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Hyatt brings its brand experience to life with Google solutions | YouTube Advertisers

Hyatt brings its brand experience to life with Google solutions | YouTube Advertisers

Emily: Hyatt Hotels Corporation represents
over 500 hotels globally, across nine different brands in our portfolio. Dan: We spend a lot of time looking obviously
at things like brand awareness and revenue, but also increasingly through digital, looking
at how do we drive guest satisfaction. Emily: We went through about an 18-month listening
session, where we started talking to guests. One really vocal group that came to the table
were women. They largely felt that the hotel experience had been designed by men for men,
and felt that all hotels across the board including Hyatt had some real opportunities
in terms of impacting the experience for them. Dan: We’ve now made a bunch of operational
changes, all of which are geared towards positively improving the experience for women. Emily: From the bath amenities, to Hyatt has
it, to the small robes and slippers, adding a housekeeper card. After we implemented all
of these guest experience changes, we really wanted to start getting the word out to our
core target, which was female business travelers. Many women told us that they would travel
with their own shampoo and conditioner, because what was in the hotel room was not acceptable
to use. With that, our Hotel Klepto video was born,
and it talked all about how bath products…you take them from the hotel room but they’re
not even worth stealing. Through Google sophisticated targeting capabilities, we were able to deliver
our units to the audience on in an efficient way. We see that the video online using TreeView,
and then we also integrated the video and a companion video into the Google Lightbox. Frank: With the Google Lightbox unit, we are
able to leverage the standard app better sizes, across all our publishers. The user can simply
hover their mouse over the App Banner for two seconds, and then the App Banner will
expand and take over the fullscreen, and then users are able to further engage with the
content. Woman: I steal shampoo, swipe the soap, coffee
and conditioner. Frank: Because of the fact that we’re only
paying for the engaged user, we’re not wasting dollars for the ones that who did not engage.
With the Google Lightbox unit, we’re able to reach about 70 million users. About half
a million of them engage with the Google Lightbox unit itself, and we are able to achieve a
2.8% engagement rate, which is a lot higher than industry average. For higher, we are
always trying to look at things from a consumer perspective. We work with Google a lot, and
their team always bring in new ideas and product for us to try and test out. Emily: We’ll continue to look for new and
different ways with Google that we can reach our travellers, across multiple different
audiences, and multiple different sub-brands as we move forward in the future.

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