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I Read Ridiculous eBay Tech Ads

I Read Ridiculous eBay Tech Ads

What’s up, everyone? I am still in Germany at this point basically on vacation now that the be quiet tour is finished and that Explains the weird background here and the Lackluster audio But I have been using my macbook to find some ridiculous sales online this time the ebay edition First up on our list here, and you’ve got to ask yourself what on Earth is going through this retailers mind This is a Z97 board from Asus three generations old mind you and they’re asking eleven hundred and forty two dollars for it Here’s an i7 6950 x ten core Broadwell-E CPU and they want 2500 us are they not aware that you can actually buy the same chip on newegg brand new for sixteen hundred? No this actually isn’t too good a deal when you take into account the fact that you can buy a 7900X for actually Cheaper than that now these are both us sellers by the way this person thinks that just because he has a Vega 64 GPU on pre-order He can subsequently charge twelve hundred and forty eight dollars for it. Please do not buy one anywhere near this price This is so bad five hundred and sixteen dollar asking price for a micro Atx Asrock H97 motherboard Here we go Yon Harus from the United States asking thirteen hundred fourteen dollars and 87 cents for his rog Strix GTX 1080. It’s not a Ti. It’s just a 1080. Oh and in case you’re wondering Financing is available this right here is officially the highest priced PC Case anywhere on ebay that I could find and it is the thermaltake level 10 titanium edition Asking price just seven grand here’s a delusional mining crazed reseller Evga GTX 1070 nine hundred and Thirty five Dollars not exactly sure what I’m looking at here, but what I can discern looks like a steel case I think it was a buried, dug up and it’s into a war zone the power strip on top is just a bonus But hey at least it’s got a basement and all of this can be yours for just five hundred us plus seven hundred and ninety Dollars for shipping here’s one I teased on Twitter this guy’s asking $1200 for an intel Core I3 GTX 750ti Computer build and check this out see he’s assuring us that it’s a very expensive and reliable PC So it’s got to be a great deal. Yeah Oh, and by the way does this cable management remind anyone of a squid? Thanks tony for that one now you can’t unsee it I searched ram on ebay and the highest priced item was a Dodge ram 1500 asking price four hundred and fifty Thousand dollars. Here we go real Ram 463 us dollar asking price for a 16 gig kit of laptop grade DDR3. this is being sold from the United States mind you just for kicks here’s a $35,000AUS dollar virtue phone equipped with a gold frame and genuine diamonds it’s too bad it looks like a nokia from 2005 this is a 1080p alienware monitor bundled with an alienware keyboard and alienware mouse for three Thousand us dollars. Why? because alienware just kidding seriously because alienware here’s an i7 4960X for $4,500 nothing more to say here Not exactly sure what’s special about this keyboard, but for nearly three and a half grand it better cook me dinner What’s more concerning the fact that they’ve already sold six of these now this one’s actually kind of cool So this is an original apple iphone unopened verified by Apple themselves according to the seller four gigabytes Which is supposedly rare than the eight and 16 counterparts because the four was Discontinued when they realize that not many people wanted the four gig variant and the asking price is seventy three hundred Dollars not so sure about that price. It’s oddly specific, but it’s firm according to the seller I’m not an expert in this realm But who knows? I’ve got another phone up here to finish things off this one is the LG L52V Probably something you could buy in Walmart for around 50 bucks and the asking price here is 6,495 USD, this one being sold from Anaheim, California. So it seems like as this video series progresses We are managing to find worse and worse deals which to an extent is entertaining That’s kind of what these videos have been about it’s the purpose of these videos, but their underlying purpose here Is that you should really do your research before you go out and purchase products like these especially from sketchy sellers that aren’t mainstream Maybe Amazon or newegg if you’re in the states Some other reputable vendor from your country I would say for the most part is going to be pretty reliable when it comes to honest pricing But when it comes to third-party resellers individual sellers even like myself – price check. Check everywhere even if it seems convenient It seems like a good deal at a time. I mean look several people fell for some of these price scams I mean that’s literally what they are they’re scams, and that’s why in a sense. I don’t mind exposing these people They’re asking outrageous prices, and they’re trying to just use the ignorance of the consumer to make a huge profit I was very pleased with the enthusiasm and number of submissions we have for part two of this series Which you can check out right here by the way, so I’m going to open up another Twitter Just chain for all of you to post submissions for part four So what I’m going to do is review all the links that you guys post. I mean it’s it’s easy for me I’m gonna be honest, so I don’t have to do the research you guys are kind of doing it for me I’ll review them make sure that they’re legit That they’re not you know actually good deals, and then I’ll give you credit for those links in part four in that video It’ll be just like this video. Just like part two and part one so get active on that I appreciate all of the submissions Be sure to donate on patreon if you want to be super cool all that money gets recycled back to the channel Makes videos look better audio sound better stuff like that You can also follow me on Instagram and elsewhere to get a little more involved on Things that aren’t youtube related because I want to branch out just just a little bit more if you like this video be sure To give a thumbs up thumbs down for the opposite click the subscribe Button if you haven’t already and stay tuned for real science here on the channel. This is science studio. Thanks for learning with us you

100 thoughts on “I Read Ridiculous eBay Tech Ads

  1. Vertu is actually a luxury brand and make dial phones with diamonds so they can sell it for 10 grand,….

  2. this is just fucking terrible:

  3. Found a PC that had an A4 APU no GPU and 4gb ram for £500 and people said "good entry level PC"

  4. 500+ dollar ASRock Mainboard. LOL
    But honestly, i would never buy ASRock since it was a daughter company from ASUS and just sold cheapest cheapy parts.
    They still have these ultra cheap image to me.

  5. I think it’s hilarious when idiots sell their Macs and think their 5-year Old mac is worth as much as a brand new Mac.

  6. Eh, I've seen TV for 4500. The iphone is reasonably priced, most are 5000 navy a bit expensive. I've seen 10000 dollar keyboards on pc part picker

  7. Cruddy keyboard for 3 grand? And 6 of them already sold? This sounds an awful lot like a method for laundering or transferring money between people who are in on the scheme. Or possibly to toss money back and forth between accounts owned by the same person or group in order to build up some sales and positive ratings before going into scamming — while using a ridiculous price to guarantee real people won't interfere with the scheme by buying it.

  8. Most of those products where sadly enough prostitutes (I don't know I'm just guessing why else would they be that much)

  9. How about a $230 GeForce 4 MX440? https://www.amazon.com/nVIDIA-GeForce4-MX440-TV-out-G0169/dp/B001PQ8J1U/ref=sr_1_fkmr1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1516591577&sr=8-2-fkmr1&keywords=GeForce+4+mx440

  10. I literally just bought 16GB Kingston HyperX RAM identical to that at 2:36 to upgrade an older system 2 weeks ago for less than $95

  11. The problem with the Z97 motherboards is that they're no longer available in most countries, so people try to sell them for these prices. That's the reason why I upgraded to Coffee Lake after my Z97 Board died.

  12. I purchased a 1060 GTX 6g OC for $350 local currency.
    13 Month later because of the G.P.U price explosion, they were now $580 local currency.
    I resold my 1060 GTX via auction and it reached $450 local currency.
    When I placed a screen shot confirming the memory was Samsung DDR5, the price rose to $480.

    Sometimes these weird things just happen on auction sites. Something is only ever worth what some one else is willing to pay for it….and at times that is worth more than what the item is actually worth brand new.

  13. I want to punch anyone who tries to sell a pentium d computer on my local craigslisr for over $100. And for those pentium 4 sellers, a hard kick in the balls….or other gender specific places.

  14. I use to have the ASRock H97 board and I bought it for $75 and sold it for $100. The price went up over time but not that much

  15. This might be unpopular, but some of those ads and scams my personal opinion is that if in the 21st century you don't know enough about such an omnipresent thing as a computer or don't know (and can't find) anyone who does, you more than deserve to be scammed. A fool and his money are soon parted.
    Not that I'd ever do any such thing myself but mostly out of not wanting to spoil my karma (and I do feel bad for idiots who fall for those scams even though I strongly believe it's what they deserve).

  16. I'm pretty sure most of these are just typos and the sellers put too many zeros or something like that when creating the price

  17. I just got a GTX 1060 3GB for $175 for bid on eBay. From seeing other prices I would say that is really good but I don’t know much about PC’s. Is that a good deal?

  18. Any tips on what I should sell a Asus GTX950 for? I want to upgrade soon and recoup some of the cost by selling it.

  19. how come you get the option too finance pay so much per month on your ebay ? for an item i cant do that id love to pay per month and have it now

  20. a common tactic when an online retailer is out of stock is to change price like this to prevent sales and to save removing and paying to relist, which would likely apply to most of these listings.

  21. I think you're running out of video titles; they're looking too alike. Do something like "eBay Scams: Part 1", "craigslist Scams: Part 5".

  22. The real scam is the "buy it now ads" for hi fi speakers, high end, for 3 dollars, but then when you look down into the ad, it's actually 1,000 percent higher.

  23. I just found the most ridiculous ad ever and needed to share it somewhere;

  24. Just want to point out that it is well known that illegal sales are made on ebay all the time and this is how they do it. Creating ads that look legit at first glace but with outrageous prices that only people who know what they are looking for will pay. Those keyboards were probably drugs.

  25. Most of these are just outrageous buy it now prices. It's an old eBay tactic when you want people to make offers, and aren't sure what the value is of what you have, but don't want to get screwed on an auction. That said, it is crazy for computer parts though, since it is so easy to figure out what they are worth.

  26. Here in my town, an IT shop still selling a new old stock A10 7870K at $125 (current conversion)..
    that's more expensive than 2200G for a processor weaker than that. Think about WTF ._.

  27. Sometimes people aren't trying to sell at those prices. They post them that high when they're out of stock so that nobody purchases. If you have a bulk listing with 500 sold, that looks good. If you're out of stock but will get more in a few days, don't take the listing down, just make the price so high that nobody will buy it. And then fix it again when it's back in stock.

    Source: eBay reseller, have done this before.

  28. I have what's basically the Sky/Kaby lake version of that first mobo in my rig (the Z170) and at this point it's worth so little Asus only changed me $91 for a refurb unit when they wouldn't cover repairs on the old one.

  29. A lot of Ebay sellers when out of stock but expecting more supply in the future will raise the price to these high prices rather than delete the post a recreate it later. Its lazy but effective.

  30. In many part of the world it is morally correct to use people's ignorance for your own profit. It's a different culture. It's survival of the fittest. Like how nature works. Westerners have created this false feeling of security that make them naive and vulnerable.

  31. https://m.ebay.ie/itm/FAST-GAMING-DELL-BUNDLE-TOWER-PC-FULL-SET-COMPUTER-SYSTEM-INTEL-i3-8GB-1TB-GT710/302510132649?hash=item466f024da9%3Ag%3Ax~AAAOSwY1tbcq1Q&LH_BIN=1

  32. 3:10
    It's called money laundering duh
    Lot of high prices
    items are setup for money laundering it makes it easy when you can sell a keyboard for 3,500$
    money laundering

  33. Is this for real?! :D.. i3 – something, GTX 750Ti, Maximus VI, Cooler master ELITE "Battery Supply" = 1200€ 😀 I'd be surprised if you get 200€ for that!

  34. Alot of sellers on ebay, at least from what I've seen, put ridiculous prices when they run out of the item that are selling instead of removing the listing.

  35. Just have to comment on the keyboard that's just ridiculous for three and a half Grand that keyboard better be made out of completely gold pieces inside or completely be filled with cocaine some people are just ridiculous

  36. I could see a couple of these being people who raised price purposefully so it wouldn't sell. like those keyboards may have ran out of them and instead of end listing raise price so they can keep they sold count which helps raise them in searches and sell faster.

  37. eBay sellers will often put up the prices of their items to ridiculous levels when they run out of stock so no one will buy them. They then drop the price back down again once they get more stock. It saves them having to relist items and the fees that go along with doing so.

  38. I know this video is a year old, but my suspicion is these are not indeed scams, but rather either test posts OR products that are out of stock.

    Sellers will post ads as a test or keep ads up for products that are out of stock with rediculous prices knowing no one will buy them. It has something to do with being cheaper/easier then taking down the ad or relisting something.

  39. Anyone who would consider paying these prices is not going to listen to a warning. Too stupid, probably have a trump 2020 sticker on their car.

  40. Thermaltake Level 10 case is a very limited run only case that is extremely rare now so $7k for it is priced for collectors and not PC builders lol…

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