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I challenge the Ender Dragon in Minecraft (Ending) – Part 30

I challenge the Ender Dragon in Minecraft (Ending) – Part 30

PEEPEEPOOPOO!!! PEEPEEPOOPOO!!!! PEEPEEPOOPOO!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!! My old friend My best friend In the whole world peePeePooPoo Peepeepoopooh He betrayed me Oh my god PeePeePooPoo I’ll get you for this I’ll get you for this one day He pushed me in Surely it must have been a mistake Theres no way peepeepoopoo would Deliberat (sorry I cant spell) betray me Oh god.. I dont have the material to get to the island I do have an enderpearl INTENSE MOANING Oh I hope this works oh?! okay I think I pissed one off Oh ayy I pissed the dragon off Sorry Im…Im good if you get to know me ok Ill stare in the corner ok Im too scared shield my sweedish shield ah! Sorry! ah AH! AHEOAUGH Ahah!! No!! I’m not ready for this fight Do something enderman It’s fine it’s fine. I’m not afraid I’m not afraid Can I mine these? Okay Oh god ohmigod he shoot ball. Ahh!!, he shoot ball He crazy he shoot ball at me We’re gonna have to do this the old Swedish way. Ahh he keep shooting balls Is there a way out of the ender? Is there a way out of this area Ha ha you’re approaching me That’s right enderdragon I’m approaching you ‘Cause I can’t kick your face in Without doing it Why are there so many of you guys So this is it huh I know a little bit about oh god listen, we weren’t even talking. Ah, two of them? Fine Hey an ender pearl I’ll take it Arrows can’t hurt him. I keep telling you guys. No one believed me So there’s these things on top that I have to shoot Higher Am I out of arrows? Oh god. Oh god. Oh god What have I done? Oh god take the aaaaah it’s for my face This is fine Peepeepoopoo once I see your stupid face You’re gonna get a knuckle sandwich When did this disappear? Oh god. I only have my Trident. Ohmigod, oh god Stupid ender dragon ah cheepalepalla (?) All right, I gotta hit the I gotta hit the things on top Got one. Yeah Easy My aim is 2020 oh god Oh god Which one got pissed off? Alright maybe I pissed off a lot of them for no reason oh god By the power of Water Sheep yeah Water sheep give me strength. Oh I hit him damn. Idiot. Yeah Yeah, too strong Ender dragon more like no problem man I have to return I have to return retreat I do have the enderchest Ooo I have beds. I have pumpkin. I already prepared oh Bow With Infinity I forgot I did this and I named it IKEA Bird Arrow! There it’s real battle begins now. I was ready to give up. Oh I think not Go forth my army My army! Aw he died already Just don’t ah, sorry, bro IKEA bird give me strength YES IKEA BIRD I guess I can see which one’s are healing cuz he’s flying across that one’s still healing What else that one still has it? Okay Come on Yeah, did I do it? It’s so weird Boo! Boo! Ok If we place water at the bottom then at least if I fall down I won’t die Oh god oh god, I’m actually scared It’s an iron gate I did it I did it Ha ha This is going swimmingly, come on army Aw this one’s still healing him aw dang it. Oh, this is a tough one. I don’t understand did I get it? I think I di- must have You only have one tower of defense left coward Oh, oh this is bad Oh, What I didn’t even do anything Yes Yes, heh heh Come on come on, come on, this is for Joergen 2 What excuse me why oh Okay cannonball Let’s set up the army it’s time to enter Phase 2 my army Okay, here we go here we go here we go Phase 2 – Keep shooting him Yes get ’em boys Yeah, it’s working it’s taking damage get ’em boys, whoa Keep shooting come down you coward. This is for IKEA Bird! Wait what is happening? I told you he’s immune to arrows. I told you guys Oh Boys Oh no no! Water Sheep This is for Rolf This is for Water Sheep This is for IKEA Bird 1 Hit him with the bed Whoa Oh God, no, I didn’t know he could do that aaah no nooo Sven, oh, I failed Aah don’t look at me Sven. I’m a failure. Oh no Hug me guys, I need a hug I’m going to get my stuff back I’ve never run this fast in my life. I’m going to get my stuff Yeeeeeah Yeeeeeah I trusted you and you betrayed me And for this, I’m gonna push you in come here. Heyheyheyhey! I’m gonna push you in so hard. That you don’t even know what pushing means Come here. Come here you little scoundrel. Oh, don’t fall off. Don’t be afraid. Come on go in Yeah ha haaa! So you listen for oh god quick What are you afraid little pig? Oh god ’cause I am My stuff I need my stuff. Oh my god their keep fighting the battle continues. Where is my stuff? I see my pickaxe. Oh here they are. Whoa. I can’t believe I actually made it. Oh I’m digging a hole. Oh my god my power of Water Sheep is so soft. I got something to do first There is something I need to prepare Oh he healed fully are you kidding me? Yeah Yeah Oh god Don’t go in there Peepeepoopoo No He died Peepeepoopoo! Why Peepeepoo why? Oh my God. He’s alive Peepeepoo you made it. Oh Oh no that that sucks, that just really sucks Your name is Peepeepoopoo. That’s right Sven, Peepeepoopoo. We’re gonna beat the ender dragon together Hoo hoo hoo hoo! Our army! Yeah! And we’ll need boats this time I will come prepared. I will need my shield Fully Swedish This time I go alone This time it’s between me and my enemies I’ll take a pork chop and eat it Get in the boat get in the boat get in the boat. Hey you Get in the boat Hey you Get in the boat get in the boat you will all be in boats Get in the boat. Get in! We’re all gonna float Get ’em, yeah, oh no wait, you’re not supposed to be in the boat No stop Get in the boat Get him in the boat Our battle begins I can’t hit him I hit him for a second, oh no. Oh oh ooo oh God he’s hard to hit. Yes. Time to go to sleep. Goodnight gamers! Yees. Oh god In the beginning we died from sleeping now we use it as a threat Oh god, oh god. Oh god. Ooo That was close one more time Yes, oh my god so close. For IKEA Bird! YEAH! Yeeees! Ah sweet XP oh Oh what? Ohmigod we did it. We did it. 69? Aw, man Please tell me I was recording. Friends become enemies. Enemies become friends. Amazing What a battle. Is this the way back? Where’s the egg? Oh there’s the egg So, how do I get the egg again use a torch I think Apparently I need a piston so I’ll get it later I’ll get it later, Gamers. Huh! I went through! Huuuh! We did it. We did it, Gamers Jeezuz huh! I found it I found it Ah ah Mom! Diamond! Wooo! Whoooa! Joergen we’re going so fast! Ha ha alright goodnight Gamers aaah He’s sitting he’s so cuuute! Is this annoying? I hope you’re annoyed Jeb Because no one likes you and this is how this is what it’s like talking to you Jeb. Home sweet home. Sven Sven’s BF Svenson, Ulla Britta Bengt Joergen We did it But we lost a lot of friends on the way But they’ll live on. Come on guys All right, you guys ready for this? Joergen can’t wait Ohmigod. Yeees! IKEA Tower forever, IKEA Tower has never been so beautiful. Yeah That’s beautiful Thank you everyone Thank you everyone for watching this minecraft series. It’s been an epic epic journey With so many memorable moments so many amazing times. I loved playing this for you guys, and I hope you guys had fun as well. So therefore we’re gonna end it Brofist. Psych! You really thought it was over, huh? *gaspu* There’s so many things more in Minecraft, that’s right Sven I can’t leave you behind I have to get the elytra so I can fly and stuff. I’ll see you, Gamers in the next episode. Bye bye JK THE SERIES END Ya mums Ya nan

100 thoughts on “I challenge the Ender Dragon in Minecraft (Ending) – Part 30

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  2. Pewds has such a good year going and i am truly happy for him. Married. 100mil and finished the game. And hes so happy which is so sweet.

  3. Felix marry Marzia
    100 M on YT
    Defeated the Ender dragon
    Thanks water sheep for ur holy moly gracious precious blessing!♥️

  4. Peepeepoopoo betrayed him not once but twice – first by pushing him into the portal, then by committing suicide

  5. I don't care that he went to creative to get the diamond armour, sword and infinity bow to defeat the ender dragon. This was so beautiful

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  7. Wonderful minecraft serie 👏🏻 👏🏻.Sad that it's the last episode but man I never thought I would get attached to your world.The way you played it was creative and so fun.The way you killed the Dragon seemed like a child using all he knows to do something and find fun In it.This minecraft serie is gold.Bye bye Dinnerbone and Jeorgen,Rip peepeepoopoo,Love Ikea bird,Respect wataah sheep,and eat Sven❤️

  8. Pee Pee Poo Poo betrayed you , but in the end he decided to fight the Enderdragon and died as a hero !
    R.I.P Pee Pee Poo Poo 🐷

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