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I Bought An Entire Outfit From Instagram Ads

I Bought An Entire Outfit From Instagram Ads

This is safiya’s new intro song hello friends and welcome to another video today, I’m gonna be buying an entire outfit from Instagram sponsored posts that appear on my feed. So I’ve bought stuff from Instagram and other social media sites before to test their ad algorithms to see how well they really know me And if the products shown in their ads are any good, because often times the ads are for companies that seem kind of cool But that I’ve never heard of before so this time, I decided to focus Specifically on clothing to test whether instagrams algorithm, given what they know about me can take these new brands and give me Recommendations that I might like. so I’m gonna buy the first Clothing items in each category that I can find. on my Instagram I follow a lot of makeup and clothing brands already So they do have some information about what I like style wise. my ads are served pretty sparingly So it’ll probably take me a couple of weeks to buy the entire outfit I’ve also noticed that Instagram ads can be pretty expensive, so I’m gonna cap each item at a hundred dollars. All right Let’s start hunting. so I haven’t found any clothing ads yet, sadly my ad today was for lip gloss But I wanted to show you guys what Instagram says about like how they serve ads to people, and they basically say that they use Information about what you do on Instagram and Facebook, their parent company, and on third-party sites and apps so besides the information that they already have about you based on who you follow and what you like. they also follow you around the internet a little bit So they have like what you give them Voluntarily, and what they watch you also do so we’ll see how the clothing is and if they’ve been watching correctly, okay? So I found an Instagram ad for bottoms This is a revice denim ad it seems like they are jeans mostly jeans and shorts And it looks like their signature look is an embroidered star on the butt and not a small one almost like a large star Encompassing the entire booty area ah see here we go They have like a 90s edit an 80s edit Wow and the 70s edit okay I like this Venus edit thing though because it looks like it’s got kind of like the star, butt happening They showed me a star butt, I want a star butt, ooh it’s not Cheap in fact. I would say it’s expensive, but it’s not as expensive as other clothing items I’ve seen on Instagram ads so I think that we should go for it, so let’s get these oh I got a 20% off coupon when I added it to the cart, so now. It’s $70 Which is still expensive, but at least we got a discount. yeah! I wouldn’t necessarily say that the jeans advertised by revice denim are like definitely my style I don’t wear a lot of like light wash flare jeans But I feel like there are a few reasons why they might have chosen me to show this ad to firstly I’ve bought a few odd Denim items in the last year, so maybe I’ve been tagged as a strange denim buyer and interestingly enough revice also Categorizes a lot of its styles by decade. and I have done a lot of decade fashion research So maybe they’ve just seen me searching for like 1977 JC Penney’s catalogs, and they’re like ooh, try this company, maybe okay So I found this Instagram ad late last night when I was like in bed like completely in the darkness It’s just like the light of my phone luminating my face You know front camera-ing And, um, got so nervous that it was gonna go away by the morning that I just bought it And then I screenshotted everything so I got this shirt from life clothing company there seemed to be a lot of different shirts They’re kind of like retro graphic tees or like retro vibe graphic tees so I got this ocean’s mouth Elevado tee because that was the one that was like first advertised to me. shipping was only five bucks, but the shirt was $45 so even though it meets our criteria of being under a hundred it is a pricey tee I would say that this t-shirt is Somewhat my style in terms of why Instagram might think that I would like this. I probably hit a lot of their target demographic Checkmarks like I’m a young adult Female who lives in California so I can wear a t-shirt pretty much like any time of the year and also We’re currently editing this video and Tyler just remembered that he was searching 70s band tees or 70s graphic tees a lot like in early October when we bought this for the 1977 video Lots of Sex Pistols t-shirts I was looking at I mean listen if that’s where they got it from they did get that right that Isn’t necessarily my style, but it is what we make videos about that is true since buying this t-shirt I’ve also seen more ads for the same company on my Instagram feed as well as for revice the jeans company So I guess that’s Instagram taking the safe bet that I’ll like stuff that I already bought all right so after Days of just finding like over $200 per item ads on Instagram. I swear Instagram thinks I’m just like a big spender cause they like keep showing me things where they’re like Ooh like come see our designer jacket and you’ll click it and it’ll be like $700 I’m like but I did find today from this ad for Moonstar Planet earrings Which I actually think are adorable and I checked and they’re only like 24 bucks So good price range cute earrings. It’s kind of like up my alley. You know it’s like dark nighttime The moon’s out the werewolves are howlin’ Oh seems like the reviews are not great, but this is one of the first like clothing slash outfit Ads I’ve gotten in a while. That’s not wildly expensive so I think that we have to get it I think that instagram’s ad-serving algorithm really nailed the kind of like witchy Nighttime lady of the night Vibe which I do think matches a lot of the clothing brands that I already follow on Instagram so if they take that into account They did a pretty good job matching me with this ad okay, so it’s about midnight We are actually about to go to bed, but I did finally find an ad for shoes that weren’t like over $200 So these are the shoes that we’re gonna get these are from ModCloth They’re like um boots that seem to have like fake zippers on the side So this is the casual influenced boot in Cognac looks like they don’t have my size in this color, but let’s try black Don’t have my size in black. Let’s try you are they do have my size in noir. I don’t mind I’m fine with noir so let’s get these in noir. so shoes, check I think that these boots are somewhat my style I mean they’re sort of neutral colored ankle booties So it’s pretty tough to like be offensive to someone’s style unless you’re like really against closed toed shoes ModCloth is a company that I’ve heard of before though I don’t usually shop there, but if I had to guess why Instagram referred this to me I think it’s because of the price it might have noticed me clicking on a bunch of ads But not buying any of the really expensive ones And I think Instagram whether or not they think this is my style is probably like hey, you might like this price And we want to make a sale, so look at em’ all right, so it’s 1:18 in the morning I was just scrolling down my Instagram pretty far. Just trying to find a jacket Just because it’s been probably a week since I ordered anything else There’s been a couple of jackets that I’ve seen that once I like go back to try and buy them they’re not there anymore like I literally like to be like oh I should go record this and then it’s like resorted by the algorithm, and it’s just gone so I’m not taking any chances this time This is for straight to hell apparel which is actually a clothing account that I already follow but this specific post is sponsored so I wonder if they bought a Sponsored post like appear to people who already follow them or if I’m just like in their Demographic for their ad that they bought on this ad there are a few different jackets for men and for women the first female jacket is this velvet looking jacket, which when I click SHOP NOW says it is the Jackson jacket for 85 bucks which seems to be up my alley around the right price point and still here, so Let’s get it. I think this jacket is definitely in my style arena because it’s from a brand that I already follow And I feel kind of bad that they like wasted their ad dollars on me since I already Follow them. It kind of reminds me how on facebook? I’m often prompted to spend like five or ten dollars to boost a post for my facebook page and it’s always Unclear whether those more people seeing it are people who already follow me or just new people But either way we got the jacket and completed purchasing our Instagram ad outfit. I’m excited honestly It’s been a long time coming months in the making. It’s been a couple months in the making of cultivating ads Okay, so we finally have the entire Instagram ad outfit here I’m pretty sure we got the jeans first, so let’s start with our revice denim jeans So these jeans were probably the most troublesome item of the bunch about a month after I purchased them I tried to like check in on them and see where they were just because I felt like that was a reasonable amount of time For me to expect them within and USPS Told me that they were lost they couldn’t find them and that my tracking number was just nonsense and then I tried to contact the revice denim company and heard nothing back from them and Mysteriously a week later the jeans appeared So I don’t know what happened or how they even got here to be honest, but by some carrier They were delivered in about six weeks in general I would say they have like sort of that vintage Vibe that they were going for there is in fact a star across my booty I don’t know if it’s a super flattering star, but it’s definitely Attention-grabbing in general I do think I like these jeans But I don’t think I would recommend these just because of the shipping Calamity that I went through and they’re also kind of expensive for how much at least I would wear these jeans they’re sort of like one-off fun interesting pants They’re not really like your everyday go-to pair of jeans unless you want a star on your butt every day Which maybe you do so next up we have this always the graphic tee from life clothing company I’d say it got here in a pretty decent amount of time And it seems to be what was advertised I do like that on the tag. It says Made in Los Angeles I feel like I should have gotten it quicker if it if it’s from here It did take a couple of weeks to get to me Okay so this is it on it kind of reminds me of the mouth from the whale in Pinocchio and Also that like famous like Japanese wood art is it wood art like the wave I know what you’re talking about, but I do think this shirt is like a little bit expensive for what it is It is a nice feeling shirt feel it. It’s quite soft Sorry I was gonna touch your boob. Oh, it’s nice Yeah But I think that for like a graphic tee it’s a little expensive next up We have our straight to hell apparel jacket kind of looks like a coffin It’s velvet on the outside and satin on the inside or a hearse of some kind or like a that’s all I got Coffin hearse. I don’t know. That’s it alright. So this is the jacket on my body. I really like this jacket honestly It’s kind of got like a cool velvet Moto 80s feel and there’s a lot of lil’ diamonds and triangles and shapes, yeah I’m pointing in many different directions, though I do really enjoy this jacket and the company that it comes from I do feel like a little bit bad that they spent money To show an ad to someone who already follows them it’s like what’s the point of paying to reach your own followers? You know hopefully you post to reach your followers Hopefully and then up next are these black boots from ModCloth. They seem to be pretty Normal-looking booties, I’m pretty sure these zippers are decorative. I don’t know if I could actually zip them up I would say every other item in the outfit is pretty Styled or like has a feel or a vibe And I would say these boots are more like whatever you want to make of them minus the decorative zipper Which you cannot zip so if you wanted them to be zipped up You’re out of luck so ModCloth is a company that I’ve known about for a pretty long time So this purchase is not really like a trying out a new and like untested company vibe But it’s more like wow these are the only shoes under $150 on Instagram that I could find over the course of like two months they’re like are you tired of expensive ads buy $60 boots and I’m like that sounds great and then last but not least are the Planetary earrings as a finishing touch to the outfit I don’t necessarily think that these earrings like bring everything together But stars are heavily featured, so I’ve got stars on the lobes and stars on the buttocks I really really like these earrings. I feel like they’re kind of asymmetric interesting celestial I don’t know what this is, but I’m feeling it So I feel like I like the style found a new company that I like and I didn’t mind the price A little moon in the nighttime sky of my sideburns alright So this is my entire Instagram ad outfit if I had to characterize how Instagram wants me to dress I would say it’s kind of like a muted color palette and a faux vintage II feel I would say I kind of feel like Donna from that 70s show there’s a little bit of like an urban cowboy vibe But I think my main vibe is like 70s semi tomboy Individually, I don’t strongly dislike any of these items, and I think they’re all in a range of something I might wear which is cool But I think the only things I would buy of my own accord without the video would be the earrings and maybe the jacket It’s a bottle cap opener That’s gonna Come in handy in terms of how? Personalized the recommendations were I have a suspicion that they were looking at some of the things I was searching for on other Platforms and besides that once I bought from some companies They did show me those ads again so all in all there was probably some level of personalization But I feel like if they’re gonna be following me around the internet and also potentially looking at me through a webcam The ads could probably be a little bit more specific I mean if you’re gonna spy you know, maybe give me a better ads or don’t spy just choose one or the other probably thank you guys so much for watching if you like that video make sure to smash that like button and if you want to see more videos like this make sure to smash that subscribe button And if you’ve already smashed that subscribe button make sure to also Smash that little bell icon in the middle to turn on post notifications So you get a notification every time that we post a big shout out to the over lady of the dark crypt Thanks for watching over lady of the dark crypt, and I will see you guys next time

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