked confused, 'But then, how are your bones in such excellent condition?' 'I eat green vegetables every day' I told her. 'Oh' she said, 'Well, they're no good for bones. I recommend you drink a pint and a half of milk every day.'

  3. Milk is safe to drink. It is not like it is especially necessary but it is definitely not harmful when not overconsumed

  4. Glad I was raised on pure, raw, fresh cows milk. The only filtration system we had was a cloth to strain out big particles so you get all the good stuff that makes you grow and builds your immune system. Screw the watered down, preservative pumped crap they bamboozle people with in the stores.

  5. This is bullshit. Saying cow udder gloop a thousand times doesn't make it bad. Cow milk is a staple food. Has been for thousands of years and will continue to be. Why do you think cows are sacred in India? Not for their meat. Now, don't tell me that humans have got it wrong for so many centuries and this 'know it all' discovered the error in human ways with his genius brain. Of course, anything in excess is bad for health. If you eat 'udder gloop fats' day in and day out, you'll die sooner. That goes for everything. Anything in excess is bad for health….but to utterly disregard an entire food chain staple, just because this old shithead needs material for video…is bullshit.

  6. No actually more than milk I think it's the milk products like cheese, butter and other things that are artificially made that are unhealthy I think milk by it self is quite healthy although it's different story that when I was small and even uptill now I have never been found of plain milk 😅😂😂

  7. Aged cow titty goop

    Don't worry cheese, I still love you…
    Even if you are cow titty goop that was left to become moults.

  8. I rarely drink the cow udder juice, but I still like the flavour of the solid cow nipple droplets, especially Emmenthal and the one containing penicillin, because nothing makes you want cheese more, than mold that's already on it.

  9. people here are like "see this why i don't drink milk" while typing on their iPhone that was made by a 6 year old who already killed himself. Nothing is good for us. "As long as it can make somebody money it will be exploited" WE are here for a good time not a long time. drink milk or eat cheese if you want. because regardless if you do or don't. something else is being exploited daily and you use it all the time. Literally the only option you have to stop all this is to kill yourself and no longer be a consumer in anyway.

  10. Would love to see a 'if Roger Hornton's ' if commercials were honest ' were honest' video.
    Where does he get some of his outrageous claims? There are scientific studies that make all sorts of claims. Doesn't mean they are true.

  11. Thats true about the milk but… I thought cheese is okay to eat… What are we supposed to eat then? Just vegetables? Meat has either hormones or cholesterol

  12. whoever is reading through the comments, I want you to think about this on a broader scale. why has "food" been converted from it's natural form? because this system WANTS you to destroy yourselves. I GARANTEE that natural food will never bring you ill effects (unless poisonous). we eat this twisted version of food because it "tastes good." it's been carefully ENGINEERED to be that way. that's why most of you will get angry when reading this comment. you don't want to hear bad things about something that makes you feel good. but, I encourage you to THINK ABOUT THIS. processed food will almost always hurt your body. it's not meant to consume that shit! most iconic sweets such as Twinkies and Snickers have pure POISON and ACID that destroys your body from the inside!! this is not CONSPIRACY. it is FACT. and don't get me started on Coke and other shit. the human lifespan is so short these days because what we consume CONSTANTLY and SWIFTLY destroys our bodies. I am just as guilty of consuming this crap as you are. I am not greater that you.

    what's really absurd is that processed food doesn't even have to be this perverted and poisonous to our bodies! the vegan movement has shown us that a Vegan burger can be just as good as a fast food burger that is filled with fake meat. why do you think that vegan food is MUCH more expensive than poisonous shit?? because this system WANTS you to destroy yourselves. this isn't funny, it's not fake, it's not a conspiracy.

    I can't wait to face people that will denounce this comment. I truly can't wait.

  13. This guy Roger his acting is awesome!!! I could never say half that shit with a straight face. Lol. I love all his Honest Ads on here. Real messages. Great job.

  14. Just discovered these. Have watches about 6 and so far this has been the funniest.
    He was killing me with the multitudes of ways he said "consumption of mammal udder juice"

  15. after you watch all the mad videos, you can see that all anyone needs in life is to sit on a beach and sip water that runs down the rocks nearby since every other facet of life and existence is bullshit.

  16. Well I have my own cows make my own milk & cheese and it tastes so different! I reckon if most people drank real milk they won’t like it

  17. I have not had a glass of milk in 30 years.
    I dont think cheese it made with mammal squirts anymore, chinese plastic.

  18. How do we get cows milk? Simple. By getting cows pregnant all the time and then the baby calf is taken away from its mother after a day of life and we steal the mother's milk. That is how milk gets to your local store 365 days of the year every year.

    By the way if you consume milk you are likely over time to loss bone mass not gain it. This is because milk is acidotic and in order for your body to deal with all the acid it leeches calcium from your bones. It is no coincidence that the highest milk consuming countries in the world are also those with the highest rates of bone thinning related conditions. Also the adult human is not capable of processing the sugars in milk so it builds up in your body and never gets flushed out of your system. Look up Galactose which is a by product of lactose..

  19. How much pus is there in milk?

    Written By Michael Greger M.D. FACLM on September 8th, 2011

    In the new NutritionFacts.org video-of-the-day, I note that the antiseptics used to disinfect cow teats can provide a source of iodine, but have been found to boost the level of pus in the milk of cows with staph-infected udders. Today’s dairy cows endure annual cycles of artificial insemination, pregnancy and birth, and mechanized milking for 10 out of 12 months (including 7 months of their 9-month pregnancies). This excessive metabolic drain overburdens the cows, who are considered “productive” for only two years and are slaughtered for hamburger when their profitability drops, typically around their fourth birthday, a small fraction of their natural lifespan.

    Turning dairy cows into milk machines has led to epidemics of so-called “production-related diseases,” such as lameness and mastitis (udder infections), the two leading causes of dairy cow mortality in the United States. We all remember the Humane Society of the United States investigation showing sick and crippled dairy cows being beaten and dragged into the California dairy cow slaughter plant en route to the national school lunch program, triggering the largest meat recall in history. That loss of body condition is a result of the extreme genetic manipulation for unnaturally high milk yields.

    Because of the mastitis epidemic in the U.S. dairy herd, the dairy industry continues to demand that American milk retain the highest allowable “somatic cell” concentration in the world. Somatic cell count, according to the industry’s own National Mastitis Council, “reflects the levels of infection and resultant inflammation in the mammary gland of dairy cows,” but somatic cells are not synonymous with pus cells, as has sometimes been misleadingly suggested. Somatic just means “body.” Just as normal human breast milk has somatic cells—mostly non-inflammatory white blood cells and epithelial cells sloughed off from the mammary gland ducts—so does milk from healthy cows. The problem is that many of our cows are not healthy.

    According to the USDA, 1 in 6 dairy cows in the United States suffers from clinical mastitis, which is responsible for 1 in 6 dairy cow deaths on U.S. dairy farms. This level of disease is reflected in the concentration of somatic cells in the American milk supply. Somatic cell counts greater than a million per teaspoon are abnormal and “almost always” caused by mastitis. When a cow is infected, greater than 90% of the somatic cells in her milk are neutrophils, the inflammatory immune cells that form pus. The average somatic cell count in U.S. milk per spoonful is 1,120,000.

    So how much pus is there in a glass of milk? Not much. A million cells per spoonful sounds like a lot, but pus is really concentrated. According to my calculations* based on USDA data released last month, the average cup of milk in the United States would not be expected to contain more than a single drop of pus.

    As the dairy industry points out, the accumulation of pus is a natural part of an animal’s defense system. So pus itself isn’t a bad thing, we just may not want to have it in our mouth.

    And you can taste the difference. A study published in the Journal of Dairy Science found that cheese made from high somatic cell count milk had both texture and flavor defects as well as increased clotting time compared to milk conforming to the much more stringent European standards. The U.S. dairy industry, however, insists that there is no food safety risk. If the udders of our factory-farmed dairy cows are inflamed and infected, industry folks say, it doesn’t matter, because we pasteurize—the pus gets cooked. But just as parents may not want to feed their children fecal matter in meat even if it’s irradiated fecal matter, they might not want to feed their children pasteurized pus.

    -Michael Greger, M.D.

    PS: With my Fall speaking tour ramping up this week, I’m going to have to scale back to just a new NutritionFacts.org video every weekday given my unreliable internet access on the road. But do check back on weekends as I’ll post some of the most popular Q&A that accumulated throughout the week. If you start experiencing NutritionFacts.org withdrawal symptoms, get your fix with our 1,149 topic tag cloud.

    * According to the new USDA data, the American milk supply averages 224,000 somatic cells/ml (based on bulk tank samples taken from whole herds). Subtracting the 200,000 that could be present in nonmastitic milk and subtracting the non-inflammatory fraction (10%) leaves us with 21,600 neutrophils per ml, and multiplying that by the volume of milk in a cup (237ml) comes out to be about 5 million neutrophils per cup. Then it depends on the cellular concentration of pus. Pus usually has more than 10,000 cells/microliter, but “In purulent fluids, leukocyte count is commonly much lower than expected because dead cells or other debris account for much of the turbidity,” and so apparent “pure pus” may have <10,000 cells/microliter. Conservatively using what was described in the medical literature as frank pus (80,000 cells/microliter) and converting from microliters to drop (50 microliter/drop) would mean 4 million cells per drop. Assuming the excess neutrophils drawn to the infected udder are pus-forming, 5 million divided by 4 million equals little more than a single pus-drop per cup (though I guess that could mean as much as 2 or 3 per tall frosty glass).


    Michael Greger M.D., FACLM

    Michael Greger M.D. FACLM

    Michael Greger, M.D. FACLM, is a physician, New York Times bestselling author, and internationally recognized professional speaker on a number of important public health issues. Dr. Greger has lectured at the Conference on World Affairs, the National Institutes of Health, and the International Bird Flu Summit, testified before Congress, appeared on The Dr. Oz Show and The Colbert Report, and was invited as an expert witness in defense of Oprah Winfrey at the infamous "meat defamation" trial.

  20. I love milk. But I live in Canada. We don't use hormones and chemicals to grow cows. So our milk is way better than American milk. I love milk. And yes, I do have that product.

    Now goats milk, no thank you. Camel milk, seriously I'll be passing on that kife.

    I wish I had a cow.

  21. Milk isnt just disgusting, but the industry has systematically ruined peoples health by convincing them that one of the most harmful (at least for people above the age of 6 months) natural substances is somehow good for them. Lactose intolerance, gastritis, arthritis, ostheoporosis and many more are all (more or less) modern diseases that have been scientifically linked to milk only in the last couple of years, maybe decades. Yes, you heard that right, drinking milk turns your bones into dust!

  22. Terrible video. Milk is one of the best foods. What's bad is company practices, which I thought would be the subject of the video, but it turned out to be a vegan propaganda joke.
    This series dropped in quality. It used to be informative, but now it's trying to survive by being all fluff (i.e. just funny) with no substance.

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