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I Spent $500 On Facebook Promotion (And This is What Happened)

I Spent $500 On Facebook Promotion (And This is What Happened)

You know, I wonder if the dream of fame is as prevalent in Peru as it is in the US. Living in Los Angeles
for a year really showed me the fight. People will really do whatever it takes to reach the top. And by whatever I mean: Spending money. Yes you heard me correctly. Apparently there are dozens of ways to spend your money to achieve fame And there are dozens of people who actually do it. Here’s my experiment What if I introduce a brand new face into the atmosphere of the internet and spend 500$ to promote, advertise, and to use services that promise followers for one week will this be enough to achieve fame? Let’s find out! Alright guys meet Alonso, the official
Guinea pig for this experiment He is 100% peruvian; he’s got pretty sick style He has no real interest in fame and is completely new to the internet. Infact this guy doesn’t even have a facebook This guy is in for quiet the surprise. I think he’s the perfect fit Instagram is by far the most popular social network to boost with instagram being so tightly wound with the modeling industry It’s really no wonder. think about this: if brand x has two models to pick one and model A has 200 followers and model B has 30000 followers who are they going to choose logically? Anyways Instagram promotions tends to run pretty expensive, and Alonso isn’t a model so our best bag for our bug? Facebook! Alonso “You are about to enter the world of the internet, how do you feel?” “Wow, I really can’t believe it” “I don’t know how it all works” Well it is pretty easy Alonso Step one, open up Facebook Step two, open up Facebook page creator Figure our if you are are local business, a company, a brand, a product, or public figure, write your name “Alonso, what is your name?” And then create the page! “Alonso, are you ready?” “were going to do it in 3, 2, 1 …” So far everything looks pretty good, except one small thing. “But… what’s your talent?” MUSIC Welcome to the official photoshoot of Alonso Barrera We are going to take some pretty interesting photos and use those to upload to the page “Have you ever done a photoshoot like this?” “no, never in my life, it’s too crazy” Ok, I know what you are thinking guys Photos really? Thats your content? There is actually quite a wide variety of Facebook famous people that are solely famous of of their photos. It is going to work! So we did the photo shoots, and now we officially have content “content” this photo right here, will be the very first picture on his page ” … ” ready to be published and shared with the one like that is me on the page and a … 3, 2, 1 the first picture is up! guys I am so excited, it’s like my baby finally being birthed now that we have content I think I can start promoting the page MUSIC all these pages have something in common that this isn’t going against the Facebook terms an conditions likes are promised in under a few days and all these likes are real human Facebook accounts I am going to opt for this eBay listing 2000 followers for seven dollars it really sounds like a scam but I guess we have to find out good morning, I just woke up and I immediately went to the computer to check the page, and sure enough, it worked !!! 1815 likes Carmen Robinson, Alaa Khorchani, Preehya Gasprelle I am sorry, I have no idea who these people are that are liking the page, it is baffling to me I am very confused, who are these people? Despited almost 2000 likes on my Facebook page, the photo that I uploaded last night still has zero likes zero comments, and zero shares Alonso “You officially have almost 2000 likes on your page!” “Well, they’re all fake…” “But 2000 likes!” MUSIC All right, let’s try this thing again! But this time with real people, no more third party companies, it’s time to go straight to the source. Facebook boost Facebooks own service that offers paid promotions. You can be extremely selective with this service, you can select age range, gender, country, budged and even down to the city and using my vast experience on YouTube demographics I think I know the perfect settings… MUSIC So… the promotion has been going on for about an hour and no likes, no comments, no nothing, we are kind of just waiting for some sign of live “look” “a like” MUSIC you guys look … we have a like !!! Thank you to Yamileth Puntillo !!! Ok, maybe I am overreacting a tiny bit. But this is a real like, a real human, this is cause for celebration and now there is 11 it just keeps going up and up and up so the 24 hours campaign that I setup for the photo yesterday is about to come to a close and with $50 spend on the photo, brace yourselves for this … we go ourselves 1423 interactions 1423 interactions !!! So we are going to try it again but we are going to use a better photo this time I am going to do the same thing, $50, 24 hours, and we’ll see… we’ll see… how this one does MUSIC We have been trying a lot of different methods of promotion lot’s of websites, lot’s of different forums but nothing seems to be working quite like Facebook promotion every photo so far on the page has had a $50 spending budget which in turn translates to sometimes over 3000 interactions These campaigns are actually insanely responsive, and the likes on the page are climbing up I really think that this might end decently So it has been five days, managing this Facebook page poopy poop face and after a week I guess I could say that this has been successful the page itself has over 6000 likes there is lots of comments, messages, interaction this is legit, these are real people interacting with Alonso these people had no idea who he was before this week we have made an empire, a small empire, but an empire just from buying followers and tomorrow we are going to see if we can find any of these followers in person MUSIC So Alonso and I are now in the center of Lima for one sole purpose the purpose is we are going to walk around until somebody recognises Alonso this will prove to us, and to you guys, that the people we have on our Facebook page, that we bought that we used the budget for, are indeed real people so we have been walking around for almost an hour and… not a single person has even glanced at Alonso, so… MUSIC It’s really difficult concluding this experiment. Look, I am not sure if Alonso is famous or not. But the fact that 6000 people followed a complete stranger for no reason it’s a strange concept. Why is the internet world like this? Why do we follow others specifically because others have? I guess it’s true, I guess fame has a price, and why dose it? So we did it guys, a group of two girls just took a picture with Alonso they knew who he was, they followed his page they where real people, they where breathing they weren’t robots it worked !!! The experiment worked, we have proof !!! WoW….

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  1. Just wanna say, great video. I just started a music group and of course we’re trying to gain followers. Hopefully we’re successful, because we aim to help others and give good vibes with our creations. This video really helped!

    Link to our page, any help is appreciated! https://m.facebook.com/G3Ocentric/

  2. I thought he was high fiving the camera at the end lool untill his friend actually high fives him back and ruins the moment 🙁

  3. Personally, I found https://www.buysocialboost.com/ the most effective way to gain followers and likes FAST!! 10/10 would recommend!

  4. I haven't watched through yet, but first thoughts. This is fake. He had to have more help than facebook promotion. He has 1.9 million followers, giving him enough resources to make something crafty happen. But I have advertised with facebook since the beginning, years ago you could do some damage with $500 in a week, but nowadays -you'd be lucky to get anything done with $500 even in one day. Since big corporations started using facebook ads with a large budget, thousands a day. $500 in a week wouldn't even scratch the surface. It's bottom of the newsfeed budget.

  5. Pero las tecnologías ya no nos harán más daño ni físico ni psicológico. Y eso representará la diferencia. But the technologies already no yet do us more harm neither physical nor psychological. And that will make the difference.

  6. I was kind of wtf is this, but I have to say good shit bro, thanks awesome video you gave me lots of ideas for my business

  7. Please have a talent. I'm tired of seeing people with same pages. Booty pics and shit all day and selfies. Nobody truly wants to follow a page that doesn't offer them any entertainment. My cousin has 11k followers on Instagram. He didn't earn them legit. Used an app to follow people and then he unfollows them. Been doing it for years. But he doesn't post anything other than flex selfies and random photos of shit.

  8. Yeah, I went down this path on a lark…

    When I opened up to the World… it’s obvious that FB has a LOT of people who will LIKE your post… in Iraq and Afghanistan. Hmmm.

    So I switched to focused content and English speaking Australia, Great Britain and US, but once once I tried engage (given my two phase content) FB cuts you off as SPAM at about 50 sooo… you pay to broadcast and you successfully engage… and then FB shuts you down (least you are too successful in engagements) so – obviously – only major advertisers have non-limited out reach. Not sure how FB’s algorithms determine that… but it is a scam to ensure they put you in a silo until you can prove you are important enough to gain wider access to the platform.

  9. I created a 1-minute video https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLls4qiVDS1ZRuQQd3yycPQ how long before I can buy a monster truck and live in a castle?

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  12. The end of the video was actually some good content. I expect this to be just a filler content video . Good stuff

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    Super Video.

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    Enjoy the day

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  15. I really like your video, it is interesting and funny to watch! Makes me think if i should invest to promote my own facebook page…..

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