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Huntsman Boring, But Effective Jobs Ad

Huntsman Boring, But Effective Jobs Ad

john huntsman doing an addict that is exactly what we told them to do
on the young turks hey listen we’re going to charge a fee for the span now where do you remember what we said
before johnson was number one job creation when
he was governor of utah mitt romney was over forty-seven you might want to point
that out mad and wala all over the last year confirm asap memories metroliner as the conservative community john font-family late dimension engines distinction another using massachusetts
malone collecting clothes harry potter messages
suspended at forty seven in job creation little forty seventh fifty number one dementia condition going to see strangers maneuvering luster that descriptions group contrast to create jobs three hundred thirty-seven girl who has
record sadly similar to that song thomas worldwide is that not zaki almost word for word what we said that issue i said no one other item forty
seven of the water number forty seven there’d be a different state over and
over again long-distance most and i was a just in case you haven’t got that justice was done forty-seven no but they’re only be
should politician is just a little quicker isle of other bragging about how
dull the kennedys he’s gonna quiet for food well no one was watching which they can’t buy the iranian act
overhear people watch just so you know right budget deficit by the way it no one has
ever said were number one quieter than that usually do it alone were number one fair number forty seven i don’t know if you know this one forty
seven one forty seven anyway uh… i’m glad somebody say their advice who thought maybe a mail bomb ofcourse
that there is that as well the republic candidates ann did you learn and that
makes a whole baaki percents

100 thoughts on “Huntsman Boring, But Effective Jobs Ad

  1. Huntsman is fucking awesome. It pisses me off that he's not considered a shoe-in for the presidency, or at least the main Republic candidate to run against Obama.

  2. They didn't mention Mitt Romney. Somebody finally understands… Voters, like consumers, act on brand recognition. Months later, they're not necessarily going to remember who the negative ads were about — they just need to hear the name. Huntsman's campaign strategy is smart: he's hurting enough from lack of name recognition; better to keep repeating his and not the other guys'.

  3. @MedievalWerewolf
    Same here. And sometimes, even after I click on "more", I get all the way to the bottom of my sub list and they're still not there. So I have to type "TYT" in the search box and then watch the videos from their channel page. It's incredibly annoying. Why is TYT the only one to not show up?

  4. If you get paid for a TV ad, I don't think it's not too much to ask to be able to pronounce Massachusetts. I'm pretty sure the word has a couple of T's there.

  5. @coosooriog
    It wasn't a church organ, it was a baseball stadium organ. They are playing a very slow "Take me out to the Ballgame" to go with the dirty "mitt" on the ground. And then they switch back to happy music when talking about Huntsman. Clever, huh. Pshhhht.

  6. I liked it.. especially the Mitt they kept showing during Mitt Romney's scene. It was really effective.
    At first I was like…what's with the baseball mitt when they first showed it.. but then I got it lol.

  7. Massachusess?! Never heard of that place! I don't think I'd ever trust an add where they can't even pronounce one of the first states to enter the union.

  8. OMG! Romney is a old baseball glove!

    Seriously Huntsman… How can you not know that you can't win the Republican primaries defending science and reality!

  9. does anyone have a link to this study of rating the states i can't read the tiny text in the ad and I would like to read the article for myself

  10. With all the Democrats being completely spineless shills, we are going to have the Republicans going at each other viciously. Our politics is going to look more and more like ancient Rome with all the dirty politics going on… except without any of the awesome things that made Roman society what it was.

  11. @MedievalWerewolf These videos don't show up because they were uploaded september 9, 2011 and kept private for a couple days and they only made them public on sunday. If you scroll down on your subscriptions and look at the ones from the 9th, these videos will be there. There's no bug or glitch or sorcery.

  12. How did Massachusetts get to 47th in job creation? Oh yeah, isn't that the state that tried forcing businesses to pay for healthcare? How's that working for you?

  13. @MedievalWerewolf I think they first put their videos on private and only later put them on pubic. Look at the date: September 9th, but they show up on september 12th. They tape them all in one or two days, upload them and then every day they put a couple of them on public so you can watch TYT daily instead of all at once on september 9th.

  14. @alteredbeasts Yeah, just imagine if Romney or Perry had to do an essay on the dialogue of the ad… they'd give up because their ADDCBGMTFM couldn't let them finish reading. (ADDCausedBy"GimmeDaFuckinMoney")

  15. i like the first time they said 1-47 "ranked #47…. out of 50" in case you were too stupid to figure out there are 50 states in the union <– unsaid

  16. He's still an idiot? He still is bashing Obama for things that were in the hands of the GOP! but people who vote rep. don't really know any better.

  17. He's still an idiot? He still is bashing Obama for things that were in the hands of the GOP! but people who vote rep. don't really know any better.

  18. "numbers never lie" – the numbers might not technically be a lie but if they come from a politician you can bet your ass they are being presented in such a way as to be misleading.

  19. I want them to raise taxes on the rich until they agree to a flat tax. you have to make a spreadsheet to realize the amount of revenue they bring, it ends deductions, gw bush unwittingly allowed good charities to exempt,

  20. First of all, love your show. Now I just want to make the point that Jon Huntsman may be "boring" to some but I am so grateful to see a Republican candidate who has an intelligent speaking manner and isn't part of the breast beating aggressive ready to fight republicans that are becoming a parody of themselves. Don't we want some civility in politics? Of course, he probably doesn't have a chance in hell because that is just what so many people want. Politics has become like wrestling.

  21. You know…John Huntsman isn't that bad. I'm not sure wha the whole of his platform is but he seems pretty sound…at first glance. I love how he swung back during the debates about China…

  22. Huntsman: Next time, please make the ad, mainly the music, just a tad softer. I almost managed to fall asleep and I've been having bad insomnia lately. Good ad otherwise 🙂

  23. I love it how they had to say "OUT OF 50" just in case people didn't know that there's FIFTY STATES in the Union. Shocking I know. >.<

  24. Jon Huntsman is the only Republican candidate who isn't a puppet of the billionaire Koch brothers. The Koch brothers are giving Rick Perry, Herman Cain and Mitt Romney their orders from behind the scenes and they are following them. Viva Jon Huntsman

  25. @MTWEmperor I think it was done for purely educational purposes, since otherwise you'd assume that #47 is last.

    It makes me wonder: which states managed to be even worse than Mass. for jobs in the past 10 years?!

  26. @blackplatypus Ron Paul is not mental, he is not insane. He would incorporate the Bills of Rights, so he is very sane to do so. Opposition to this incorporation is not sane. I want a limited govt. They can't be bought by the Koch brothers because they are hardcore constitutionalist, like every president and member of congress should be when they took the oath to uphold the constitution and not implement laws outside the constitution.

  27. @blackplatypus Oh, are you saying that the tenth amendment (state's right), allow the states to ignore the bill of rights? I doubt Ron Paul is against the incorporation. I need to see where you are getting this information from. He may be a state's right advocate, but I believe he would stand by the bill of rights as a universal document for all 50 states. If he is will to protect non-citizens (potential terrorist) rights, I think he will protect all citizens' rights.

  28. Lol, the guy is smart and nice, but way too considerate and silent to get the nomination. That 'quietly' thing is something which makes him likeable, but won't get people to vote for him. Gosh, either him or Ron Paul and we might actually make a turn for the better.

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