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The big thing that I think I did in the beginning
of creating my site that has really shaped my Ning Network is the advertising policy,
and I think it’s something that Network Creators should really be aware of and think through.
As you’re thinking not when your site has a dozen members but when your site has, you
know, 100 or 1,000 or 10,000 members, what you want that advertising policy to look like. And, the way I set mine up is only active
members can advertise on my site, so there’s no advertising allowed in the blogs or in
the Discussion Forums, and we have sponsored advertisements that are only available to
people who are members of the community. This does a couple things. 1. It means that
when you’re being advertised to, you can look at that person’s content and see if what they’re
actually saying backs up what they’re promoting, which feels nice and makes it so you’re not
feeling like you’re being advertised at from the outside in, so it’s an internal piece. The other thing it does is that it brings
thought leaders and industry leaders into my site and as my site grows, it becomes more
and more valuable for bigger names to come want to advertise there, and so it actually
makes the site grow exponentially. So as you hit tiers, you get bigger names and sort of
bigger fish. And, each time you do that, it makes it easier to attract the next tier up.

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