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I Started A Patreon (Paid Advertising With Me)

I Started A Patreon (Paid Advertising With Me)

Hi everyone, welcome back to YouTube Blast Off if you want to grow your YouTube channel Make sure you’re subscribed and click that Bell notification so you don’t miss anything Also, make sure to LIKE this video and leave a comment unless I’m doing a collab and all of my videos I always choose to comments to reward I’ll pin one comment to the top and one of the other comments I’ll feature that person’s YouTube channel in my end screen and let’s get started Hi everyone. So I decided to give patreon a try I get messages from people. Sometimes asking me about paid promotion or if I offer any paid promotion so I’ve done that here and there and I’ve done that before but I figured I’d give patreon a try as a way to do that. So First off this isn’t mandatory at all. I’m still gonna do everything the way I currently do it already I’m still gonna give shoutouts and promotions and pin comments and channels and my end screens and So nothing’s gonna change. I’m just adding this into the mix So I just want to go over the tiers with you that I’m gonna offer. So the first one is bronze. I Have 30 spots for that. It’s one dollar per month everyone in the bronze tier Will get their channel name and channel icon shown on my end screens So it’s this spot right you’ll get this right here a little screen capture of this so to be your logo and their name and how many subscribers you have so I’ll take a screen capture of this and it’ll be part of my end screen So everyone the bronze tickets that $1 per month 30 spots for that and The silver – you get everything from the bronze tier and in addition I’ll put a link to your youtube channel and all my video descriptions that are uploaded while you’re a member of the silver tier and Then one who’s in the silver tier will have their YouTube channel featured on My youtube channel under my channels tab. I have a featured channel section So your YouTube channel will stay featured there in that section as long as you’re a silver tier member That one’s ten dollars month and I have 15 spots up and for that And the last one is gold tier gold you get everything from bronze and silver The only difference is in addition to that So one day per month I’ll advertise your YouTube channel on my Twitter account in my pin tweet for one full day So you can see this is my Twitter account. I have about 17,000 followers So one day every single month. I’ll put out a tweet about your channel what it’s about if you have Twitter I’ll tag you in the tweet. I’ll have a link to your channel It’ll just be a tweet promoting your YouTube channel, and then I’ll pin it and I’ll leave it pinned For one full day, and I’ll do that every month So that’s the difference with the gold tears. You’re going to get the one day of Twitter promotion also once per month So gold tier is $20 per month and I have five spots up and for that That’s all I just want to share that with you. Like I said, not mandatory at all I’m gonna keep doing everything the way I do it already. This is just something extra if anyone wants to do some sort of paid promotion to get their channel out there a little bit more and This is just something I wanted to try out and see how it goes If you join any of these tiers, you also get reddit flares So if you remember my subreddit and you post there I believe you get some kind of badge or your channel stands out somehow So anyway, if you’re interested, there’ll be a link to my patreon in the description below the websites patreon.com slash YouTube blast-off Thanks for watching everyone see ya

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  1. First again nice video bro I appreciate what you do for us small YouTubers by the way have you SUBSCRIBED to my channel would appreciate some feedback from YouTube Blast Off since your so good at this YouTube stuff everyone else feel free to check out my channel https://www.youtube.com/Chri5TenTFF?sub_confirmation=1

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