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I Bought A Full Face Of Makeup From Facebook Ads

I Bought A Full Face Of Makeup From Facebook Ads

Music (This is Sophia’s new intro song!) Hello Friends and welcome to another video. Today I’m gonna be buying a full face of makeup from Facebook ads. Now, I’ve bought things from Facebook and Instagram ads before to test how well their Algorithms match sponsored posts to me as a consumer as well as to see if the products recommended to me are actually any good So I decided to do it again, but this time focusing specifically on makeup I notice a lot of makeup and beauty ads on my Facebook feed sometimes for companies that I know But a lot of times for companies and products that I’ve never heard of before so I’m gonna be buying the products from these ads to collect a full face’s worth of makeup and to keep the Experiment focused on Facebook’s recommendations, I’m gonna buy the first item of each category that I find now I’ve been on Facebook since 2006 so they’ve had a lot of time to gather information About me, and even though I don’t post on my personal Facebook page that much anymore I use Instagram pretty often and I do follow a decent amount of makeup brands on there so Facebook does have some Information on what makeup companies and styles I like based on my activity within the Facebook family all right Let’s start combing for ads okay, so I found our first makeup item for our full face I came across this sponsored post for thrive Causemetics cause spelled like a cause. I’m fighting for and it looks like they’re advertising to me a long-lasting Nude metallic eyeshadow quad there seem to be in a couple different color combos But the one that is in the ad is like white, copper ,black and brown, so let’s get that one eye shadow a check all right, so it’s about an hour later after I bought my eye shadow quad And the good thing about Facebook ads at least for my purposes is that once you bite They start popping up more so I now have an ad for a concealer from wander Beauty It says you’ll never need to reach for another concealer for the rest of your life (Tyler) damn I’m just gonna click shop now shop now. I say I (whisper) shop now I’m always a little nervous about buying concealer online. Just because of the color issue the first one is called fair I don’t think I’m fair the second one’s called light. I could be light. You know what it’s winter I’m gonna guess light okay It’s a couple days after those first couple of items and I found two more makeup items on my facebook feed just now so this first item that I found is Wonder – Hi-tech beauty Wonder brow I’ve actually heard about this product before and I’ve seen this specific brand on my Facebook feed a lot before Actually over the past few months, so I’m glad that we got it It seems to be some type of like brow gel it says get perfect brows in one step that will last for days days?! Wait days. What is this thing wait days? So that should be interesting alright So I’m getting this my wonder brow and free dual brush Combo in jet black and then this is the second product that I found on my feed today I found an extreme coverage foundation. It’s from Gear Just For You.com It says this makeup liquid foundation concealer works like magic They like to show all these like really intense videos of people covering up their tattoos and like wearing it underwater So I say let’s get it it says powerful waterproof formula covers everything primer highlighter professional contouring makeup derma call concealer cream Why do I feel like we’re on wish all right, so I’m going to look through the shades and see what the possibilities Are I’m gonna go with color number 211 Cross your fingers, so it’s a few days later And I found two more ads so first off is this ad for liquid highlighters from Piper house So this says these liquid highlighters have me shook shine bright like a diamond Get your highlighters here like and share if you want the look so seems like we shall be Shining to the gods is that the saying? Highlighted to the heavens. I’ve got a few different colors, so let’s scroll through these and see which one I should get halo was the first option when I kinda like scrolled in here So I am going to add this hallo to Cart and then we’re gonna check out so the second product. I found is this eyeliner Bifocal lure beauty it says stay goodbye to dull and dirty smudges around your eyes and get this feather cushion pen eyeliner make your eyeliner flawless salsa dance a girl three times I just realized it probably would have been interesting to see this for all the products I bought so far, but I just thought of it I clicked on the little three dots in the corner And looked at the why am I seeing this option which you can do on Facebook ads? And it basically says that focal or beauty wants to reach people interested in beauty and also women ages 24 and older who live in the United States alright So let’s get this feather cushion pen eyeliner For twenty dollars so on this why am I seeing this ad page they give you a couple of cursory? Reasons as to why you might be in this company’s ad demographic for almost all of these companies They said that they showed me this ad because I’m interested in beauty I’m over 18, and I live in the United States But if you look at the options Provided to brands when they’re making a facebook ad you’ll see there’s a lot more specificity to it besides just age location and general interest There’s a lot more about purchasing behavior internet activity off of Facebook and what mailing lists and rewards cards you’ve signed up for Amongst other things so it’s kind of nice that they provide you this page But I’m pretty sure it’s not telling you the whole story, okay just checking in to let you guys know that I just bought a Lipstick from Facebook probably about 30 minutes ago when I was uh waiting on the street I Saw an ad pop up for a product that I’d already seen before and I didn’t want to let it get away this time so I bought it right then and there on the website basically It said that it was a three piece lip kit Bifocal or which is the same company that we got the eye liner from there were a bunch of different options for color combos But I chose the lips kit 3 just because this color number 16 Del Rio and number 17 studded kiss looks good to me, so I went with sort of like the plumy pinks I’m gonna call it. Okay, so this is an ad from Tyra beauty Yes as in Tyra Banks of ANTM Fame it says get huge lashes sexy smoky smize and so much more at tyra beauty Introducing smack my fat lash Smack my fat lash mascara is what it’s called. What a name They say that tyra beauty wants to reach people interested in mac cosmetics but I don’t usually click on things relating to mac cosmetics and also we just started rewatching America’s Next Top Model like two days ago So maybe they saw that I was watching an antm on Hulu Or maybe they were listening in alright so the link takes me to this page on Tyra Beauty called rise and smize And they smack my fat lash is pretty front and center so with the discount you get $4.00 off, so I’m paying $21.95 for my Tyra Banks mascara alright, so this may be the last item for our full face of makeup So this is the Charlotte Tilbury film-star bronze and blush. This is my film star bronze and blush glow. That must be Charlotte Tilbury herself she sounded like a Spice Girl alright, so I’m gonna click shop now. Oh my god, it’s $75 it’s been sort of hard to find an ad for blush and contour So I think we should bite the bullet on this one and get it But 75 Wow so that is bronzer and blush and the next time you see me I’ll have my full face of Facebook makeup. See you then Okay, so it’s been a couple of months, and I think I finally have all of my facebook makeup items here I think we should put them on in the order that I usually put on my makeup So let’s start with the brows Here is our Wunder2 high tech Beauty perfect eyebrows that last for days with perma fix technology alright so the instructions basically say to apply the wunderbrow Directly to your eyebrow with an angled brush or with the applicator. look at that, looks like a lip gloss brush Oh, that’s dark and smooth alright, so I’m gonna grab an angled brush, and then let’s put this on my face. Oh oh Oh, no, it might look like a gel But it feels to me much more like a very thin matte liquid lipstick. It definitely is a dramatic eyebrow You know it’s definitely like my eyebrows are also like getting kind of matted down with it. Yeah I think that by perma fix technology they may have meant glue. Alright I think I’m gonna call my brows done for now I almost Expected with like a three day brow product for it to almost feel like a tattoo But these feel way more Like a crunchy hair gel. alright so next up is eyeshadow and for eyeshadow we have our thrive Cosmetics eyeshadow quad, ooh So they basically already have directions in here as to like how I should apply this quad Why is it one two four three just to make it more confusing? Also? How do I get in here? I thought it was gonna open like a pizza box, but it’s not. oh, now this is a cute compact I will say alright, so I’m gonna go in with number one and put that all over my lid I will say that even though these shades are pretty normal and neutral. They are very much making their presence known I think maybe they heard that the eyebrows were really bringing it so they were like hey watch out. Oh hello I’m just gonna put a dash of that on the other side and then blend it out Honestly is it even possible to blend with your mouth closed? A question I ask to the scientists out there. alright, so I think I’ve executed the eye shadow look that they suggested to me Moderately well I actually think that these eye shadows are pretty pigmented I just wish that one of the colors was matte especially in something that’s supposed to be like an everyday neutral eyeshadow palette. I just feel like at this point like it’s a lot of shimmer so next up is Foundation and concealer Aka the complexion products, so here is the dermacol. Oh, it smells very strong It smells like a 90s plastic McDonald’s toy, and the seal is also a metal that you have to pierce Oh, that’s like a hardcore fungus medicine Let’s get the concealer out here because I know that it’s crazy But I usually do my concealer first So I think on one side we have like a stick and then on the other side we have a liquid concealer. Alright So I’m gonna go in with the concealer under my eyes first mmm That’ll actually looks like a pretty good concealer color. alright now I’m gonna take the lipstick side and put it on a couple little zitties. I don’t know about only concealer You’ll ever need in your life, but it’s blending out pretty nicely to be honest It’s just kind of a like your skin, but better type of concealer I think that it’s a very different vibe from what I expect the foundation to be because this is really au natural. alright So now that we’ve mildly brightened up the purpley parts of my face I think we should just slather some of this on and cover it all up. Oh oh my god. It’s coming out Oh, it’s slowly snaking its way out. Oh my god It was like pressurized in there all right, so this is color 211, and it doesn’t look wrong But it definitely looks pretty pinky honestly It feels like a Nivea body butter the box smelled insane, but this barely smells at all alright ready I’m gonna put some dots on my face, and then blend it out. It looks like it’s gonna be a little bit pale Especially if it’s like completely full coverage, but it’s not a terrible match. It looks like you have chicken pox oh Yeah, like I’m covering them all with calamine. This is a very interesting foundation It’s not letting a lot of like my natural color shine through but at the same time I feel like it doesn’t look that intensely full coverage it almost just looks like I’m wearing like really intense sunscreen yeah I’m just looking like very shiny and pale I am glad that it doesn’t smell though because the box reeks Alright So we’ve got a few things to do next first off I’m gonna like bake my under-eye area as well as a few other areas on my face with powder and then I’m gonna make an eyeliner wing template with my concealer so Eyeliner is up next this eyeliner. Looks kind of like a Child’s toy version of a quill pen alright, so I’m going to press the brush into the cushion Oh wow that got covered real quick then I guess I’m gonna take it up to my eye I’m not really sure what the advantage is of this I think it’s like it supposed to last really long like in the ad they were like washing their hands that had eyeliner on it the ink dries fast though This is not giving me a lot of time to work the things I like about this inked cushion Gel liner is the cuteness. I like the Shakespeare/ Harry Potter vibes I get from holding a quill in my hand besides that I don’t think I would choose to use this eyeliner again After like the first few swipes I found it really hard to get pigment off of the brush and onto my eye It felt like the brush was dry no matter how many times I dipped it into the cushion, so I think that I ended up somewhere okay? But it took me a while all right so now that my eyeliner is done. I think we should dive into our $75 bronzer and blush duo. It’s smaller than I thought it would be from this big ol box It looks very beautiful, but they both look kind of pearlescent, and the bronzer is kind of light So I guess we’ll see how well this contours me alright So I’m gonna use my contouring brush gonna suck in my cheeks like a fish and go into town Just trying to contour away my double chin. It’s working no It’s not I’m gonna get something that blush on there and a smile and get some on the apples of my cheeks the blush is Quite pigmented, it’s frustrating because it does actually look nice I, I do see the sort of like natural soft contour and a little bit of rosiness and the cheeks but $75 for bronzer and blush. I don’t know Charlotte. I just don’t know so next up We’re gonna do my highlighter which is in the color halo, which I thought was more like a purpley shade But this packaging is very copper. Oh, but inside. It’s like white it looks like they wanted to call it Holo They knew better not to lest the wrath of Christine rain down upon them. It looks a little bit Unfortunately like glitter glue. Oh, I feel like they just put sparkles in oil I feel like that’s what this is alright So I’m gonna put a little bit with my finger on my cheekbones and like on my Cupid’s bow I’m not sure about this one You guys it’s like definitely not a blinding highlight And it’s kind of just like chilling the girls in the facebook ad were like dropping this stuff all over their faces and it looked Honestly like liquid gold and right now. It looks just like a little bit of oil I just I put some Pam on my face. Okay, so we’re almost done with our full face. I think so far It’s been kind of an emotional roller coaster So you know I’m interested to see how Tyra measures up and even honestly if it’s bad I’ll probably still love Tyra for the rest of my life. She’s a magnificent woman with some magnificent pranks And this must be the smack my fat lash Beckett ooh like smash smack it I mean honestly I’m kind of hyped for this so I want to see how it is all right So this says most mascaras lengthen or thicken but smack my fat lash does both this dual formula fuses blue volumizing and black extension technologies to create the fiercest black it looks Nice and separated. They’re almost like very skinny But defined lashes is what I would say wouldn’t call them a fat lash, but for my first encounter with Tyra Beauty I’m okay with it. I would use it again. Especially since I’ve bought it already so finally. Here’s the lips kit They’re like three pretty small lip pencils, so let’s swatch all three And then I’ll see which one is my favorite and put that one on alright This one’s number 16 number 18 And then this is number 17 these don’t look quite like what I expected from the website I think of these three my favorite color is number 17, which is the more hearty color a little minestrone? Oh? That looks way more like fuchsia on the lips online and on the box. It looked a lot darker and like more dusty I think I’m missing like the dust all right It does seem to be making my teeth look white which is nice And I think there is a decent amount of initial butthole coverage and by that I mean coverage on the inner waterline of my lips So I’m decently pleased with it especially with how it like feels and seems like it’s covering the mouth But I think the color was the biggest surprise to me I wish it was slightly different alright So we finally completed my full face of makeup from facebook ads and now that it’s all on I’m just gonna wear It around for a couple of hours a lot of these items say that they’re supposed to be like really long wearing So we’ll see if that’s true over the next few hours Alright, so this is my makeup after about seven hours I think that the foundation in general isn’t staying super matte And if you guys remember like when I first put my foundation on the dermacol was pretty shiny so I think I’m returning to that original shiny state But I think that my eyeshadow my eyeliner my mascara even my under eye concealer is looking pretty good still my butthole is exposed you Know it’s more of an ombre lip now But there is still some lipstick hanging on for dear life the products that I liked and would use again are the concealer the eyeshadow the mascara and the bronzer blush duo the things that I did not like and probably wouldn’t use again are the foundation the eyeliner and the highlighter I think that leaves the lipstick and the eyebrows which are sort of in the middle for me the eyebrows are obviously very dark and Bold, but I’m withholding judgment until I see what they look like in three days so overall of all of these products I think the only one that seemed like it was super targeted to me and my interests was the tyra beauty mascara I think that most of the other ads seem just sort of generally targeted at women who are interested in makeup? But I will say with the tyra beauty if they watched me watch America’s Next Top Model It’s a little creepy, but it’s clever, and that’s a tree Tyra prank, or should I say a Zuckerberg prank? thank you guys so much for watching if you like that video make sure to sha-mash that like button and if you want to see more videos like this make sure to Sha-mash that subscribe button a big shout out to olisandra for watching. Thanks for watching Alessandra, and I will see you guys next time

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