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I Tried 4 Different Personalized Style Boxes

I Tried 4 Different Personalized Style Boxes

[Intro Song] Hello, friends and welcome to another video. This week, we’re gonna be testing out four different customized style boxes and seeing how well each of them recommend outfits to me. Now, I see subscription boxes, particularly “style” subscription boxes, advertised all the time online. And one of their most consistent selling points is that you’re gonna save a lot of time shopping because they’re gonna send you stuff you’re gonna love and you’re never gonna have to go to the store yourself again. Basically. It seems like you tend to either take some type of personalization quiz or communicate with a virtual stylist in some way, and then bada-bing bada-boom, five to seven business days later, you got a box with some clothes in it that you’re supposed to like. So I want to compare four of these style boxes that I’ve seen before against each other. [boxing bell] So the four boxes are going to be: Stitch Fix, Le Tote, Wantable and Trunk Club. So I’m gonna be ordering all four boxes today, and when they arrive, I’m gonna see what I got, if it was worth it, and if I like it. Okay. Let’s get started. So about a year ago, when I made my very first Facebook ad haul video, Stitch Fix was one of my Facebook ads on my feed, so I’ve ordered a style box from them before but I didn’t really get to like, go into detail with it in the video because it was like part of a bigger haul But… I’ve dabbled. Alright. So it says basically how it works is that you fill out a style profile, request a fix, and then (*hehe*) you get to keep what you want. So you have to remember to send the things that you don’t want back to them, which is the real rub because that’s… hard to remember, to be honest [laughs] So their style profile quiz has 51 questions, and it took me about 20 minutes to fill out. It’s got five different sections, and they start with a section about your sizes and proportions. I would say my arms are pretty long. My wingspan is identical to that of a turkey vulture. So I would say long arms: yes. The second section is about the shape of clothes you prefer. They call it fit/cut. I guess sometimes I’ll flaunt my arms. “Back”? I’ll say flaunt only for special occasions. I don’t like to wear special bras. I like to wear the same bras for years on end. I do wash them… sometimes. The third section of questions is about style, in which they show you a bunch of clothing layouts and you basically say if you like or don’t like them. Okay, I think this category is closest to my style. I see a decent amount of black and some boots, so I’m gonna say I love that one. Then they ask you how much you’d like to spend on the clothes, and then some last minute personal information like your occupation, and your Instagram handle. “Great job, Safiya! You finished your Style Quiz.” Thank you. I feel very accomplished. So I’ve scheduled my Fix. It’s gonna arrive on February 10th, and then we’re gonna open it up and see what’s inside. Alright, so the second style box we’re gonna do is Le Tote. I have never tried any of these other style boxes besides Stitch Fix before, but I think with Le Tote you rent the clothes, as in they like, send them to you, you wear them, and then you send it back. But I think you can also still buy the stuff if you really like it. And once you’ve returned your tote, they’ll send you your next one, so it’s kind of like old-school Netflix. Alright. So let’s build my style profile. So Le Tote’s quiz was a little bit shorter. It had 15 questions and it took me about eight minutes to fill out. The first set of questions were like multiple-choice image questions about which styles of different types of clothing I liked. Capes. I don’t have any capes but I would definitely wear a cape if the occasion called for it. Or even if the occasion didn’t call for it. I feel like if you give me a cape I will opt for cape, yes. Beyond that, they ask you what brands you like and your sizes, as well as your zip code presumably to account for your weather. Oh is that it? I thought it was gonna like, show me my forecast for some reason. I think they’ve just identified that it’s a warm place. And then at the end, you pick your monthly plan. All of which are more expensive than Netflix. One of the features of Le Tote is that you can go in and like, swap out some of the items if you want to, but I want to see what they’ve recommended to me based off of that quiz so I’m just gonna leave it as is. But just know that you *could* swap stuff out if you wanted to. Alright. So our third style box is Wantable. I have also never tried Wantable, but I think it’s similar to Stitch Fix. In that you take a quiz and then they send you a box of personalized clothes, and you keep what you want, and mail back the rest. Oh wow, they have a progress bar at the bottom. This seems like a long quiz. The first section asked me high level questions about my style. Like level of formalness, size, shape. I think I’m more of a pear. Not so much up top, a decent amount of junk in the trunk. Price preference… Is there someone who *prefers* to buy expensive stuff? And then the second section basically showed me images of clothes and asked me if I liked or didn’t like them. I do like knee-length *and* midi-length skirts, but someone should tell them that those two skirts are exactly the same length. “Which type of scarves would you like to receive?” I say infinity or bust, man. Get me an infinity scarf or give me nothing. This was a *very* long section. All right, I think we’re done with the quiz, finally. They say, “We have a Style Edit just for you. “You will only receive products that you love or like.” And I will not receive products that I dislike, a.k.a. bracelets and sweaters. [laughs] I have nothing against bracelets and sweaters. I just feel like I don’t wear them that much. Alright, so I’m gonna sign up now and order my–my box. Tote. I don’t know, they all call them different things. Alright, so let’s move on to our last style box which is Trunk Club? Which I’m pretty sure is a similar service to Wantable and Stitch Fix, but it’s owned by Nordstrom. Alright. Let’s get started. So the Trunk Club quiz had 34 questions and took me about 10 minutes to fill out. The first section was a series of images of outfit flat lays that I had to choose if I liked or didn’t like. Ooh I would wear that. I like that Bordeaux colored moto jacket. And then they moved into more general questions like which colors I don’t like, and which styles of clothes I do like. “Which is your preferred jean rise?” High rise, baby. Meet me at the navel. [singing] Meet me at the navel, yeah And then they also asked me how much I typically spend on clothes, where I usually shop, my sizes and my age. “What is this trunk for?” It’s mostly for like fun… and casual life. Does that make sense? Alright. So I’m gonna share these details with my stylist, and I’ve got one! They’ve assigned me one! Alright. I’m just gonna say, “Hi, Emily. Can’t wait to get my first trunk.” I hope she’s real. And I hope she texts me back. It would be sad to be ghosted by the stylist that I’m paying. Anyway. So that is style box number four. So next time you see me, I will have all of my four style boxes and we’ll see what’s inside and try it all on. See you in the future. Alright, so it’s a few weeks later and I finally have all of my style boxes here. We’re gonna start off with this one that I have right here, which is the Wantable box. Let’s see how many things they gave us and what they are. What is this? It’s kind of like a satin red tank top with some straps. I’ve also got this. Ooh, it’s an infinity scarf! Next up we have this blue top. It’s like a blue lacy top, and then we’ve got this navy blue like tunic top. They gave me some sort of dark wash skinny jeans. Here’s our first taste of black. It’s kind of like a suede look moto jacket. I really like that. And then the last item is this dark wash distressed pair of skinny jeans. Which looks pretty up my alley. I think we almost went from like, things that were least up my alley to most up my alley as we went through the box. So Wantable sent me seven items with an average price of $65 per item. And they give you five days from when you receive the box to send back the stuff you don’t like or else be charged for the whole thing. There was one mistake on the item sheet that I noticed. They say they gave me a crossbody burgundy bag for 60 bucks, but instead I have this green-fringed scarf. Well, we’ll have to talk to them about that. Out of the seven items, I think I want to keep two of them: The faux suede black moto jacket which I really really liked. It’s kind of stretchy. I think it’s faux suede. I don’t think it’s real suede uh… based on the price. And the also faux-suede green infinity scarf with fringes on it. I don’t know where all my scarves went. I think when I moved to Southern, California I put them somewhere and they’re gone. So I want to restart my scarf collection. I think a lot of the rest of the items were kind of like, close but no cigar The jeans in general were just sort of like, jeans that were similar to jeans I already have so I didn’t feel like keeping them. And as for the tops and the dress, they were cute and sort of my style in some ways, but mostly my problem with them was like fit and how they fell. Both of the tank tops just had a semi looseness to them and ended at a weird place. It’s just sort of like, right at the hips. I have a shorter torso and longer legs, so like maybe that’s what’s throwing it off? Maybe they’re just looking at my height and kind of like dividing it in half. And with the dress, I just never seem to have any luck with that shapeless shift style because I’m pear-shaped, so it always ends up cupping my butt. So like, you don’t have that cool like, loose… like, casual look. It’s a shift and then on the bottom, it’s a… badonk. So overall, I would say that Wantable did an okay job recommending things. so next up is our Le Tote box shall we see what’s inside our tote. I mean It’s a box, but we can call it a tote alright so the first item is blue and stripey It looks like it’s a wrap cardigan next up. We’ve kind of got a gray like workout Tank top followed by this Nike tank top another workout. Item interesting, and then we’ve got this Black dress. Oh just kidding. It’s a jumpsuit. It’s a black jumpsuit They also threw in a couple of jewelry pieces which are super cute actually! Glitz! Glam! Bling! …and then we’ve got this Paisley dress. Oooh! *distress, trying to get dress out of box* Maxi dress *Giggles* …and then the last item is this which is a scarf! It’s not an infinity scarf but it’s a scarf…which is okay. So Le Totes sent me eight items with an average price of 37 dollars per item but keep in mind that these are not new items We don’t have to buy anything but you can if you want to. Just keep in mind that you are still paying a monthly rental fee… no matter what. Out of eight items that they sent me I really really love this black jumpsuit, and I think I’m gonna keep it. It is a little more formal than I usually go, but like I feel like if I were invited somewhere I could wear this. I don’t usually get invited places, but I could go. In this. Emphasis on “if”. “IF”. So I was really impressed by the formal wear in this box, being the jumpsuit and the maxi dress and the jewelry, but the other stuff was kind of like… …random. Also, I wasn’t that psyched about getting workout gear in a rental box. I feel like in general I wouldn’t want to rent my workout clothes just for everyone else’s sake. I have quite a few tank tops that I work out in already and… none of them smell very good. But of course you can, if you decide to do this, customize your tote more than I did so you could sub some of the items out before they get to you. Alright. So next up is my Stitch Fix box. *The reveal* Taaaddddehhhhh! Boom! So item number one is this black floral tank top That’s not what I thought it would be when I saw it folded up. …and then we’ve got this stripey elbow patch sleeve sweater …and this sort’ve mauve opened back top This sort of like move open back top this oatmeal colored… cardigan? *Realization* cardigan! It’s a cardigan! …and then these blue jeans looks like sort of light to medium washed skinny jeans so stitch fix sent me five items with an average price of Fifty dollars per item and basically I have three days to send it back I think I can delay it to five days, but after that they’ll…. *Karate Chop!* Charge yeah, so from this box I would say that most of the items fit pretty well except for the placement of the elbow patches on the elbow patch sweater Oh wow they’re way off This is like a tricep patch So it doesn’t seem like they took the turkey vulture very seriously and overall I thought the items were mostly cute But not really me out of five things the only thing I would really consider keeping would be this Mauve long-sleeve top with like a little bit of an open upper back I actually think I said that I don’t like to show off my back which I don’t usually But this open back is not like too, too open…so I don’t really mind it and in general I love long sleeves, and I like how soft it is. Feel me! [Tyler} OOooOOo! [Safiya] Yeah! [Tyler] Yea I am going to steal that from you. The jeans weren’t bad But they just weren’t really anything new and I had the same cut Problem with the tank top that I did with the tank tops in the wantable Like it just hits me like right at sort of the widest part of my hip. [Tyler] They can’t account for your torso, Saf! [Tyler continued…] It’s just you’re lopsided Scandinavia legs. [Safiya] I’m too “Skandy” for them. *Singing* I don’t think you’re ready for this skandy…. I think I’m just a little bit confused where like my Style or like my answers to the quiz comes in with this box and something that stitch fix had that none of the other companies Had was access to my Instagram now to be fair I do sometimes Instagram random things for videos So maybe it wasn’t that helpful in terms of like getting my true personal style But I don’t think these items reflect my Instagram either unless they thought I would like a lengthy oatmeal cardigan because of this and finally Trunk club there seemed to be a lot of items in here, so I think we should just get crack-a-lackin’ and open it up Holy carp Batman. Oh, let’s go. It’s opening this way It’s like pirate treasure alright, let’s open the shoes first how about ooh All right, these look like black over-the-knee boots Oh, and these are like gray sneakers, so this looks like a black and white striped top And this is like a rose graphic crop top and then we’ve got these kind of shiny jeans this grey choker dress these light wash jeans and also these black jeans a see-through long sleeve top a velvet moto jacket a romper and a green body con midi dress Alright, I’m a little sweaty after opening all those things up Emily really did a number on this huh she was just like have it All so Trunk Club sent 12 items with an average price of $99 per item But the three pairs of jeans do hike up the average price a lot So if you don’t take those into account the average price is $70 per item They also give you five days to try everything on and return it before they charge you but if you want to return something After you get charged You can either drop them off at Nordstrom, or just send them back yourself So you’re not like super stuck with it if you accidentally forget to send it back I think that the styling of this box was definitely the closest to my personal style out of all of the boxes I tried I Think Emily the stylist a really good job of picking things that were both in my style arena But also a little bit outside of the box, which I appreciate it so out of 12 items I think I’m gonna keep four of them These stripy long-sleeve top with an asymmetric hem it’s kind of like lady beetlejuice the knit choker dress I don’t go out like dancing a lot to the club to the cub to the club But I kind of want to keep it because I feel good in it the see-through top I like the ruffle are right around the hand and also that you can barely see my hands and the gray sneakers Athleisure it’s what they say to me athleisure I might have kept the moto jacket But I had literally just gotten a moto jacket from wantable and that one was cheaper I also really liked the light wash jeans But the jeans in general were really pricey so I had to pass on them in fact I think the only thing I didn’t really like about this box was that the jeans were sneakily expensive alright So that was my style box haul I don’t think that I saved any time by doing this just because of the amount of like Returning things you have to do and also keeping track of time, but I think in terms of giving me clothes I would like Trunk Club is the only one that really nailed it I think that the litotes and stitch fix boxes were the most random though I will say that the stitch fix box that I got a year ago was better So maybe it was just an off box Wantable was kinda close ish but doubling back to their scarf bag mistake They did give me the price difference back so at least they fixed that so after all this I’m not sure that I would get another style box Just because I feel like it encourages Lukewarm buying because the styling fee applies towards the purchase of one item and the stuffs already in your house You might be inclined to keep something that you think is okay? Or you might wear even if you would never like actually go out and buy it for yourself So I’m not sure that this is actually a better use of money or time than actual shopping But if I were to do one again, I think I would go with Trunk Club Oh and for the record Emily didn’t ghost me. She emailed me back and told me that she wasn’t gonna Send me a scarf because I lived in LA and it was too hot for one so I think she likes me thank you guys so much for watching if you liked video make sure to Smash that like button and if you want to see more videos like this make sure to smash that subscribe button a big shout out To harmony for watching, thanks for watching harmony, and I will see you guys uh next time.

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