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I Got My Closet Professionally Organized

I Got My Closet Professionally Organized

Hello, friends! And welcome to another video. This week, I’m gonna be getting my closet professionally organized. That’s right! We’re gonna Marie Kondo (cleaning god) this biatch. So, as you guys may know, a few months ago I had a crew of professional organizers from Practically Perfect L.A. help me declutter and reorganize my makeup collection, which was previously haphazardly stored in giant plastic bins. -I’m like that Michael Scott gif. *It’s happening! It’s happening!* And since then, I have been thoroughly enjoying my new vanity and, Le *gasp*, actually maintaining the organizational system that they helped me build. Well, I did add an entire new cabinet for more lipsticks, but that’s not against the rules as long as it’s labeled It’s fine, right? Regardless, I decided it would be fun and also actually very useful to have the professional organizers help me tackle other areas of my house and – let’s be real – life, that needs a little TLC. So this week we’re gonna be taking my clothes head-on. It’s gonna be a lot of black shirts. Now, the total number of clothes that exists in our house is substantial, but it is split into two categories: personal clothes and clothes we get for videos or, like prop clothes. And to be fair to myself, I have kept my prop clothing pretty well-organized. I have a bunch on display downstairs in this big room that I eventually want to be able to film in and maybe Instagram more. And all of my other video clothes are filed away in wardrobes in our garage, sorted by production. All of our shoes are also on racks down here. My personal clothing, however, is not quite as nicely kept and cared for, and is sort of just squished into every possible orifice upstairs in our bedroom. Cabinets, armoires, drawers, closets, hanging, any way you can imagine, we’ve got clothes there. So for this organizational session, I think we’re gonna be focusing on personal clothes because those need the most help. I would say we’re surviving we’re not thriving. We’re survival swimming through piles of laundry. Now my wardrobe has sort of slowly grown into the black hole that it is today over the last five years. I moved down to LA after college with a fair amount of clothing and I have acquired a lot more since then. Simultaneously, I have pretty much got rid of none of it along the way. So if my closet were an infographic it would be like a barnacle; growing slowly but steadily. And it’s time to start scraping some off. Now for this video I think we are going to tackle Tyler’s closet as well because it’s also up here in the bedroom, and I feel like if we want to optimize the room and its overall system, we have to do his stuff, too. He has fewer clothes than I do but still a lot of stragglers that he hasn’t worn in years, which are headlined by his collection of ancient gym shorts.
Tyler: Yeah these ones are actually from the fourth grade.. Saf: To be fair. He does actually wear those. Now just so you guys can understand what we’re working with I’m gonna give you a quick tour of our room starting with my main closet, which is this way through our bathroom. Tyler: Okay
Saf: Is this like vogue 73 questions, but Jake here. In here I have a lot of hanging clothes like tops, dresses, a few skirts and pants and to my small amount of non black clothes It seems like it’s just a need but in reality you just don’t have a lot of colorful clothing No, the meme has become my reality. Yeah, I live in a meme. Now I have attempted some systems in this closet But there’s just too many items squished in here for me to actually see my options Tyler: This is a really like a reaching Grab and Go type closet Saf: No, this is a lock yourself inside and descend into the madness closet I’ve heard that the entrance to Narnia is back here.
Tyler: Oh, yeah. No I try to find it Saf: There are also a couple of random straggler items in here like some of my jewelry and an empty basket this big thing here is our like toiletry and bathroom storage area we don’t have a lot of like drawer space or cabinets in our actual bathroom so this ended up in here, I feel like it’s pretty normal. Don’t look in there But it’s pretty normal. I swear so back in her actual bedroom We do have these like large mirrored units that were actually left by the previous tenant But instead of trying to move them we just decided to usurp them. They look unbelievably heavy So in this one is mostly my clothes. Actually, I think all of these things have my clothes in them. I’ve never opened. Oh I will say that one thing that hinders my Organization is that a lot of our storage pieces were not purposefully acquired to fit our clothes or this room like this dresser Tyler bought when he moved down to LA like seven years ago and we still just have and once again these things were just here when we got here, which is cool because free stuff But at the same time the insides are arranged for someone else’s wardrobe So I’m really just putting my six belts in a giant drawer because I can’t use this drawer for anything else. This one over here Is also filled with my stuff. There’s like a large amount of blank space on top. I basically have nothing hanging up there I just didn’t know what should go there So clearly these things are not really optimized for us But I’m not sure what we should do about it The last of my clothes are in this chest of drawers over here in which I’ve got mostly bottoms like tights, underwear, shorts and a lot of yoga pants. I’m actually ok with this unit except for the fact that I have an entire drawer of second-string yoga pants that I don’t like that much, so it’s a pretty obvious candidate for stuff that needs to be decluttered. Now as for Tyler’s stuff it pretty much exists in this closet and this chest of drawers which has the majority of his non hanging clothes like his boxers and socks Including socks that Tyler has stolen from me.
Tyler: I don’t like rolling my socks Saf: No, you just take all my socks. And the thing about his dresser is a lot of his drawers are so full It’s hard to open them which kind of makes him not use his dresser anymore. Like I can barely open this drawer. Now over in Tyler’s closet, he has some stuff strewn about up top and then up here we’ve got a fair amount of things hanging that like Tyler does wear like hoodies or like zip ups but there are also a fair amount of shirts that are hanging up here that Tyler definitely doesn’t wear, ever. I’ve never seen you wear some of this stuff So I think basically everything on this side of the door should probably get donated So besides that the only other place that clothes go are the hampers. Now I am a hamper fiend Like I have a lot of hampers around me at all times so I think right now I have two over here for Tyler’s clothes and I have five over there for my clothes Tyler:What is that system
Saf: Don’t even ask. Besides all that, I would say that our room is like pretty sparse right now in terms of decoration So like maybe even though it’s not exactly part of the whole like professional organization of the closets deal We might go out and see what kind of decor we can get to kind of jazz up the place. So now that we’ve all seen our situation, we have to show our professional organizers the situation. Okay, so Joni and Kit and Devan from Practically Perfect are back at it again for the closet and the first step of our organization journey was to have them come in and try to formulate a game plan.
Joni: Well, why don’t you show us? all – where all the clothes are. Kit: Well you- you’ve surprised me because I thought this is where your clothes were but you’re telling me there’s another-
Saf: There is another closet
Kit: Okay! Kit: Maybe let’s start there? Saf: Now Joni and Kit and their team at Practically Perfect organized all different types of spaces but with the many many closets they’ve done, besides the decluttering they seemed to really zero in on uniform folding and storage solutions like drawer dividers, baskets and labels. If there’s anything I learned from last time it’s that they love a good label and their goal seems to be to get your drawers and closets streamlined and looking good. That’s that good drawer porn right there. Oh yeah. So while they were looking around, in addition to some of the obvious problems like the clutter, Joni and Kit were also concerned with the flow of the room Kit: Logistically, you’re getting dressed in the morning, you jump out of the shower. You’re coming out here Saf: Yeah
Kit: Getting your bra, underwear, walking back into the closet.
Saf: Yes
Kit: So it’s a lot of back and forth Saf: Yeah, I’m just wandering on naked a lot. And also Tyler’s dresser.
Kit: Is this an everyday access for you, Tyler? Kit: Okay
Tyler: They get stuck
Saf: So with everything surveyed, they gave us our diagnosis Kit: Well, I think the game plan is to start helping you edit and then working with the pieces that you have and then seeing how we need to fill in the gaps to make it super functional and Organized and easy for you guys to maintain
Saf: With the plan being that we would allocate two days for this project with day one being devoted to scaling back our total items and day two being all about that drawer porn. Alright! So, we have the team assembled and we are here for closet organization day one. So what do we do first? Joni: We’re gonna start in the main closet, in your closet Saf: “The main closet” – just kidding, just kidding. (laughs) Roasted! – And basically the idea was to grab individual sections of clothes, hang them on this rack They had brought with them so we could see them and then edit them back Joni: Well, it’s clear to us that there’s more tops than anything else So there’s- that’s gonna take a long time and I would say that might get tiring Saf: Yes
Joni: I would say let’s tackle it
Saf: With crop tops being the first subcategory to address Joni: So ideally you’re gonna say keep or donate but there might be some questionable ones that we can put off to the side Saf: We also had a relocate category as in the clothes belong somewhere else like amongst our video props or in a different section like workout stuff So with that in mind we dove right in.
when is a cute top. I like like this conveyor belt I’m like, oh, let me receive it This is a top that I actually haven’t worn in a while because of the way it’s cut I always get nervous about like what’s this my little chicken? Whiz? Yeah, like society I think Something I had to come to terms with early on was that even if I liked something about a piece of clothing if I didn’t? Feel good wearing it. I probably wouldn’t ever wear it. This sounds like maybe we should donate that. Alright Yeah other things that ended up being donated were tops that had just fallen out of the rotation I haven’t worn this in a while. I feel like this meme is kind of dead I know This I also feel like is they get rid of I have not worn this since 2016. There are so many hands happening and Grabbing things from me I’m like Yes Take it away As well as things that never really entered the rotation like purchases that just didn’t look how I had hoped on me Why don’t you like that in by the way? I don’t know. It’s something about the sleeveless Ness I feel like it makes me look like a paul brother this shirt is a shirt that I don’t wear, but I bought it to go with other things in my closet that I Also don’t wear besides the style fails. There were also a select few items that I didn’t really recognize When was the last time you wore it? I have no idea anything I think we’ve all already seen it. But of course there were quite a few things that I wanted to keep. I like this shirt This is this is a very it’s just a it’s a black tank top. Leave me alone. Leave me alone Yes, I did. Keep a lot of plain black tees, don’t at me I also kept a few shirts that I haven’t worn in a while but are kind of Sentimental the alien shirts might actually be good luck. We’re gonna keep those As well as rediscovered some hidden gems huzzah. It’s my Benjamin Franklin shirt Shirt, well, okay. So this was like a shirt that I bought. I like the Benjamin Franklin Museum in Philadelphia And I like cropped it to be like huh sides a crop top admittedly I don’t wear these that much even though I do enjoy them I don’t know So I transferred them to the workout pile because I’m hoping I’ll wear them to the gym and after going through a few more items We reached the end of the crop tops. Alright, I was counting and you let go of 18 crop tops and I cropped them from the wardrobe See what you did there I need more coffee. So next up from my closet were the full-length tops This is quite a robust section of which I still wear quite a few. This is a good top This is definitely a workout top but I wear this a lot. You shouldn’t give that away now No Very soon depending on how gameofthrones ends. I may donate that later So while I did have some to give away I kept a fair few of them some of which were more functional and others which were more flashy Born wild Tyler, where did this shirt come from? Why would I buy I almost feel like we can’t get rid of it because it’s like kind of magnificent, you know It could probably go with like Oh pajamas isn’t a bad idea. Yeah, Oh could be a pajama top. Yeah Okay, pajamas besides the mysterious appearances of new tops some very old school tops also surfaced Oh, this is a vintage shirt from 2009. It’s made it pretty far. I feel like it should go downstairs with our like 2007 clothes No comments one bad impulse I do have is that when I find something that’s old enough I kind of want to keep it just in case we want to do a video with it in the hypothetical Future and like maybe one day I will want to dress like it’s 2011. Who knows? I’m gonna need this That is a dangerous one. Yeah, but Joanie and kit let a couple slide so after zipping through the rest of the tops We had only a few categories of my hanging clothes left including my colorful clothes The funny thing is like of this pile like most of them are white and gray Most of this stuff was left over from my college days So I haven’t really like looked at any of these things in a while So I feel like this is about to be a bloodbath This we can give away this we can give away this we can give away. This is kind of a good shirt I Didn’t leak EEP a couple of items that were just too fun to get rid of. Oh look This is my hocus pocus like football t-shirt But most of them had to go I feel like if I wore more color I would wear mustard But I don’t hopefully it’ll make someone who receives it happy. I will not reveal What happened to this one though your sister gave this to me for Christmas. Can I get rid of it? Or will she be mad? I think she watches about 50% of our videos. I think you put the coin. All right, just don’t mention it after this So next up were jackets and bathing suits. This is my only blazer, which would keep this most of the jackets ended up in the keep section I just wear a lot of these jackets actually a pheromone. Although I was able to declutter a swimsuit or two This is a swimsuit I bought in Miami because I forgot a swimsuit but then it turns out in Miami they don’t worry swimsuits that Have butts on them after some quick hanging bottom editing. We got to the last hanging category the dresses Yeah, the rack is like really having a hard time Not yet, not yet But today could be the time a fair amount of these dresses were like college party dresses that I ended up giving away That’s a good buy I don’t know there was like a time where we went out and then we don’t anymore though There were some Schmancy dresses that I kept just in case I just want to be invited somewhere that I could wear these So these are like a I’m waiting for the time I can wear these Heather take this girl somewhere fancy for God’s sake Regardless we made a pretty big dent in the dresses category. Okay. So I think that that’s all the stuff on hangers that was a lot so which we do next we should go through and edit all of the items that are folded in your dressers and also in this wardrobe back here So we dumped all of my pants and bottoms that were folded onto the bag and as I was editing my collection I noticed that Joanie and kit had a particular style of folding her. What are you guys doing? What is this? What is this? This is this we’re doing a little folding specifically they were doing the recently popularized file folding method where every item is facing up when you open a drawer kind of like the spines of books on a shelf and basically what you would do for these pants for example is to fold them down the crotch then fold the legs into thirds and then do One last fold. So the pocket is visible as the spine of your pants book I feel that so you’re saying like if it weren’t this way Then we get who looks the thing you’re going through your drawer and you’re like, oh this jean pocket This is the one I want we’re turning to the editing. I got rid of most of my shorts though. I did Keep this Winky But one and I also decluttered a small mountain of yoga pants leaving me with some serious real estate Are those all of my yoga pants? Yeah That looks like room for more I feel like we’re enabling you in a way that I don’t like we finished up my round of editing by going through the underwear And the bras, I feel like bras are so unwarned by me except for like two bras That’s what most people say. And with that my side of the room was done. That’s the Edit look at the pile tie So with my stuff down it was Tyler’s time to shine Okay, so now we’re gonna go through my closet and my drawer and do the same editing process that we did with the feels Look at me narrating Okay now our method for approaching Tyler stuff was just to take Everything out of his closet and dresser and dump it on the bed just because it wasn’t really previously sorted into categories Well, this system is not practically perfect approved Tyler Effortlessly, yeah, I think you can just like look at rows So we figured it might be best to just start from scratch now in addition to his wardrobe just slowly growing Naturally over the years. Tyler is also self admittedly pretty superstitious about getting rid of his clothing Which is probably why his drawers are so hard to open a lot of good memories in here I can tell you’re gonna be a sentimental client once everything was laid out on the bed It was time to start making some choices. I love this one Sofia got this for my birthday a couple years ago It’s pretty great it’s Impossible to wash but I like it now some of the stuff Tyler wanted to keep he does wear and like I wear this one All the time, but he did have an impulse to keep it all we got this for Christmas in 2015, didn’t we? Yeah We can keep this one, I think it’s it’s not will you wear it Let’s say we open a microbrew in Colorado or something. Okay We’re gonna need this right? Alright we’ll get rid of this one Yeah, no matter how long it’s been since he wore it I used to wear this all the time. I don’t know I almost last time you wore it 5 2011 really. It stopped fitting at the end of college Tony’s given the I need your help. I need your help Joni. Come on. I Hear it’s hard. But with the help of Joni and kit Joanie’s giving me the hard shake this one I just I don’t see you in that he was able to get through a lot of them You think it’s bad mojo VY throw it away. I Feel like that thing helped me get like an A in a math test 6th grade. I’m like, oh, yeah, I got problems I’m really weird about clothing. But even though Tyler was able to make a big dent in his scarcely worn short collection We did keep his only vest. Oh, this is from my Tyler Timberlake era. Yeah It’s like that when vests are really in or like in 2013 when everyone liked Muir’s now the real crowning glory of Tyler’s closet are his antique gym shorts These were like I found these in the locker room my high school. Do you just pull the drawstring? Cuz the elastic is gone? I folded a couple times Yeah, and honestly I’m proud of him for giving any of them away because he’s been dragging most of them around for decades. Don’t worry though We did keep a couple. These are my 1997 Little League basketball shorts, I love these ones. I wear these all the time rounder Valley That was the basketball league where they didn’t keep score as we wrapped up editing down Tyler’s closets our cat crusty appeared to insert himself in the situation. He like thinks this is exciting right now It is exciting. I think Christie’s an organizational enthusiast. He might be so with that and a little underwear editing We were done with Tyler’s clothes. Dad. You did it. There we go Now a while ago I had mentioned that Tyler has this habit of stealing my socks So all our socks are now mixed together. Thusly we had waited to organize them last. What should we do? Well, tell me why they would be together. Tyler takes my socks Yeah part of this is because Tyler and I have similar sized feet, and I also don’t like rolling my socks But I like rolled socks In there, I’ll just take them. Okay. Well, I’m gonna mediate the situation Does it bother you to share a sock drawer? It does not bother me Actually, what bothers me is going to my sock drawer and then not having socks So the solution was just to have an intentionally shared sock drawer. I’m okay with that. Okay, that’s very cute You guys I have to be honest You might be our first shared sacrifice and with an alarming amount of sock editing Sorting and folding all of our closet decluttering was done All right, you have gone through everything that you know, that’s awesome some major all on the J, by the way And you’re still here. I was gonna say you’re standing but I’m not standing. Nope I’m sitting so after a long day one of editing down our closets I was pretty proud of our giant piles and I felt like we had really cut into the clutter But we were now faced with what to do with what we had left. Okay, so it’s day two I am wearing the exact same thing because my clothes are everywhere But soon they will be organized. So today we’re actually rethinking where all of your items should be stored so we’ve decided what you’re keeping and now we need to make a plan based on that and we’re thinking of actually Reconfiguring these great closet systems that you have so that they work a little bit better with the items that you own So when Joanie and kit had come by initially to survey our closet They noticed that these giant mirrored cabinets are IKEA wardrobes. Where is this piece time? Yeah And they have these slots on the side so you can customize the drawers and shelves inside of them either by moving them around or by buying specialized ones for your Organizational pleasures and Joanie and kit chose out a bunch of these inserts that they thought would work for us What was that thing the big white thing with? Pants hanger Now that’s a storage solution or maybe a grill. Unclear so after rearranging the tracks and shelves inside these mirrored units and also actually removing the door on Tyler’s closet for easy access purposes We place the drawers into their new locations Joanie and kids design So this is now gonna be Tyler’s entire wardrobe and your whole dressing system will be in this area together Expanding sounds pretty good Well, you’re you’re losing that dresser over there, but everything is now gonna be super functional for you over here So with Tyler’s domain prepped and ready. We took his file folded Sweatpants shorts and undies and placed them nicely into their new homes Yes, the drawer porn was starting to take shape. Those are some beautifully file folded underwear. Will it ever look like this again? Every time other features in Tyler’s new unit Include one of those grill like pants hangers on top and a bougie new hamper system at the bottom It’s like a fancy trashcan following that we just had to hang all of his shirts in his new Leaderless closet and to my great delight. We also got all new matching hangers. So it looks really sexy Oh, yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. That’s all my shirts. Yeah. What I Feel a lot of relief looking at this. I feel like your closet was so stressful before it was stressful I’m actually kind of realizing that It was then time to move on to my stuff now my domain Is still the closet for my tops and dresses my bottoms in this large cabinet my workout gear slash athleisure in this corner cabinet and my underwear Pajamas and sweatpants in this chest of drawers that will also contain our communal pool of socks So we started with the pants cabinet. Oh it comes out Nice out Wow That is more than I thought it was where we were able to hang all of my jeans and lay out my much decreased Collection of shorts. Well, my shorts are just you know, they need some space next up We put away all of my file folded yoga pants and sports bras and hung up all of my workout tops It was quite the flurry of action Yeah, I’m not sure what to grab next I’m like should I take that To the closet and once all the clothes were put away in their new areas It was time for the micro organizing or what. I would call the professional touches So we’re gonna go in and we’re gonna make sure that everything is sorted by category and then we’re going to put in dividers that way it’s easy for you to find and also put things away and as some It’s just fun baskets. Yeah, I just wondered just baskets – super baskets are always fun We’re gonna add baskets to contain some of the items that don’t get hung in your closet like your winter Hats and your ski socks and things like that and then we’re gonna leave a little bit of room for growth So if you get more things over time We’ll have a little bit of empty basket space to grow into this was the time when the label maker was busted out we labeled a bunch of stuff now to make the most out of our drawers We added some cool slider dividers for my underthings as well as a couple mini baskets throughout for accessories Joni and kit had also brought some spring-loaded dividers to address our sock situation We have like multiple drawers worth of socks, right? There are gonna be two large drawers for socks. It’s a serious sock collection I’m so confused by that because I can never find socks So the fact that we have so many is confounding like I don’t know you have done the history So with the help of our dividers some serious folding and a little bit of last-minute Editing of the collection our communal sock drawer was born well There are two of them so twins and then finally as a finishing touch we filed away Tyler’s orthopedic accessory collection Okay so Tyler actually didn’t have anything in these bins because he had edited so much of his wardrobe down for me to grow but we Did find a couple of plantar fasciitis like braces their foot stretchers Yeah foot stretchers. So I decided to make one of his bins. Tyler’s weird foot stuff and put those up there Nothing weird about buying a fasciitis. I guess. That’s true. I darts I Don’t need to foot shame you and with our weird foot stuff accounted for organization day two Was complete. All right guys. Are we done? Oh my god. Oh my word I would say that like we took a lot of stuff out like look at these garbage bags you did you guys guys did a Great job editing down to the things that you really know. You’re gonna be wearing do you think we kept too much? I don’t think Joey might say yes, I Think you kept the perfect amount. So that was a wrap on Joanie kit and Devon, so Organization a chick let’s do it. Yeah. Yes. Yes. That was three high-fives in a row We didn’t talk about that beforehand that was unplanned So to top off our closet redo we pushed Tyler’s old Bureau into the guest room and went out to get a couple of decorative Items to spruce up the rest of our room just to make it feel a little less only Functional and a little more fun. Oh, and also we got a plant and with that our bedroom mini makeover was done So let’s take a look at our new closet and bedroom situation starting with my walk-in closet through the bathroom So in here we have all of my tops jackets tunics dresses and skirts all divided and labeled I feel like the setup is somewhat similar as in like most things are hanging still but the decreased quantity of clothes like definitely gives me more space to see stuff and I mean I feel like there are fewer clothes like that have fallen through the cracks of other clothes, obviously We also have our fun baskets up here. And then I’ve got an empty one for a little room for growth. I don’t know What’s gonna go up there? But it’s gonna be exciting when I figure out what will so next up for my stuff Is this unit over here, which is very different inside than it was before down here We have all of my pants and shorts and then in the middle We have a little surprise new jewelry display Jodi and kit had noticed that I previously had some jewelry like hiding in my closet so we thought it would be a good idea to put it out here so I could actually See it and then up top we have a bunch of boxes for our Toiletry cases other bags and things we have to take like to our office. This cabinet here is also very different now I’ve got workout tops up here and then I’ve got sports bras full-length yoga pants cropped yoga pants and gym shorts The rest of my clothes are now in our one shared dresser and in here I’ve got my decluttered bras my tights and Spanx my undies right here. I’ve got sweatpants and to finish off my clothes We’ve got my PJs as you can see the proud to be nerdy and a little flirty shirt did make it Oh, yeah, and of course, how could we forget about our communal sock drawers plural? So I feel like that’s a good transition to tyler stuff of which most of his bottoms are in here He has definitely seriously declutter his pants Three pans left and besides that he’s got his impressive box or collection And then under that we’ve got shorts joggers and sweatpants and more joggers and sweatpants and then down here Of course, we have his fancy hamper Oh, I love when the drawers catch themselves like at the end that’s fancy and then to finish off the clothes We’ve got Tyler’s closet over here, which no longer has a door and in here He’s basically just got all of his tops short sleeve Long-sleeve sweat shirts buttoned shirts and then like a couple jackets in the back besides all that we do have a few extra things that we’ve added to the room to make it more fun starting with my new hamper that Practically perfect helped us find it’s a giant divided hamper on wheels, which seems intense But I think it’s what I need besides that we also have some new wall hangings a new chair some fun throw pillows Including this triangular one a new rug and our fiddle leaf fig plant. It’s called a fiddle leaf fig Not a fiddly fig. I thought it was fiddly fig, but it’s not it is also real so we’re gonna keep that being alive Yes, we are gonna water it when it’s supposed to be watered. So all that is our new bedroom I’m really happy with how we’ve redone our closets because I feel like everything makes a lot more sense And in terms of the decor it might not be like a true. Mr Kate makeover, but you know we added some things here and there just to make it feel a little more homey Also, if you are wondering if I’m wearing the same thing that I’ve been wearing for days the answer is yes I wanted to wait to film this before I started taking clothes out of their places. Yes Okay, so that was getting our closets professionally organized I’m definitely very pleased with the final product of all of our work this week and it is actually a weight off of my shoulders to Think about how much we ended up decluttering I mean, we took bags and bags of stuff to be donated and as a final inventory Not only did we greatly reduce the barnacle That was my wardrobe But we were also able to move an entire Bureau out of our room and fit everything into our remaining furniture pieces with room to spare and it is also file Folded to the heavens, which is very sexy Christine might be a hollow sexual But I think I’m a condo sexual now in terms of the professional organizer aspect of our closet makeover I would say that anyone could probably declutter on their own at home Even though practically perfect traveling rod was very impressive but I found that there was a real benefit to having them Reconfigure our closets and drawers and teach us how to display things differently so we can actually find more of our stuff I guess I could have figured out the file fold on my own but I’m not sure if I would have figured out how to optimize these giant mirrored thingies without their help I think after this experience now that the floodgates have been opened on the clothes in general next up I’m probably gonna want to declutter some of our prop clothing I kind of want to sort through it all and then have like a giant yard sale for it except for the wish stuff I won’t charge anyone for that Thank you guys so much for watching and once again a big thank you to practically perfect for helping us declutter and Organize you can check out their Instagram in the description below if you liked that video make sure to smash that like button and if you want to see more videos like this make sure to Shamash that subscribe button here are my social media handles and a big shout out to arrests, uh for watching Thanks for watching or ésta, and I will see you guys next time

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