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I Bought EVERY INSTAGRAM Ad Recommended To Me | Ellie And Jared

I Bought EVERY INSTAGRAM Ad Recommended To Me | Ellie And Jared

– So welcome to today’s video. – Welcome to our video today. It’s gonna be entirely different. But first off and foremost
we want to wish you… – [Both] A very Merry Christmas. (melodious instrumental music) – Merry Christmas to all of
you, to your family and friends. We hope you have had a
wonderful couple of days hopefully off work, spending
time with your loved ones. Today would normally be a
daily vlog, just like normal but Ellie’s not feeling
all that great and… – Lame. – I’ve got a video that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. So today is the perfect
day to get a fun video done for you for the holidays so. – I’m excited. Jared told me a little bit about it but I haven’t been quite informed. So from all I know is Jared
has gone on his Instagram… – And your Instagram. – And my Instagram and has look
through everyone’s pictures. He’s made sure to like and comment. But then if there’s a sponsored post he will see that item and
he purchased a few items on both of our Instagrams based off of what we like. Is that what sponsorships– – Well that’s usually
what the sponsorships do. What I did was every single
sponsorship that I saw like a promoted post from
a business or something, I bought it. Whether it… Well, not everything. – You just bought a few. – Yeah, I bought some stuff. And I did some on my Instagram and I did some on Ellie’s Instagram. What I would like for you to do is as I show you these things I want you to guess if
it’s on Ellie’s Instagram or on my Instagram. – Oh, that’s fun. – That’ll be a fun game for us. So let’s just jump into it– – And see if we really like it. – Yeah. Yeah, I’m excited to do these things. And in fact none of this is sponsored, this is all bought from me. I just thought it would be… I see these videos on YouTube I thought it’d be fun for us to track. – Awesome. – Should we get into the first one? – Yes please. – Okay. The first one is the
first one that I ordered and this kind of sparked the whole idea. I saw this on Instagram I was like, “That would be really fun.” I would like to by this, these. – Sweatpants. – These are sweatpants. This is from Public Rec and they’re supposed to be
like stylish sweatpants. – I like. Are they supposed to be goofy or– – Well I don’t know. I don’t think they’re
supposed to be goofy, I think that’s the whole thing. They’re supposed to be comfortable but something that you can wear every day. Most people don’t wear
sweatpants to the office but these are, they’re
advertising as it is. I’m gonna try them on and they’re supposed to
be like really stretchy. Oh wow, they are very stretchy. – There’s like a stain on the crotch. – There’s like a stain on the crotch. I promise I haven’t a worn these. The thing with sweatpants as a guy, well you can put two and two together, sometimes they’re not fun to wear. – Very flattering? – Yes. They’re not flattering at all. – Go put them on. – Okay. – They’re kind of goofy. I don’t think I… Well, you tell me. I don’t think they’re that bad. I shouldn’t spoke. – I mean they’re really not that bad. – They’re actually… I take it back. They actually do look really nice. For just like a laid back loungy day. Turn around, let’s see the butt. – I’ve gotten fat, right? – I said that they were goofy looking, I actually like them because
sometimes sweatpants, you know how when you wear something and you just feel frumpy and then the item that you’re wearing you just know you’re frumpy because it’s just like sweatpants, sometimes those are frumpy. These would actually be really nice if you’re just like
lounging around the house. – Yeah and I agree and I could totally wear these as pajamas. – I would not wear that out in public. – Well let me ask you this. Let’s say we were having a long
travel day on the airplane, would you wear these to the airport? I think I would wear these to the airport. Because lots of people
will wear loungy stuff like your sweat outfit. – So how much are these? – I want to say like 85. So they’re not like the cheapest. – And sweat outfit $85 for
a luxury one I can see that. – They’re comfortable. I would totally wear
these around the house when I’m out and about. Not out and about, when I’m at home. $95, ooh. I would totally spend
$95 on pants like this if I know that they’re
going to last and be good. I have no problem with that. If they’re going to be comfortable, if they’re going to
maintain their integrity, their stretch, all of that kind of stuff, I would spend it. But as a sweatpant, you’re like, “Oh. Oh.” – I actually really like them. Because I think of your gray sweatpants, they’re just like big and baggy. It’s like if you’re in your
office working in these… It’s just, it’s funny the
way you dress sometimes. This is great. Well the question is, did this show up on my
Instagram or Ellie’s Instagram? – Yours. Yours. – Okay, it was mine. – Awesome. – I’m really excited about this one. – This is fun. It’s like Christmas morning for me. Merry Christmas to me. Is that jewelry? – This little package… Hold on now sister girl, don’t you– – Let me just feel it. Cute. – This was something that I
saw that I knew I had to get. But I opened the pants, why
don’t you open this one. – Was this on my Instagram? – We’ll find out. – It’s cute, it’s like the velvet… The packaging is everything. I can’t wait to be able
to do like cute packaging. Cute. Shut up. That’s so cute, it’s a bar necklace. I’m in love, I love stuff like this. It says Jared, Tommy, Calvin and Jackson. Oh my gosh, like that is so cute. – That’s from My Name Necklace and you can put in
whatever you want on it. People’s names. – That’s so cute. – A significant date. – Was this on my Instagram? – That was on your Instagram. – See I don’t see ads. If I were to see this
I would have bought it. This is so cute. – Do you like it? – I love it. – Let’s put it on. – I cannot wait to wear it. – Well you don’t have to wait any longer. – That’s so cute. Bonnie took one of my
necklaces that look like this, it’s a made by Maryland. She borrowed it for a photo
shoot and didn’t give it back. And thanks, Jared. – You’re welcome. – And so now I have my
own that she can’t take. I love how heavy the bar is. – Yeah. – That’s solid. – And my name is on front, so you’ll never forget
who your husband is. You like it? – I love it. – Cool. – Well this is fun. Let’s do this again next week. This one is another item that
sparked this whole video. These are Allbirds shoes. Supposedly they are the
most comfortable shoes that you can buy. I have no idea. But I saw someone in the
airport with these shoes on. Were they wearing the sweatpants
that I’m wearing right now? I don’t know, I wasn’t looking that close. Maybe you shouldn’t look
that close at people and what clothes that they
are wearing and sweatpants. It’s not very flattering. So I got these shoes, whether they’re for me or
for Ellie, I don’t know. Let’s open them up and see. – That’s awesome. – Wow. Look at these. They feel weird, like in a cool weird. – Made from around the world. At Allbirds we consistently asked whether there is a better way rather
than relying on synthetics. We’re committed to finding new uses for sustainable materials
that naturally exist. It feels like a wool. – It’s made of… – It’s so soft. – Peronium, Perino wool,
something like that. – It’s so soft. These would look so good with your pants like on a lounge day. – Would you mind helping
with the other shoe? – I’m sick, I can’t. Hey, do you guys want to know what Jared’s getting for Christmas? Okay, since it’s Christmas Day I want to tell you guys what
Jared is getting for Christmas. I was trying to find
something fun for Jared and I remember him
using the name Allbirds. He was probably talking about
this video and I had no clue. – I think I tweeted about it. – And I thought, he would have no idea if I got him these shoes for Christmas. So I ordered him a pair
of shoes from this company and when it came in the mail I put it away and then another box came and I thought, “I didn’t order this box.”
and then I asked Jared, he had ordered this for the video and then he knew that
another package have come. Anyway, so he is getting
these shoes for Christmas that we’ll probably return
because now we have two pair. – Are they the same color? – You’ll have to wait
for Christmas morning. – We’ll wait for Christmas for me. They feel really soft and comfortable. I’ll just keep them on and we’ll see. – Good shoes, comfy shoes, that’s something that I
have had to really invest and spend money on my whole life. Because my toes hurt if they’re squished or like I have ingrown toenails, my feet just they need
to have a good sole. So how do these feel? – They feel good. I’m not sure how the support
is yet until I start walking. The funny thing about me with shoes is my left foot is a half size
bigger than my right foot. And I know to some extent that’s
pretty normal but mine are, I have weird feet. – And then your hips. – And then my hips. – So you have to have good shoes. Lift them up so we can see. – You want me to just kind of
hang out, relax for a minute? – I like them. I mean to me these
aren’t like Nike, Adidas, like those are like good-looking shoes, these are definitely like,
this is a good travel shoe, a good lounge shoe. – I feel like I’m getting
ready to go travel somewhere. – We should book our flights. – Maybe… We won’t talk about it right now. – I told Jared I want
to go somewhere specific for my birthday. – This is something that my
brother has had for a while and I wanted to try. Nate in New York. These are quip toothbrushes. They’re the redesigned
smart toothbrushes, I guess. And here’s some toothpaste. – I’ve never heard of this. And how do you know that
your brother has this? – Because I saw it hanging on his mirror because they can stick to the mirror. – And did you’re like, “Hey,
how did you hear about this?” – He must have saw it on
Instagram ad, I don’t know. So this is your little holder. (gasps) And you can just stick it to
the mirror with this thing. – Okay Ellie, if you look
in front of you I have a cup with water in a bowl and
we’re gonna brush our teeth. Now we have Sonicare
toothbrushes that we use on the regular that we
really, really do enjoy. So I’m gonna get my toothbrush ready. – We have to spill the toothpaste? And we’re gonna… Hi, Penny. – I won’t brush my tongue for you guys. – Please do not brush your tongue. Okay, ready? – Yup. Okay, I read a thing
over here and it says, scrub and spit but don’t rinse right away, clean tongue with the bristles on the back to fight bad breath, spit paste and rinse after 30 minutes to let the fluoride work its magic. That’s cool. So you just spit and
don’t rinse your mouth and sit for 30 minutes so
those fluoride can work and then you can like rinse your mouth. The toothbrush was different to me, I have lipstick all over it. It vibrates, like the Sonicare
when your toothbrush vibrates it’s like literally vibrating
like cleaning your teeth but this I feel like the
vibrate doesn’t really do much, maybe it does though but
I didn’t feel like it did. The toothpaste actually look good though, like I feel like it didn’t burn my mouth but it was minty smell. Like some toothpastes are
so strong like I just water. – Yeah, it’s a soft mint flavor. – Last for life. Every three months replaced
the Triple A batteries. – And the whole point of this is they ship out this stuff to you if you do them like subscription service. You don’t have to but they can. I don’t know if I can really be like, “Oh yeah, this is better
than a Sonicare toothbrush. – Yeah, we haven’t even used it. But it’s something I
would love this though, I would love this to be
my travel toothbrush. – That’s a great thing and I think they have
it all set up for that. – This is going to be
my travel toothbrush. – I have two more but one isn’t here yet. So I’ll just show you what it is. But this is the last one. – Oh wait, whose Instagram is this? – Who do you think? – Mine. – Yours. This was on your
Instagram, this was yours. So I’m not sure if you’ve
been searching about bad dental hygiene or anything like that because obviously my pearly whites are not as white as yours but. The last one, this is
probably a dead giveaway about whose it is but I want to show– – Yours. – This is Polly Pocket. – I love Polly Pocket. – I have no idea why like this showed up but this was an Instagram ad on… Whose do you think? – Mine, I’m sure. I’d be shocked if it was yours. – It was on yours, yup. – Calvin is gonna play with this so hard. – And you know what’s fun is like you had some things like
this as you were a kid, I had Mighty Max, like the
little tiny Mighty Max set. – This is so cute. I wanna open it up. – Go for it, open it right now. – You’re never too old to
play with Polly Pocket. Jared knows that I’ve been
growing out my nails naturally and so if he ever sees me
do something he’s like, “Oh, I can do it for you.” Polly Pockets are amazing. They’re so cute. Calvin is going to, like he’s
going to bite that and eat it, he’s going to rip that off. – Hello, my name is Polly and
I want to be in your pocket. – These are so cute. – That’s the cool thing
that was on the Instagram. I’m honestly surprised I didn’t get more– – This is so cute. – Instagram ads. – Yeah, you didn’t on yours? – Well, I did. The ones that I got, there
was one that was like change your body temperature
and I was like, “That’s cool.” like if you’re cold you can put it on your
wrist and it’ll warm you up but it was like a thousand
dollars I was like– – What it was? – You put on your wrist and it changes your body temperature. So if you’re cold you put it on your wrist and like warms your body. I mean it’s on its way. I ordered it and it’s on its way. – Do you know who I am? That sounds like the perfect item for me but probably not excessively expensive. – It’s really– – That’s cool though. I am always cold. – Do you know what? We could always get that is– – Cheaper. – That’s cheaper that does the same thing. – A sweater? – Like a blanket. Okay, last but certainly not least. – The kids are gonna love this. – The last one that I
got that is not yet here, it’s on its way is what’s
called the night sky. Now this is a picture of
these stars in the sky and the picture that I got
were the stars in the sky on our wedding day. – What? – So it shows all of the
constellations that you could see the night of our wedding day
and it’s free and everything. – It’s in the picture, what? – Mm-hmm. – Isn’t that cool? – Was this on your Instagram? – This is on my Instagram. – I need to get on Instagram more. – This is the best gift idea. – It’s a really cool
gift idea because it’s, you can have it set to
show the constellations, you can have it set to show the moon, any other planets that are visible, anything like that. – Choose theme options. You can choose constellations grid. I want to do the moon. I wanna see the moon. – I don’t think you could see the moon at that specific time of our wedding but. I thought it was a pretty,
a pretty unique gift idea. – So cool. – But it’s not here yet so. – But that’s… – Awesome. – That’s our Instagram… – Sponsored videos. – But not sponsored. – Yeah. – I love this. This is a fun video and I think it gives people good ideas too of like future gifts. It’s awesome. – So what is your favorite
thing that you saw here from us? Is there something that you’d
like us to dive deeper on? Do you see any Instagram
ads or Facebook ads for not matter that you
would just love to try? Let us know in the comments down below. – I love this. – This is fun, huh? – Yeah. I hope you guys have had an awesome day, a very Merry Christmas. And we’re gonna go rest
and get healthy ’cause… – ‘Cause our real Christmas is coming up just around the corner. – Thank you guys so much for watching. – We’ll see you guys next time. – [Both] Bye.

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