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If Ads were Added to Minecraft

If Ads were Added to Minecraft

Hey noob! I bet you can’t beat me in a battle!>:D Yush i can! Yush i can! Hahahah! Do you really think you stand a chance?! WHAT WAS THAT?! A STUPID AD POPPED UP ON MY SCREEN AND I COULDN’T GET RID OF IT! I CAN’T BELIEVE I JUST LOST TO A NOOB WITH AN INK SACK!! Where do you think ur going?? I have to speak to Notch! Sorry. We do not allow guests without reservation. Notch! Why would you put ads in the game? I died because of one! WHAT?! JEB!!! Yeah? Why is this guy talking about advertisements? People are dying because of them! But it’s gonna make us rich! Players can even submit their own ads! 😀 ARE YOU SERIOUS?! WHAT KIND OF UPDATE IS THIS?! [MUSIC] [ mad jamming of keyboard ] Finally finished! This Ad is gonna change Minecraft forever! It’s revolutionary! I LOVE THIS UPDATE!! 😀 PEOPLE ARE FINALLY STARTING TO BUILD THE RIGHT WAY! And that’s why we should add toilets to Minecraft! What do you guys think? meh… i guess… idk… maybe… i want sinks I OBJECT! It’s a terrible idea! The worst! If you add it, everyone is doomed! This man… Believes toilets are the way to go… Well, he’s wrong! I’ll tell you why we shouldn’t! It’s because What in the world? Sorry, folks. I don’t know what happened. I think i was offered a discount… Pfft, yeah right! Get on with it! Oh, yeah right! So anyways, we should NOT add toilets! If we do, it could- [Booing of the crowd] Wait, guys! I don’t know what’s happening to me! I keep getting popups and th- lolol rekt I need to get out of here They’ll break in soon… lololol, that was so easy! Now they won’t bother me again! Take that! Try annoying me now! Maybe these ads weren’t such a good idea…

100 thoughts on “If Ads were Added to Minecraft

  1. You should do one with the bloop! If you don't know what is a bloop
    It is mysterious creature that the
    Scientists think that it is bigger than the blue whales

  2. O moj bože da li i ti pričaš srpski??? Majkumu videla sam danas RPWildCraft I ONA PRIČA SRPSKI!!!! 😨😨😨

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