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i made a ROOKIE facebook ads MISTAKE

i made a ROOKIE facebook ads MISTAKE

What’s up guys Jason Wardrop here and I wanted to shoot this video really quick and let you know about a huge Facebook as mistake that I made recently probably bout a week and a half ago but as you can see I’ve got kind of a little bit new backdrop because we just moved to Arizona So it’s been a little bit hectic a little crazy the last week or so And so I haven’t had time to shoot this video, but now that we’re kind of in place We just moved this weekend as you guys can kind of see I’m still just like working right here So I don’t have like my full studio everything set up But I wanted to get this message out to you so you Don’t make the same mistake that I made about a week and a half ago and that I made back in the day when I first got started with Facebook Ads, so here’s the deal When I first got started with Facebook ads and you guys have probably experienced this as well Any time you want to go make a test or a tweak or scale your Facebook Ads? You go in you’ve already created your ad set your campaign all that and let’s say you want to up the budget or you want To change your target a little bit or you want to change your placements or any of these different? Updates or change that you make to that Facebook ad set? Actually can really throw things off Ok so if you go and like let’s say you have an ad set that’s working really well at 20 bucks a day and You’re like, oh man, this is crushed and I’m getting like $5 leads. I’m gonna scale this up to 40 bucks a day well if you’ve ever done that what typically happens is your cost per lead goes from 5 bucks up to like 12 to 15 bucks and You’re just like oh crap. What did I do? like I totally just like screw this whole thing up and then you have to kind of go restart the whole ad campaign or Another thing that happens is you go in and you’re like, I’m gonna I’m going to change out the age I’m gonna instead of like 18 to 65 I’m gonna do 25 to 35 and then you’re like I’m also gonna change the placement instead of all placements I’m just gonna do Instagram news feeds And so you change multiple things and then it just throws the whole ad campaign the whole ad set out of whack Okay Now if you guys have done this before comment down below Let me know so that I know I’m not the only person and now you know You’re not the only person this has happened to you But here is the solution of what you have to do and the big mistake actually that I made this past week Wasn’t in making any tweaks, but what was happening is we only have so many people on our fulfillment team So when we go through if you guys have seen my webinar One of the bonuses is if like, you know You get signed up right there on the webinar that will go through will set up your first Facebook ad if you’re a real estate agent obviously You know some of your first facebook ad landing page email text marketing all that stuff and we’ve only got like five Account reps to be able to go through and do that So we’ve got limited number of people and so it’s getting to a point we’ve had a really good January a really good February so far and What happens we were we’re honestly getting a little bit too many sales So we like we’ve been trying to hire some new people get that up to speed and in the meantime, I was like You know what? I’ll be smart and I’ll shut off my ads for a day or two And so I was like, you know what, you know I’ll save like a couple grand a day or whatever I’m spending and so I went through and I shut them off and Then two days later I was like, what am I thinking like when you got momentum you just got to keep push you got to keep running so I went through and I turned my Facebook Ads back on and My CP else which stands for cost per lead came. I see pls Skyrocketed, okay Like I was going through and I was generating leads on average, which I try to shoot for around $8 cost per lead on my webinars and it jumped to like 18 to 20 dollars per lead so I was like getting about 2500 leads every single week this kind of the the range of what I was spending to get that Then this past week for my last webinar. I think we had like thirteen fourteen hundred these thirteen fourteen hundred registrants, which obviously is terrible so basically, here’s the deal when you’re going through and you’re running a campaign a Facebook ad campaign an ad set or anything like that and You want to make updates? Okay When you’re going through and making updates only make one change at a time. So if you want to change the placement Go and change the placement and let it go through and run its course for about four to five days So the Facebook algorithm can update and adjust to everything it’s going on or if you’re gonna go through and increase your budget Increase your budget and just increase it by just a little bit which honestly guys I don’t even ever increase my budget anymore I just like let it run and I used to go through when I started my ad sets at 75 to $100 per day But now I’ve actually lowered it back down to about 40 bucks per day and the reason why Is because if I do have a really good ad and good target and all that stuff It can actually run its course a lot longer because if you’re only spending 40 bucks per day your ad fatigue it’s it doesn’t Set in as fast as if you’re spending like a hundred dollars per day on that outset so you don’t have to create new ad creative every so often so anyway there’s a little tip right there if you’re going through and making updates to your ad set just change one thing at a time and then let it run its course for about four to five days because the thing is Is I shut my ads off right this last week Turn it back on the very next day. They shot up big-time, right? They shot up crazy high the cost per lead and all that stuff but then after about four to five days They actually kind of normal doubt and got back to the place where I actually want them to be Which I was kind of just upset with everything. So I actually went through and create a brand new campaign I think I created like 95 new ad sets the other day it took me like three hours It was kind of a pain in the butt, but I wanted to go through and go and have like that fresh data there Okay. So anyway just kind of a quick recap because I’ve obviously been kind of rambling all battle obvious different stuff big rookie mistake number one is if you have a Facebook ad campaign and the ad set and the ad all that stuff running and You need to make a tweak if something’s not working or you want to change something? Someone’s working super well and you want to go through and scale your budget or change the placements or any of that? Just change one thing which honestly is good for the Facebook Ads algorithm and also if you change multiple things and it improves you have no idea what caused the improvement because you change so many things so you don’t know if it’s like oh, the age range was really a lot better or my targeting my interest targeting or my look-alike audience or You know the placements or whatever it is so it’s just a lot better just to change one thing at a time for your testing as well as for the Facebook Ads algorithm, and then another thing is With that don’t ever like if you’re going to go through and you want to pause your campaign Just just let it keep running guys. Don’t shut the ad campaign off and then turn it back on It’s like if let’s let’s say you’re running a Byerly’s campaign You’re trying to get buyer leads just go through and set it at a daily budget that you can consistently handle that budget so you’re not having to go turn it on one week and then you’re like Oh, I got too many leads or I can’t afford this budget or whatever it is And I’m gonna shut it off and then turning it back on and off because that’s gonna totally throw off your facebook ads as well so don’t be doing that just keep it running and if you guys if anyone else on here is kind of like experience some of the things I’d love to hear about them in the comments so we can obviously all help each other because that’s the goal of this this YouTube channel is I want to be able to help you guys with your Facebook, Ads and You know not have a lot of the the mistakes that I’ve personally made. I’ve been doing Facebook guys nails for a few years, so I’ve been around the block. I’ve seen a lot of things that work that don’t work. So don’t do that However, I will add this when it comes around Christmastime and Thanksgiving Usually I’ll shut off my ads because December’s just terrible because all these big brands come in They’re pumping tons of money into Facebook ads. So your cost per lead your ads everything just skyrockets, and so what I do is I’ll usually shut off my ads for the whole month of December and Then when I turn it back on in January Like even though I shut it off, I think it’s possibly this is I mean, this is just a guess I’m not saying this is for sure but I think it’s because it’s been off for like a month It’s not been like a week or at less time than that It’s been off for a month and I turn it back on and then come January first guys My ads are just like cranking like the cost per lead is like half that And I think there’s a multiple things that go into that I think one Because the big brands have actually pulled out I think too because you know, obviously, you know, you’ve had it off for a month So turning back on it doesn’t have the same effect and then number three What’s number three I had this other thought on what number three was. Oh, yeah, so number three guys. Is that your ad fatigue? Hasn’t really set in as much because it’s been a month that anyone’s seen your facebook ads Whereas like if people are seeing your ads every single day, which obviously is not a problem That’s actually good that people are seeing your ads every single day Because they haven’t seen them then I think also that that helps with your Facebook ads so anyway guys there’s my two cents on some rookie mistakes that Hopefully you won’t make or you can avoid now that you’ve watched this video one Don’t turn on and off your campaigns your ad sets. Don’t pause them. Don’t do anything like that if they’re working Just let it keep pumping in just let it keep bringing in the leads And then also if you’re gonna go make some tweaks just make one tweak at a time and then let it run Its course for about four to five days before you even think of making another tweak. Okay, personally what I do Is I’ll go through I’ll make the Facebook ad and then if it’s like not working or whatever. I’ll just shut it off I don’t like I don’t like to tweak ad sets anymore because I’ve just I’ve just been Kind of a little screwed over in the past multiple times and so I don’t like that So if it’s not working I just cancel it and they’ll create a new ad set new campaign sometimes and just Test whatever I want to test if that other one is not working the way I’d like to so Anyway guys with that said I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Hopefully it was helpful useful And if you guys do want my free facebook as mini course I will add a link in the top comment as well as the description there and also if you guys found this video helpful, go ahead give it a thumbs up greatly appreciate it and If you’re brand new here Make sure you subscribe Hit that notification bell because we launch new videos every single week on how to generate more leads make more money and grow your business So with that said guys, thanks so much for watching and I’ll see you all later

21 thoughts on “i made a ROOKIE facebook ads MISTAKE

  1. So we should change one variiable at a time. Does that mean for the adset thats running or should we keep it going the same but duplicate it and edit 1 variable on that one?

  2. Oh yes… I kept changing the target market (age, businesses I was targeting, etc) and i ended up at almost $15 cost per lead

  3. hey jason, just got a question, do you need a privacy policy on your landing page in order to be able to advertise with facebook ?

  4. Hi Jason,
    Thanks for the useful video. I have some queries for you and the number one is: as a complete beginner, what would be the best "objective" to start off — is it "engagement" or "conversion" or else both? If both then does it cost extra? Secondly, how to leverage a one-page website with a landing page at the time of Facebook ad campaign on behalf of clients and at what point of time should I use it to get a response from the ultimate user? Do the contact number and other relevant details on the landing page should directly be addressed to a client to take action (on whose behalf I happened to be work with) from a possible ultimate user?

  5. Jesus bro….. 8- 20. Oh no. Bro, try the video ads, thet perform so so well. I did to cold traffic and I was able to get leads for about 4-5 just verbally inviting them to the webby. And I know dont have as much social proof as you, so you should absolutely kill it.

  6. 🙃 Awesome video again:) Greetings from Greece and thank you for the value you give to us that we struggle to learn around Youtube valuable information. Did you make 95 ad sets? Was a lead campaign I suppose:) 95 ad sets man?:) My God I am curious about the objective and the whole strategy that you followed and best of all the daily Budget for that campaign 🙂 😉

  7. Congrats on the move man! Thank you for all the great content. Quick question. Do you work with more than one agent in the same area? Would your ads not be competing with each other if you're running them buyer and seller leads?

  8. I need help and no one is responding to me and I can't get any help. I just paid for your Arsenal Marketing program and it wont let me log in and will not send me an email to help. I'm extremely leary of the fact that I just paid so much and I can't get any help?

  9. What is a magic number of ads per month for an ads agency client? If I have a $1000 client would I run as many as I can within budget, or just a few?

  10. Hey Jason, just found you today and I've watched a half dozen videos. You are efficient, knowledgeable and you have the info that I actually need right now:) Question 1: You talk about campaigns and ad-sets, but if I need to tweak an 'ad' will FB need to update it's algorithm? especially if the change is a cloned website with a tweak in it? Question #2: When you do tweak your FB Ads multiple times (one at a time of course:) what is your work flow look like? If you do several similar tweaks do you have an excel spread sheet to make sure you don't make the same tweak twice? (say tweak twice 3x fast:) Thank you Jason! Good stuff!

  11. I changed my location and man….. I was spending about 10 bucks peer lead. After I changed my location I paid 120 for a fake lead… #pissed.

  12. So should I rather pause the campaign, duplicate it, tweak the duplicate one, run it and delete the old one?
    is that a good alternative?

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