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I Bought The First 5 Things Instagram Recommended To Me

I Bought The First 5 Things Instagram Recommended To Me

Hello friends and welcome to another video Today I’m going to be ordering the first five things that are recommended to me on my Instagram feed A little while ago, I did a video about ordering the first five things that were on my Facebook news feed to see if Facebook knew me well enough So that the ads that were recommended to me were for things that I would like So I thought it was an interesting experiment and you guys really wanted to see more. So this week I’m taking on Instagram Now I think I have a slightly different relationship with Instagram than I do with Facebook I think with Facebook I mostly just connect to my friends from high school and college And I have a lot of like old pictures on there And it is more of a like a personal profile, where as on Instagram I feel like I follow a lot more brands like makeup and clothing brands Now of course Instagram has been previously bought by Facebook so they’re both the same company But I do have like different interactions on each platform And just with an eye test I do get slightly different ads I’m gonna go with the same set of rules; I’m going to be buying the first 5 things that are in sponsored posts on my feed that are in my budget Last time I had a budget of about $25 to $30, this time I’m gonna up it a little bit to about $50 Just because of the things I’ve seen on my Instagram feed are often times CRAZY expensive. But I also think just generally more expensive than the things that are advertised to me on Facebook Like I’ve seen some like really out there like $400 shoes that Instagram thinks I’m just going to casually buy when I’m like waiting in line at Subway So last time I was able to buy everything at one time, but Instagram’s sponsored posts appear more sporadically than Facebook’s So I’m going to be buying these things over the next few days And then we’re gonna come back and see, what the haul is like and uh, if these things are any good okay, ordering Instagram products, um let’s see what my Instagram feed has in store for me Okay so this is an advertisement for ‘reckless girls’ *Ad description* “pick up our Bogo active wear line while it lasts” It looks like it’s leggings, basically, like workout leggings, which I’m decently interested in So I can get two pairs, for 45 bucks. *Tyler speaking* [off screen] “that’s a good deal!” I hope these are good, because if that’s true, this is an awesome deal Okay so these are ones that I picked. I picked the ‘overdrive leggings’ which are these ones. and then these are the ‘too swift leggings’ There weren’t really like any plain black ones which is what I usually go for when it comes to leggings, but these seem fun! Okay so two pairs of leggings on the way from ‘Reckless girls’ I just want to show you guys one other thing that I saw when I opened my feed I’m currently doing a video on Curology custom skin care So I found sponsored post for Curology, after I had just bought Curology like 2 days ago On Instagram, when they show you an ad, they do have a “Why Am I Seeing This” option Or like an “About Instagram Ads” option “We want to show you ads from businesses that are interesting and relevant to you,” “And to do that, we use the information about what you do on Instagram and Facebook (our parent company)” “And on third-party sites and apps.” *meows* Followin’ me around the internet. This is like, probably a couple hours later, I just opened my Facebook feed And I have Reckless Girls as the first thing on my feed. They were like, “Wait! You like that stuff? Come back!” *Tyler, off camera* Okay, so we found another one. It’s from this place called “Shop Hush” It says, “The hottest makeup products, 60-90% off department store prices.” Oh, it’s an app? Okay, I’ll get the app. Sure. “Tap to open.” “Nothing in your cart.” Okay. What should I get? *Tyler, off camera* Dupes! Dupes. They do carry, like, brands that I know like NYX, and e.l.f., I saw. There is this bundle right here. It’s “The Perfect 10 Bundle.” 4 items for $10. An eyeshadow palette, a contour and glow palette, a blender sponge, and a natural sugar lip scrub. For 10 bucks. I’m gonna buy this. I’ll use my Apple Pay. Wow, exciting. Okay, don’t look at that. Even though the screen record says 9AM, it’s 4PM And this is my second ad of the day So I think that they are noticing that i am clicking. And they’re giving me more. I don’t know if that’s true, but I feel like– You know, there’s some blood in the water. I’m biting. This is this place called “Trap Bae” The caption says “These girls born in the 90’s are dangerous.” The jacket that was in the instagram post is what I’m buying. Um, this is called the “Mother of Pearl” jacket It was 35 bucks, but it is on sale for 20 dollars. Okay, so I got this jacket. I scrolled really far back up, and I actually saw another sponsored post Called “dagnedover,” and just from the looks of it, it’s looks like it’s gonna be expensive. Let’s take a look. Yeah, it’s 400 dollars. Okay, so it is 2:30AM; we are stuck in the line of the drive-thru at Del Taco. *Tyler, off camera* Yes. But I did find another instagram ad. This is “Of a Kind” It looks like a blush, a stick blush It’s in between a post that I do follow of katvondbeauty and morphebrushes The thing that they were showing me was this Bidi Bidi Balm Balm, nice Selena reference there So it doesn’t seem like everything is from the same brand So maybe it’s like a compilation site? This one looks like the one that was advertised, this balm thing I’m gonna go for bronze shimmer Oh! And it looks like you can put it on your lips too Alright, um, I’m gonna buy this right now Damn, 28 bucks for a balm? Okay. Alright. Sure. Okay guys, so I have found what I think is my last instagram product This is called “Slick Case” “Color your world and get into that Californian spirit with our latest styles.” So it looks like they’ve got phone cases, and maybe cases or stickers for your laptop Alright, I’m gonna click “Shop Now” Alright, let’s see what they’ve got for MacBooks That could be exciting. So they’ve got some cool floral ones Some cool marble looking ones A couple that are like, galaxy Mercury?! I kinda want that Okay, so I’m going to get this Mercury case for, uh, 47 bucks Okay, and shipping is 13 dollars So that’s a 60 dollar MacBook case. But hopefully it’s a really good MacBook case So I have all five things heading my way We got the leggings, the pack of makeup, the jacket, the bronzer/blush, and then we got this MacBook case I think I’m most excited about the jacket and the leggings, so we’ll see how those turn out And yeah, next time you see me, I’ll have my haul Okay, so I’ve got my haul here Let’s get right into it Let’s start opening the things So I’m gonna start with the last thing that I got, which is the Slick Case MacBook case Here we go I guess I thought it might be like a little more holo It’s pretty much just like a still-image of an oil slick But it’s still pretty cool. Oh look! You can go straight through. I’m opening it; ready? HA! Currently, my laptop is just free ballin’ it Like, I don’t have any case on it at all So I’m excited to get some protection Oh, actually, when I took the plastic off, it’s more matte Looks like my computer just ran a marathon And this is its foil. Lemme just clean this off really quick; there’s a lot of cat hairs on here. Oh! I’m not doing a good job at this I think that the phone and laptop case ad is like pretty low hanging fruit For an instagram, or even a Facebook, or pretty much any internet ad I think that they’re assuming that you’re probably using a phone or a computer to surf The only way that they couldn’t get you is if you’re using a desktop So it’s not like, that personalized But I do like the aesthetics of this And I do like the case selection that they had There we go, got a whole new wardrobe It doesn’t add too much weight, ’cause you know, it’s a little heavy–got me nervous I started just throwing it in the air This is the most expensive item I got by a decent amount But, you know, I’m excited about it So, great. Okay, so this next thing is from Hush, the app In general, I got a lot of, like, marketplaces Like they would often direct me to sites or apps that had a lot of different products And for Shop Hush, they were like “Do you want any of this?” So, I’ve got a sugar lip scrub, a blending sponge And then I’ve got, I think it’s an eyeshadow palette, and another eyeshadow palette Oh, it’s a contour! Contour and Glow. Also, the entire–something in this box smells like strawberries. And I don’t know It’s definitely the sugar lip scrub. Wow, that smells very–oh! It’s cranberry. I’m always down for new lip scrubs so I’m excited about this My hand feels very exfoliated It’s a little rough, but, you know, the sugar is just disappearing so it seems like a good one Next is this blending sponge Um, I’m always looking for dupes for Beauty Blenders so if this could be a dupe for a Beauty Blender, I am down Alright I’ve got a little bit of water right here; I’m just gonna dampen it Did you hear that? *purrs* It didn’t get a lot bigger in water, and it’s definitely a little firm still I’m gonna just take a little bit of BB cream with this blending sponge and just do it on my hand Just so you guys can see what it does And so I can also see what it does Actually, it doesn’t feel too firm on my arm And, it seems to be blending out decently There you go So next up is this butterfly eyeshadow palette I really love the colors that are in here I’m just gonna swatch them all on my forearm really quick With my finger, I’m getting some decent somethin’ I actually–I ran out of space on my arm, so this is the first two rows They’re not like, incredibly pigmented But, for the price that they are, I’m like, pretty impressed They do feel nice, and uh, they definitely do feel, like, pretty blendable Alright, and then last in this package is this Contour and Glow palette So basically it’s got, like, a couple shades of contour One, like, light peachy color And then a few highlighters, and two, like, blush colors I think the blush shades are a little bit fainter But these highlights seem to be doing somethin’ Like, they are–I think they’re glowin’. I think they’re poppin’ off the arm I think I would’ve clicked this ad even if it weren’t for the experiment Just because I would wanna see, like, what the type of makeup is they’re selling I think that I’d probably go back to Hush and see, like, what else they have Maybe buy some more like, one-off stuff But the bundles–especially like, the price of the bundles–could be a good way to just like, try some stuff out Okay, so next up is the Reckless Girls leggings They were doing like, a BOGO–like a buy one get one free So, I think that I kind of, uh, got away with murder here If these are good leggings I’m gonna try on the gray ones first and we’ll see, uh, how they look Okay so this is the first pair of leggings Um, don’t go all the way down to the calves There’s hair there
*Tyler, off camera* Okay They do look kind of cool. I’m gonna be honest: I think they’re a little small I ordered a medium. Medium’s usually a pretty safe size for me in terms of leggings Just ’cause, like, they usually stretch The waistband’s not too bad But like, I think that there is a little bit, like–there’s this band that goes around It’s kinda tight I’m gonna open this up and try on the second pants now Uh, the side kind of reminds me of Spider-Man *Tyler, off camera* Yeaaaah It’s a little spidey-sensey I’m gonna be honest: I like these ones a lot more *Tyler, off camera* Oh yeah? The waistband is a lot more comfortable What does this look like? It kinda looks like a men’s underwear waistband, doesn’t it? I like the spidey-sense thing; it adds some interest Makes me feel like I’ve been bitten by a mutant spider Tobey Maguire–just kidding, who’s the new one? Andrew Garfield Who–no. Who’s the new one? *Tyler, off camera* I don’t know
Tom Stoppard? That’s a playwright This was one of the ads where they showed me specifically workout pants in the ad And so when I clicked on it, I did see that they had other things to buy But I went for the workout pant because that’s what they tried to sell me And I wonder why they tried to advertise workout gear to me I don’t really follow, like, any fitness accounts or anything like that Like, I pretty much follow like, makeup, and fashion accounts So I actually put this tanktop on just to try on with these leggings But I’m gonna keep this on to try on my next item Which I’m very excited about This is the kind of like, shiny, iridescent jacket It does smell vaguely of plastic. Mmm. How do I look? Shnazzy? I feel kinda shnazzy It is a little itchy But it’s so shiny You could just wear this with the clear pants And you’d be all set These pants are useful, man We all hated them at first, but I like ’em now *Tyler, off camera* You’re so reflective This ad was really straightforward. It was just like “This jacket. Do you want it?” And I was like “Yes, I’m clicking on all the ads, but yes, I also kind of want this jacket.” I definitely think they did a good job in terms of referring me this jacket Like a good fit from company to consumer I just–I’m in to this kind of like, Zenon look once again If you come at me with like, a Supernova Girl aesthetic, like, I’m gonna like it. I kinda like this jacket Oh, it is itchy Oh, it is itchy *Safiya, off camera* You look like a futuristic Danny Zuko to me *Singing* I’ve got chills, they’re multiplyin’ And I’m losin’ control *Safiya, off camera* Tyler wants everyone to know that he was in an a capella group in college Alright, so this is the last item This must be the like, multi-use like, bronzer-lip gloss stick thing Lots of tissue paper Oh my god, I got a little letter! “Enjoy, Safiya” Oh my god, it looks handwritten! They’re so nice. Of a Kind is another one of those websites that’s like a marketplace But I wanted to get the balm-stick ’cause that was what was advertised to me Oh my god, it smells so good What does that smell like? Do you have a blocked nose? *Tyler, off camera* Yeah *giggles* *Tyler, off camera* I can’t smell it! *Tyler, off camera* It smells like a lemon cake Lemon cake! Lemon *Tyler, off camera* It smells like a lemon tart You kind of use this as both, like, bronzer for your cheeks and for your lips You can’t see much of anything It feels nice And it smells amazing. Alright, let’s try over here *Tyler* I don’t see anything; what’s it supposed to do? It’s supposed to like, have a little bit of color in it Okay, so I can’t get any color to show up on my arm So I’m gonna take my lipstick off and try and put it on my lips Um, I’m gonna use my lip scrub from earlier, ’cause I didn’t really get to put it on This is from the Hush box, this is from the sugar lip scrub Hey, that was pretty um, pretty hydrating “Wash off, or remove with a washcloth” Just gonna wipe it off really fast It’s a weird shape, kind of It almost is shaped like deodorant But it does feel amazing I don’t think you can see anything, though This site, Of a Kind, has a lot of different stuff And they did decide to show me makeup, and I do follow a decent amount of makeup accounts on instagram I am a fan of this in terms of the way it feels and the way it smells But I don’t think that it is a color Okay, so that is my instagram haul I think overall, my favorite things are probably this lip scrub I do actually think it did quite a good job The Spider-Man printed leggings that I’m wearing right now And the MacBook case But I definitely think it’s interesting that overall Instagram has been sending me to places where I can like, pounce around and shop Instead of like, being like, “This is the one item you need” I don’t think that the ads were super personalized based on which accounts I follow on instagram But I do think that generally they probably get the gist of my biographical information that they have from Facebook And they know that I follow, like, makeup and clothing accounts Besides the random, wildly expensive items I think that instagram did a little bit of a better job than Facebook But that could just be the types of companies that choose to advertise on instagram Versus the types of companies that choose to advertise on Facebook Maybe I’m just more of an instagram customer I think that I came out with a pretty good haul My arms do itch a little bit But my laptop is well protected Thank you guys so much for watching I’d love to know what you thought about that video in the comments below If you liked that video, make sure to shmash that like button And if you wanna see more of these videos, make sure to shmash that subscribe button And if you’ve already shmashed that subscribe button Make sure to shmash that little bell icon in the middle to turn on post notifications So you get a notification every time that I post Here are my social media handles, and make sure to check out my nextbeat I do a lot of daily vlogging and Q&As on there A big shoutout to Trinity for watching–thanks for watching Trinity And I will see you guys a-next time

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