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I Accidentally Became A Meme: Side-Eyeing Chloe

I Accidentally Became A Meme: Side-Eyeing Chloe

hi I’m Katie and Cory’s mom and Chloe I accidentally became a meme and this is that story before the viral sensations it was a normal everyday family like breakfast TV cartoons trips in 2010 if we did not have a youtube account we didn’t have any social media except for Facebook and I knew I want to surprise my leave with a trip to Disneyland and my family was all over the country I’m like you know I’ll post it on YouTube so they can see it hey Lily you want to open a birthday present early Lily was five turning six and Chloe was only a few months old she was just a baby I made the video saw her reaction and I just loved it oh I don’t really remember that much from my Disney trip I did not think for one second that it would go viral it just doesn’t even cross my mind I remember feeling like a chicken with my head cut off because there were so many different people reaching out all over and I remember crying myself to sleep one of the nights because I was so overwhelmed because one minute your child is a normal child the next minute half the world knows who she is it was pretty insane but it was amazing we had nothing but a positive experience for me so I’m like it’s been 2 years you know I I really didn’t think we’d be able to get her again because I mean she’s known for being surprised and but we got her again and she was crying yes we’re going again so Chloe didn’t even come into my like mindset at that point with that second video this time Chloe made the face which she always made every day it was nothing new so when I hand over her and she made the face I didn’t think anything of it I remember sitting in the car there’s a peanut face you do remember me I recorded it that day uploaded it that day you went straight to Disneyland and it was it was insane it really affected our trip because my phone was ringing off the hook so I don’t want to wonder how do they get a hold me that’s my question where does it get my number when we go to Disneyland and that’s where we get recognized the most in it I can just hear the screaming like coming out of nowhere and people just want to see her and meet her and talk to her and she’s always overwhelmed and she’s always just like making the face probably people were like running a past past us and oh my gosh I would love that meme and then my my mom was like that’s her she’s like they’re like and then you ran over like please I’m like she’s right here and they’re like oh my god kids wants to do didn’t you know but she’s really sweet and the people are so sweet that we meet I feel like the second time around social media had expanded a lot in those tears it’s actually the BuzzFeed article that said the patron saint of tumblr is Chloe and I’m like what is the tumblr I had to really get familiar with tumblr because people were sending me the weirdest things I’ve ever seen I remember the first time I showed her was something from tumblr and she was so weirded out because I was just scrolling and it was just Chloe on Nicki Minaj Chloe’s face on Miley Cyrus and the wrecking ball Chloe’s face is the wrecking ball Chloe’s face on Beyonce space dancing and drunken love video like I asked me as a mom had to get in and see what all these kids are doing and I show Chloe and she would be like mom stop me and so I feel like it hasn’t really clicked until the last like three years you know when she hit like five and six where she’s like oh wow and people were noticing her and we go to McDonald’s and people were noticing just her average everyday life started to change um I asked my friends if they liked memes and then they’re like oh yeah i love memes and like the girl with the side-eye face and I was like yeah that’s me and they’re like stop rolling yeah YouTube channel like just from this point on it’s been like a dream we’ve been able to do so many things we’ve been Brazil where I’ll sleep in Mexico just so many great places sometime no we went to Brazil was super fun we did lots of fun things we met as finally doing magic tricks with us and like oh yeah we went to see Google and that was fun and I got to sign a picture of me oh yeah but over oh yeah the elevator it’s my meme on the elevator elevator yeah we had to ride that elevator like 20 times yeah II had billboards all over herself Hollow so we just drive around and there was my child on the Billboard I was just all the way Disney invite us to a wrecker a premiere and we went and we walked the red carpet and like we took pictures and stuff and we saw the movie it was so good and like we got to me vanellope wreck-it Ralph and like all the Disney Princesses stuff things come in abs and Flo’s sometimes will have a really awesome year we’ve worked with some other really fun companies and then the last few months there’s nothing and we’re okay with there’s no you know trying to make this what it isn’t so we have average day we have movie nights family nights you know Disneyland trips and what if we get the amazing opportunity to do these crazy things I always tell my girls stop and look around see where you are like this is not a normal life so really enjoy it in the moment if I could go back I probably would not change anything because things have been it’s been such a great experience I feel like nothing could be changed Chloe has fun Lilly has fun we laugh we joke there’s one thing that I’ve learned you cannot control it once it’s out its out and you’re never gonna get it back I think the best thing I can say is just let it just be yourself like say kind people that’s that’s what I do like my famous somewhere I just stuff like that a lot of people want a parent chain me because I can’t believe you put her video on I have no idea this which happened you know I didn’t plan for it to happen I definitely didn’t plan for Chloe to become a meat and it happened so the best thing the best advice I can do just have fun with it it won’t last forever you know she’ll always be the side-eye but she’s growing up and you know becoming older and I think sometimes people forget I think with all celebrities big and small is that Chloe is just her face is just a picture it’s a second in time you know she isn’t a person Andy and I playing of my best friend and my mom signing me up for soccer with my best friend and that’s pretty much all she’s not just a book to side-eye although she doesn’t a lot you know she’s a real little girl and you know this has been just the funnest thing ever so I’m Katie close mom [Music]

100 thoughts on “I Accidentally Became A Meme: Side-Eyeing Chloe

  1. I remember watching this at work with a couple coworkers. And laughing literally all day. So hard. Like we couldn’t do work. Hahahah!

  2. I saw the two videos and I didn't even know that Chloe had become a meme. To me, she wasn't famous, she was just an adorable little bean.

  3. What a humble mom, she doesn’t use her daughters fame for money or exploit her she lives a normal life and she seems like a wonderful lady. Good for her.

  4. her family was already lowkey viral from the first disneyland surprise. when i watched that video i didn’t think she would become a meme from it

  5. Chloe and Lily are so lucky to have the mom they have! Just making sure the girls have a normal childhood and keep doing age appropriate things, while st the same time enjoying the perks that came with the success of the videos! Instead of just using her kids to make as much money as possible! Kudos to the mom!! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  6. you can tell her mom really wants to capitalize on her daughters and try to keep the money and fame going but it's a "15-min of fame" moment and those don't last. It's over. The internet has moved on. You have to continue working full time and your not going to make a living off of the "bucked tooth side eye".

  7. So you're telling me that this woman raised TWO girls that literally went viral?? One that's gif is still used till now? Dang

  8. Side eyeing Chloe is one of my favorite memes. I also love that the Mom doesn't take advantage of her kids fame.

  9. The roller coaster after she says ”where did they get my number ” is from Australia called Superman Escape at Gold Coast Movie World (it is shown at 2:21)

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