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I Got BANNED From Facebook Ads | Shopify Dropshipping

I Got BANNED From Facebook Ads | Shopify Dropshipping

well it looks like I’m officially being
sucked what’s poppin people it’s your boy the Beast of Ecom back with another
video drop nothing but you already know a little bit more depressing this time
but nevertheless value bombs so recently I got completely sucked by Facebook and
got all of my business manager and at accounts inside of it completely banned
so what I’m gonna share with you guys in this video is why I think it got banned
and how you guys can avoid or safeguard your accounts or this happening to you
and why it wasn’t so bad after all now this is the first time ever watching
one of my videos then make sure of course you like comment and make sure
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so you know I always share my highs with you guys and it’s really easy for you
guys to think that everything I do is all well and good and everything’s all
well and Sandy however I think it’s important that myself as a youtuber in
Econ to kind of share with you guys some of the lows as well because not every
day is rose petals and you know shiny gardens and rainbows so recently my
business manager was completely terminated band nine tiny sure why um by
Facebook for some weird reason now I’d spent close to 4 million dollars on this
business manager so this is kind of been the business manager that I had on
pretty much the start of things so I’ve spent an absolutely ton of money inside
of this business manager so you know Facebook don’t really care in terms of
Hamlet tracking spend on add and on a business manager because I know there’s
a lot there’s been a lot more bigger fish in the sea who have had their
business managers terminated as well so the question remains why did it happen
well Facebook will always respond with the blanket statement of policy
violations however they won’t tell you what policy you violated out
the number that they give you so it’s very hard to understand which policy
that you may have violated if you do get any banned Add Account
now did my business magic it found you to drop shipping how low you can still
dropship and not get a ban that account I mean you can even run stuff which is
being stopped in-house you know and still get a business manager ban so it
doesn’t mean just because our dropship clearing out my business manager and
accounts got banned so this is not a scare video or anything like that you
know I’ve still got another business manager that’s running fine and you know
completely fine and still making sales to this day reason what may have
triggered it was I think it might have been a product so he wasn’t launching
anything new on this business manager because we’ve already shifted tons of
stuff over to a nother business manager then we’ll talk about how you can
safeguard your accounts and stuff like that
a little bit later but we’d already shifted stuff over so the blow wasn’t as
bad as suspected but the it might have been down to a product that we were
selling in the beauty and health niche so do be very much aware of the products
that you are selling online if you are selling a beauty and house- products
then don’t make wild accusations of how this can cure you know X Y & Z you know
and don’t be spammy with themes so you know try to avoid those things if you
are sending those kinds of products now this happened a few weeks ago and the
blow wasn’t as big as it should have been for you know anyone who’s just
running one business manager because me being a person that I am and anyone who
talks to me I always say make sure you backup the backups have backups on top
of backups on top of backups so you know I’d already kind of plan for something
like this to ever happen so obviously you know we only had about 10 to 15% of
ads running you know for the stores coming in from this business manager
we’d already moved tons of stuff already over so with that being said things even
though we had spent close to four million dollars on this business manager
things weren’t as bad as they should have been or could have been but we did
lose tons of data in terms of you know custom audience will get disabled
look at our audiences or get disabled you know and all those sorts of things
get disabled as well so it is just very much a pain in the ass however how can
you guys kind of avoid this happen to you well personally my advice would
be to of course lack automation make sure you’ve got backups on backups on
backups on backups now of course this business managers gone I’ve probably got
about four three to four business managers okay which have all got ad
accounts in and you know you’ve always got to backup your backups because if
something like this does happen again I’m not invincible to it marketers who
are spending more than me a lot of meaning to it when Facebook decides to
trying to kick their fingers like that offs your business manager will just
disintegrate so if you have just got one business manager running at the moment
in time and all your ads inside of that make sure you’ve got a backup okay make
sure you start to share those the Klout audiences make sure you’ve got the right
accounts in different my business managers that are running and spending
money because if something like this does happen to yourself and you weren’t
in a fortunate position that I was in where I already had moved stuff over
then things could be a lot worse for yourself and of course on top of that as
well make sure you run in different traffic sources of course we’ve still
got Google running as well so that still brings in additional revenue as well so
make sure you do have you’re not just relying on Facebook as one traffic
source and you’re not just relying on one ad account or one business major
because again things could be a lot worse for yourself let me know if you’ve
ever had a ad account disabled or if you’ve ever had a business manner
disabled and what feedback you got from Facebook were you able to turn it around
I’ve not been able to turn this one around unfortunately yet but like I
mentioned I’m not that base because we’ve already got stuff going in you
know majority of things in another ad account
and we’ve already relaunched the stuff that was already in the band that
account so again things are all green right now but if you are been in this
position or if you ever have staff and let me know in the comments what
feedback you got from Facebook were you able to overturn it you know was you
just relying on that why that account let me know and what were the reasons
that you got back drop or comment down below and let me know
of course because these things happen to all Facebook marketers out there short
but sweet video but I hope you got some value from it if you did it force make
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so that is it for this video take care and I’ll see you in the next one

62 thoughts on “I Got BANNED From Facebook Ads | Shopify Dropshipping



  2. after 4m spent?!? Nobody's safe smh. Never got banned as of today but heard its a pain to get back

  3. #beastgang quick question man! Could you make a video about how you actually back up… i mean, just to be clear because im not exactly sure how its done so please man.

  4. I got my whole personal account permanently disabled by FB. Now have to use a friend’s profile to run ads 😅

  5. I've had my main store FB page blocked for bad customer feedback, any idea if I can start another page and point it to the same website/URL for ads?

  6. I got my page/ad account banned, re-strucutred and came up on top 4xing my revenue and 3xing my profits 😂😂😂 lesson learned

  7. As far as having a backup do you mean you have access to friends/family ad accounts where you are just added onto their ad account or do you create a second profile on facebook for yourself?

  8. How do you go about opening another business manager I know you have mentioned it in others video to have back up but how is done? Thank you!

  9. -never contact support
    -change domain
    -change your router and internet service provider
    -if you didint piss them off you should get away with it no problem
    -ive done this before with my account so i know what im talking about here.
    you can thank me by giving me advice on my store,it would be great 😀

  10. How do you get multiple Business Accounts? Friends and Families? Fake profiles through proxy servers?

  11. got banned for 2 days one time without a clear reason and lost the scale cheers Zach , now always scaling with .2 ads manager

  12. im sorry for that man.. if you can help us to back up the data into another account that would be great man thank you

  13. I thought you could only have 1 because they ask for your identity and card. How do you get around this? Anyone know?

  14. Hello, I’m sorry for taking your time but your the only person I trust with asking this.

    I have found a good product it is the pore cleaner blackhead remover tool, I have made an amazing video ad however it keeps getting disapproved for too much skin or referring to someone appearance but I have to show that for this product. Also other ads have done this.

    Please can you help me?


  15. Thanks for letting me know what I should watch out for! I just had one question, I heard people are getting banned on Facebook from traveling overseas, and somehow being in multiple locations at once. I am going to be traveling soon and I’m not sure how I should solve this. Does anyone have any advice on what I can do to deal with this? Advice is greatly appreciated, thank you!

  16. Bro I’m so glad you made this vid this exact same situation just happened to me. Business manager banned for no reason, I’m not even sure if it’s possible to get mine back because to request a review you need to verify your business with documents I don’t have on this new store.

  17. Bro this happened to me before don't rely on the ticket go to Facebook business chat option and talk with a real person they will definitely help you

  18. Facebook never gives a reason your business manager is disabled buy a bot not even a real person trust me this could happen mistakenly contact the Facebook staff go to Facebook business and in the bottom their is an option for live chat they will definitely help you if you did not wrong they activate it in a day ….

  19. What if u use the same credit card or phone number on the other business manager will you still get banned? I know people who got banned again because they use the same ip adress/phone number/ credit card…

  20. <3 <3 Thank you for the video, there's a lot of value here. I want to ask quickly how can I create multiple advertising accounts to backup when FB prohibits me .. How to create multiple FB ad accounts on one of my laptop without being detected by FB ? You can make a video about that?

  21. Not sure how true this is but I heard that Facebook doesn't like too many emojis on ads now…especially those 5 stars at the bottom of the ad. Hmm idk. Doubt they would disable accounts over that though.

  22. I have been annihilated multiple times the resent one was the worst got 11 business managers and none of my personal profiles are allowed to advertise, I have worked around it but it’s getting old

  23. first we must thinking about what exactly fb tracking from our old ad account disable , only credit card number ? billing address ? ip address ? cardholder name ? your shopify URL link used before ? so if only credit card number you can just call your credit company and report it as a lost and get the same card with different number , if you cardholder name is block you must use your friend or family credit card , if youR shopify url blocked change your domain with 10 $ , SO IF ANYBODY LIKE ME GET AD ACCOUNT DISABLE JUST SHARE THE EXPERIENCE TO BETTER UNDERSTANDING WHAT EXACTLY FB TRACK AFTER AD ACCOUNT DISABLE

  24. Is your second facebook profile yours or friends or fake? If its fake, how do you prove identity if asked?

  25. Facebook might have hired some new trainees who don't have any clue of what they are doing. My account was also banned I have contacted Facebook to know what was the rule that I have violated to avoid from making the same mistake again and they were not able to tell me. It's just very weird the way they are working.

  26. Banned too, no reason, as usual, no response for months, started a new Facebook account let's see how it goes. I was doing Affiliate Marketing, no direct offers, always landing page with quizzes or direct opt-ins. I was doing a lot in the health niche, they disapproved every ad I was trying to start when I realized I wasn't breaking any of their policies so I appealed their disapproving and got approved. Then a month later I got banned, with the same reason they always give, just breaking their policies, my theory is that they hate the health niche so they just ban a lot of people to get rid of them, because I can't find any policy I actually broke after reading their policies numerous numerous times

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