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Idea Generation Techniques: How To Come Up With Creative Ideas

Idea Generation Techniques: How To Come Up With Creative Ideas

– Great ideas drive success. When we talk creativity, we always think of those
who dabbled in the arts, Leonardo da Vinci, or Picasso, but creativity also plays around in different parts of our lives, like science, technology or business, people like Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg are creative individuals
in their own right, their ideas have helped shape
humanity and the way we live. Idea generation is more science than art, the reason that many people are having difficulty
developing their ideas is because they’ve
brought into the principle that idea generation is innate, creating great ideas does not boil down into your type of
thinking, it’s a process, there are several key elements that can help you generate great ideas. ♫ I can’t stop (upbeat music) ♫ I can’t stop – Number one, look for inspiration. Often most ideas are not original, they’re the product of
someone else’s idea. Start by researching your competition, environment and trends, use
this as your ingredients to craft fresh, new concepts and explore. Disclaimer, I am not saying
copy them, that’s not cool and if an idea isn’t genuinely yours, people can see through it,
but it’s completely okay to be inspired by someone else’s work and see how you can borrow elements of it to create something of your own. Number two, brainstorming. This process involves consolidating a huge number of solutions
for a specific problem. The idea is to get people together and share their ideas
without fear of criticism. Sometimes you can come up
with the most silliest ideas but then they turn out to be gold. Number three, mind mapping. This is a graphical technique
for creating connections between various pieces
of information and ideas. To get started with mind mapping, right a keyword or phrase
in the middle of the page, then write anything that comes to mind after writing that word, make connections on
these different thoughts. Number four, reverse
thinking or re-engineering. Instead of thinking in a logical
sense or in a normal lens, challenge the existing status quo. Start from the overall
outcome you want to see and then work your way out to the solutions you need to
come up with to create that. Traditional idea generation is extinct and it’s time to be fun,
innovative, and creative. To create better ideas,
you don’t just need to think outside the box, you
have to act on it as well. Need creative guidance? A coach is a great way
to achieve your goals and make sure you’re on track. To help you come up with
great creative ideas, check out my free pdf on the Ultimate Content Share Worthiness Checklist. If you don’t know where to
source great ideas for content, you can also download my free guide on Content Curation for
Facebook and Instagram. This will help you easily look, post and manage curated content that will propel your
marketing to new levels. Thanks for watching,
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10 thoughts on “Idea Generation Techniques: How To Come Up With Creative Ideas

  1. I love when #askGaryVee does phone calls, I listen to the caller's question and try to cook up my own strategy before Gary gets his out, he usually beats me though 🙂

  2. Thanks for the tips. "What's your best strategy for getting your creative juices flowing?" Sitting outside a bar with an ice-cold beer or a glass of red wine in Italy, watching the world go by……and a pad and pen to jot down ideas….

  3. This is so cool, Marley! I'm a really creative person and as a result I have days when I can sit and think and think and nothing happens. Nothing at all. It's so frustrating when I have stuff to write and create but I just have to do something else until I'm feeling inspired again (usually the following day!). Great ideas 🙂

  4. Great video Marley. There really is no such thing as an original idea anymore. A lot of people hold themselves back because they think they need to be original. The lens we see the world through and how we interpret and explain things is what makes them original. I love the road mapping concept. Have you done this? Do you have any references for this?

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