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I Dressed Like YouTubers For A Week

I Dressed Like YouTubers For A Week

Hello friends and welcome to another video This week I’m gonna be dressing like seven different Youtubers Now, as you guys may know, I’ve done a few seven day outfit challenges in the past Like dressing in different outfits that represent my zodiac sign for a week, dressing like different store mannequins for a week, and even dressing like my boyfriend Tyler for a week and I thought it would be fun to try another one of these style challenges but this time with the styles of other Youtubers Just to see what it would be like to retire my bat wings for a time and try on some other Youtuber ‘fits. So I decided to do some investigative research a nice way of saying intense internet stalking to see if I could come up with seven outfits that capture the trademark looks of these Youtubers without one: just wearing their merch or two: asking them for advice None of them know I’m doing this and I hope they’re not mad. Now, a couple of other prefaces This isn’t just a list of my favorite Youtubers or the only Youtubers I like Though I will say I do watch and enjoy all of the following people’s videos so no shade to them Or to anyone for that matter. As a general rule, I chose Youtubers that I think present a distinct, personal style that I could replicate. So with that, let’s get to dressing like other Youtubers for a week So for our first Youtuber outfit, we went with Simply Nailogical aka Cristine Rotenburg HOLO Tyler: (wheeze) So Cristine’s channel started off focused on nail art tutorials and though she still does do those occasionally, she’s also branched out to a wider range of topics including banana hacks and spreading the message of “holosexuality” aka becoming aroused by holographic stuff. Cristine: “it’s holo biiitch” For this outfit I repped Christine’s home and native land, Canada, pretty hard. Tyler: Act Canadian. Oh I’m Sooorry Tyler: That’s your Canadian impersonation? That’s my best Canadian impersonation. Tyler: Very Apologetic. Apologetic with an accent With a sweatsuit and shirt from the Canadian brand, Roots Which is a favorite of hers as you can see on her instagram and in many of her videos I’M JUST A SENTIMENTAL SOCK, please, Roots give me a brand deal Overall, it seems that Cristine favors comfy wear with long sleeves, long pants. And when she retreats fully into the hood of her sweatshirt She calls herself a sock Cristine: “I’m just a sock!” Tyler: You look like foreskin This is a different iteration of Sockfiya It’s Cristine Sockenburg As for the shoes, we needed some item of holographic clothing and I find that besides her nails Cristine’s feet are where she most often expresses her holosexual zeal Cristine has like black adidas superstars that have holo stripes, we couldn’t find those but these are more holo, so… As I show off my nonpainted nails In terms of accessories aside from her love of holo and socks Cristine also loves tea and not just the metaphorical kind So I feel like while I’m dressed as Cristine Oh yeah And her boyfriend Ben, brings it to her at seemingly any hour of the day Cristine: BEYYN. BEYYN. Is that my tea? BEYYN. Is that you? Tyler? Tyler: What? Where’s my tea? (haha)
Why did I sound like Cookie Monster when I tried to do that? Tyler: Does Cristine sound like Cookie Monster? I think there’s also a hint of Yoda in my “Cristine asking for tea” voice Tyler. Tyler? Tyler: Alright, Imma spare the audience from hearing that anymore let’s go get the tea Tyler So tea in hand and larynx thoroughly gargled, the only thing we were missing to complete our transformation into Cristine was a cat as lovingly harassed as her cat Menchie is Crusty gang. Crusty gang. Crusty gang. Crusty gang. Did I do it right? Listen up Menchie, I don’t know if you’re ready for this, but, Crusty is coming for your whiskers. So for my next outfit, I dressed up like Casey Niestat. So Casey Niestat is a daily vlogger from New York City, who’s often seen bouncing around the streets of Manhattan either on one of his morning runs, or cruising on an electric skateboard. Hey! Someone took my board! He’s also known for his signature camera work, scenic time lapses, and montages. How much do you think I need to film for it to be enough for a time lapse? So for his outfit, I chose a black suit with a skinny tie, and Vans sneakers. I would say that Casey appears very frequently in suits and tuxes. He used to wear them more for special events, earlier on but now a days, he’s wearing suits a lot. So, I’m in a suit.
Tyler: Yeah! Safiya: And there’s a plane by overhead. How expensive is your most expensive seat? And of course, it wouldn’t be a Casey Niestat outfit without his custom sunglasses. Which he’s almost always wearing, rain or shine. The reason that Casey says that he wears these sunglasses all the time, is because he doesn’t like looking into the lens or the viewfinder and getting cross-eyed which I completely understand, because that happens to me all the time so I actually like the sunglasses approach. We made our pair by replicating the instructions in our tutorials. Basically, you take some sunglasses, put painter’s tape over the back lenses, spray them down in primer, and then scrape it off in a haphazard manner with a popsicle stick. I haven’t taken the painter’s tape off yet so I can’t see anything. Tyler: They look good though! Safiya: They smell even better. Tyler: They smell toxic. Safiya: Ooo, yeah. Safiya: Casey’s hair is also a pretty signature part of his style so there’s absolutely no way I can actually replicate Casey’s hair, because he has naturally curly hair, or at least I assume that he does and my hair is much longer and straight. But he did have a man-bun phase. So I’m gonna go for like, a crunchy bun. This is Aqua Net hairspray which I still have from our 1987 video. I don’t think he actually uses Aqua Net hairspray, but I thought it would give my hair that kind of crunchy looking effect. Did you just spray one spot? Though I would say that the hair and sunglasses are pretty consistent elements of Casey’s style Casey doesn’t always wear a suit, obviously He has a more casual office look and also an active running look Safiya: 7 minute mile is pretty good for me Tyler: (hahaha)
You’ve never ran a 7 minute mile Safiya: In high school I ran a 7:49 Tyler: Get the f*ck out of here Safiya: And occasionally, he wears a Youtube varsity jacket and snowpants and gets dragged around in the middle of a blizzard to the tune of Frank Sinatra’s “New York, New York” Start spreading the news I’m leaving today I want to be a part of it, New York Now I did this for quite a while longer than I’m proud of Tyler: Are we getting hit by a car? (laughs) Tyler: I’m presuming you’re going to heavily reference this video, right? No. I’m gonna give no visual aids whatsoever If you don’t know the reference, get out Though for Casey, I think it was more of a one-time thing but I just couldn’t help myself, I like Frank Sinatra So for my next outfit I dressed like LaurDIY aka Lauren Riihimaki I can’t tell you for sure that that’s how you pronounce her name but you know, we’re both part of the “hard to pronounce” club so I feel like I get a little pass As her name implies, Laur does a lot of DIY crafts and hacks on her channel And besides tutorials She also posts DIY battles, an occasional music videos such as the rap song “DIY Queen” and weekly vlogs which often times feature her boyfriend Alex Wasabi Together, they have been dubbed “Laurex” Tyler: Hey, Saf
Safiya: Yes? Tyler: What would our, like, uhhh…. Safiya-Tyler name conjunction be? Safiya: Safty Tyler: What about Safler. Safty? Safiya: Like a little flaccid Safiya: Filer? Tyler: Filer! (hahaha) So all the names are creepy Lauren does experiment with her style a fair amount But I would say that high-waisted jean shorts, crop tops, and midriff-tied flannels are some key elements that she often returns to Tyler: Yeah. Safiya: So I’m just, I’m fidgeting Tyler: Yeah, I feel like the midriff is a big focal point of this outfit Safiya: So for this look I went for a pair of black jean shorts a striped halter top a red flannel a black bomber jacket worn around the elbows white sneakers and a pair of aviator sunglasses Tyler: that’s not very DIY Queen of you Safiya: I’m DIY, uh, nose-picking Laur does a few different things with her hair But I chose this sort-of half-up baby top bun which I clearly didn’t execute very well because it kept flopping around Tyler: It’s like an acorn Maybe it could’ve used some of that Casey AquaNet Because I kept having to redo it Tyler: Kind of yeah. It’s more scraggly. But it’s more erect It’s not a “Safty”? Tyler: No (Evil witch laugh) So for our LaurDAY Get it?
Day We decided to try and recreate one of her DIYs which required a little trip to the crafts store Tyler: I feel like with the amount you like to eat stuff, I think you would die as a DIY-er Though I’m not a big crafter, I do like stores I found some googly eyes I’m gonna go home and put googly eyes on all my plants The craft we took on was a DIY galaxy phone case made by painting a plain black phone case with nail polish and buffing it in with a sponge stick That doesn’t look so bad!
We gotta buff it like Lauren though I wouldn’t rate myself very high on the DIY scale This craft didn’t actually take very long and I think it came out looking pretty “dern” good It’s kinda cute Is it v cute?
That’s a high compliment Tyler Overall, I would say it was a pretty productive day I’m not sure I’m good enough at DIYs to be a DIY queen But I could be, like, a DIY rook So for our fourth Youtuber outfit we went for Trisha Paytas. I’m ready to mukbang
Tyler: I am, too, I’m hungry Trisha’s channel is pretty much a mix of a few different formats She does mukbangs, storytimes, vlogs, and music videos Tyler: How many Trisha songs can you sing along to? The only one I really know is “Thiccc girls are a boy’s best friend” But I would say that Trisha’s glitzy, bold style is pretty iconic This look, specifically, is a recreation of an outfit that she wore on her Instagram earlier this year as well as when she was caught by the paparazzi with Ryland Adams It also touches on some signature elements of Trisha’s style Pink. Lace. Shiny. Comfortable. Gucci. Or are they Versace? Either way, hers are real and these are fake from Amazon Prime In general, I would say that Trisha’s outfits swing between very casual and very glam And we chose this look in particular, because it’s kind of both I also chose this outfit because I recognized the pants. As we had bought literally the exact same pair in olive green earlier last year to maybe make a video with, but we never did Why couldn’t I have bought them in pink then I already would’ve owned these So for our day dressed as Trisha We thought it was only appropriate for us to experience our first mukbang So we decided we would take on a McNugget McMukbang ala Trisha and Shane What sauce do you want?
Sweet and Sour
Sweet and Sour, please Alright, so we got 40 chicken McNuggets, a large Diet coke and a medium fries. Is this a business expense? Definitely
(Stuttering from Tyler) And after receiving them, we took them home, plopped on the floor, and began to eat So I just got all this stuff and then I’ve got, like, a giant thing of ketchup, too Cheers to the mukbang Hell yeah Oh that’s good. Overall, I think I’m actually into mukbangs So far this is fun This is 1 of 4 boxes though I have only eaten 1 chicken McNugget so far And though I don’t think I can scarf them like I used to as a kid, The nuggets were pretty darn good I feel like I’m having flashbacks to the last time I’ve had chicken McNuggets from Mickey D’s Just like *boom* I know I’m like–
I’m 12 I’m smelling the plastic of the play place There was always that one kid That went into the play place like without underwear on for some reason.
Really? Or you’d be like climbing up the thing and look up and be like: *Scarred Safiya That chick’s commando That’s traumatizing It was It was *Tyler repeats FOR NO REASON* So dressing like Trisha plus mukbang
A-check! So for our next outfit I went for, a superwoman aka Lilly Singh-inspired look What up everyone it’s your girl Safiya Good thing my name starts with an “S” so I can do this finger-thing, huh? I don’t think you’re doing it right; that’s a Z What up everyone it’s your girl Zafiya Ah, okay Safiya There you go! Zafiya Okay now you just go between them So Superwoman’s channel primarily features scripted comedy videos sometimes showcasing mainstream celebrities and also her rapping talent And amongst her large portfolio of videos is her series of her parents reacting to pop culture moments We found a little less evidence of Lilly’s full outfits on her Youtube channel itself where she’s often in character and you actually rarely see her bottom half But we did find a lot of photos of her looks on Instagram I feel like Lilly has a pretty varied style Though I would say her outfits usually fall into three categories Red Carpet Lilly Bawse/Office Lilly and sort of a Canadian casual Lilly which is what I’m taking on today This outfit, specifically, includes distressed jeans, which actually do make the rare leg appearance on her channel chunky Timberland boots and an acid-wash denim jacket worn casually around the elbows I think that one thing about Lilly’s style and some of the elements of this outfit capture it is that she’s definitely marinated in a little swaggu Yeah, it’s kinda like my jacket’s not really on but I don’t care I’m also sporting a Toronto vintage Raptors jersey This outfit is brought to you by the Toronto Raptors And the Raptors brought to you by Drake Yes, as I insinuated Lilly is Canadian as well as sort of like a Raptors super fan and she can often be seen at their games wearing an assortment of their merch This jersey in particular is a Vince Carter jersey and Vince Carter is a very prominent player for the Toronto Raptors
Was *Tyler corrects* Was a very prominent player He was cousins with Tracy McGrady He was a cousin of Tracy McGrady Well, he is a cousin of Tracy McGrady He still is. One more. Uh, he went to UNC (Tyler is just a “sport encyclopedia”) He went to UNC Number 3 overall pick (Why….) So he’s not even Canadian? *genuinely surprised*
No Does Drake know? As we mentioned, Lilly can also be seen dressing up like her parents in her videos who have pretty iconic looks of their own at this point Coincidentally I also have an Indian mother to dress up like who in all likelihood would also be shocked by Nicki Minaj What? Safiya! Lilly! Lilly!
Lilly! My dad, however, is Danish and I would honestly be very surprised if he had any opinion of Nicki Minaj at all Why is it so loud? We’re watching Nicki Minaj
Quiet What’s up with your hair?
Quiet, quiet, quiet (hahaha) what else can you say? So next up for my penultimate outfit I took on Jenna Marbles aka Jenna Mourey My name is Safiya I’m 26 years old and I have a basketball game tomorrow Tomorrow’s Thursday There’s nothing wrong with Thursday you can have a basketball game on a Thursday
I guess you’re right So Jenna has been on Youtube for quite a while and over time, her channel has evolved from shorter comedy videos to longer, unscripted videos about her dogs, her boyfriend Julian, life, makeup, and the trials and tribulations of her eyebrows Oh yes, and the basketball thing. Amongst the many memes of Jenna Marbles, I believe at some point last year she began imitating a Vine about a boy named Trey My name is Trey I have a basketball game tomorrow It’s unclear if her basketball game ever arrives but she’s brought it up many times Hi my name’s Jenna I’m 30 I have a hamster and I have a basketball game tomorrow Hey guys it’s me I have a basketball game tomorrow Anyway. I would say Jenna’s style in general is pretty laid back and layered and we get a good sense of how layered she is in her podcasts as she seems to be gradually turning into a human blanket which is a good vibe, overall but for the middle of July in Los Angeles, it was a little tough. it’s so hot!
It’s toasty I’m hot 2008 hot. Ba-dum-tsss
hahahaha As for this outfit, it includes a black Twitch t-shirt which is often repped by both Jenna and Julian, a black hoodie and blue and white flannel tied around the waist, black leggings, and black fuzzy slides. Now there are only two examples of her fuzzy slides that we could find But the one time that I met Jenna at Vidcon in 2017, she was wearing similar fluffy sandals So I can only assume she wears them all the time Jenna also often wears a “Neat Dude” beanie At first I actually thought this was her merch…. it turns out it’s not and almost always wears a dark black plastic tattoo choker She’s also usually surrounded by her dogs Now we don’t have any dogs but we do have a cat Yyyeahhh, we do So Jenna’s dog Kermit has a thing for Irish spring soap But when we presented our cat Crusty with a few bars of this stuff he seemed thoroughly unimpressed Immediate dismissal But like Jenna’s dogs, he didn’t seem to like being put in a costume either now to finish off our day as Jenna Marbles, I decided to do the unthinkable and play tomorrow’s basketball game today This should suffice for my basketball game look at how many there are
There are a lot *Tyler agrees, unenthusiastically* So I warmed up with some dunking Is this regulation? Sure No way, that looks really high Or at least dunk attempts What can I say? I’ve got hops Now I never said I was good at basketball In fact I don’t think I’ve touched one since my sophomore year of high school But I will say, I made a lot more shots than I thought I would Catch ya on the flip side! I didn’t make any over my shoulder, though Catch ya on the flip side! *Tyler wheezes* (Are you okay?) Alright, I’m gonna quit while I’m ahead Ahead? I’m not sure Jenna would be proud of me but maybe we’ll see her at the game tomorrow and we can ask her then and finally, for our last Youtuber outfit we chose the King of Trash, Shane Dawson Me. Now Shane has been posting on Youtube for like 10 years and both his video style and his personal style have changed a lot in that time. Currently, he’s been producing a lot of long-form investigative videos Often times in multi-installment series with a healthy speckling of his classic conspiracy theory videos Now I’m not exactly sure where the Shane referring to himself as trash meme began. (sings) I’m not a girl, I’m just a trash bag But I thought we couldn’t wear his outfit and not go on the search for some garbage The top won’t open Ugh, me Oh, hello That’s you after a few drinks I guess in a sense Shane wears trash cans though more often he kind of resides inside of them I’ve got it I’m gonna do a three-part series on luxury trash cans TanaCon? *more wheezing* But besides trash cans Me. I would say Shane’s style is pretty simple and can be defined as a shirt That is to say he tends to find one shirt that he likes and wears it for extended periods of time Currently his shirt du jour Or i guess du on Is his “Oh my God” pig merch shirt which I paired with black jeans and black running shoes And if you hadn’t noticed, we’re also at Taco Bell Hey, look, I’m here Now I tried to avoid just wearing people’s merch as their outfits but with Shane, I was left with no option Ooooo, that’s their new merch photos put me on Amazon, Shane just put me right there From what I can tell, the only exception to this one shirt rule is his conspiracy theory shirt which is kind of like the shirt I’m wearing here but this is just a dupe Because Shane’s actual t-shirt was very difficult to track down So difficult, in fact, it was almost like it didn’t exist so when looking for Shane’s actual conspiracy theory shirt I found two clues. One was a listing on the website The Hunt which linked Shane’s conspiracy theory shirt to a Poshmark listing for an American Eagle Tribal printed Baseball t-shirt But when I went to buy it it was sold out The second clue is the first appearance of the shirt on Shane’s channel From what I can tell, this shirt was first featured in the thumbnail for a video called “Reading Dirty DMs From Fans” published on January 29th, 2015 Now to try and find the thread to connect these two clues together I tried to look for images from the American Eagle 2015 catalogue But the only image I could find was this one of their showroom in October of 2014 Now there’s no sign of Shane’s shirt here But if you look closely at this hoodie There is a similar horizontal tribal print So it was probably an American Eagle t-shirt that Shane bought in late 2014 or early 2015 and I may have overreached a little bit A lot But, hey that’s just a theory sorry, wrong Youtuber Okay, so those were my seven Youtuber outfits I really enjoyed trying to piece together these looks especially the ones that were really far away from my own everyday style and it was fun kind of vlogging a day in the life of some of my favorite channels I’m sorry if I permanently ruined Frank Sinatra for anyone I’m not sure that this experiment says a lot about how Youtubers dress in general Because if I had chosen a few different creators I could’ve easily ended up in all Gucci which would’ve been not only different but also very expensive But overall, I would say that most of these Youtuber outfits were pretty casual and pretty layered Even if they did have their own unique or glamorous flairs with the exception of Casey who’s outfit was pretty dressed up But that might be a New York versus LA thing Although I guess Cristine does live in Ottowa so we’ll just leave her up there for now Thank you guys so much for watching if you liked that video make sure to SHAMASH that like button and if you want to see more videos like this make sure to SHAMASH that subscribe button Also a big shoutout to all of the Youtubers I dressed like this week please don’t copyright strike me I’ve linked all their channels down below if you want to check those out A big shoutout to Malynn for watching Thanks for watching, Malynn. And I will see you guys a next time.

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