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Hunting, Butchering and Cooking Wild Boar – Gordon Ramsay

Hunting, Butchering and Cooking Wild Boar – Gordon Ramsay

there’s a corner of Georgia being torn to pieces by wild hog but they’ve picked the wrong patch soldiers hog is lean tender and bursting with flavor to give me the chance of tasting some delicious prime Kutz from the wild I’m joining the army special task force under the command of major Bobby toon gonna see now how difficult are these hogs big fast furious very fast and delicious they’re very yeah they taste very good freeport can’t beat it Charles is a catchin one the chances of us seeing one and encountering picks tomorrow I would say it’s probably 80 to 85% the chances of you being able to close the deal are you calling this shitshow I’m just saying that’s why we’re here tonight to make sure and everything goes proper absolutely to keep the hog population down there’s a forty dollar reward for any shot on the base I’ll be aiming for mine with a powerful long-range rifle yes settle your crosshairs yeah exhale so difficult yep that’s a money shot you see it yeah bang guns are used for protection and to kill any hogs in traps but there were alien to me and it showed tomorrow morning yeah we’ll stick with the long rifle yeah definitely sold the pistol we started our search the following day at 6:00 a.m. as go hunt for pig the first lesson was how to track the pigs through the forest is that this is pigs get right there pig shit I’m trying to use the biological name but you’re correct sir that would be shit it’s the hop damage here that’s led to the Army’s decision to kill them in order to stop the numbers from spiraling out of control you can see where the pigs they dig in the sand how many time there’s been almost like a bomb it’s like a forehead yes I can’t believe how much damage they caused it they eat all the nutrients to eat all the bugs eat all the roots and all the tubers out of the ground having walked four kilometers it was getting harder to keep a sense of direction but signs of a pig trail kept a confidence high you see this this these places where there’s mud yeah that’s from a pig not smart I mean how smell Pig and the pigs came across this Creek and you can smell that yeah so that’s it sauce coming against the tree I was gonna tell you that but you’re correct yes yeah that’s the pigs yeah derriere rubbing it’s a tree two hours in and still nothing the Hogs always seen one step ahead but then but they were too quick for a camera and the sights of my rifle walk out there’s a pig inside there right yeah christ almighty a hog caught by one of major toons traps was in the road ahead I haven’t got to be looking at it but yeah he’s a he’s a big pig he does not look happy nope we’ll just shoot him and then we’ll have to move back to the truck get the truck load him up and then go through the whole process of preparing him to eat when we get to the cage and that pig gets out of the cage our drill will be we’ll just jump up on top of the cage trapping is a harsh reality but a clean shot close-up will ensure a humane kill and the Hogs meat won’t be spoiled by any stray bullets twice the size of it this is fucking nerve-wracking haina a pig’s natural instinct is to charge you but we just got to stay calm Jesus Christ having dispatched the pig we need to clean it down in the creek before I learn for the first time how to butcher it in the wild open him up more to get his internal organs out so you can actually start right there it’s piping hot though you’re doing terrific try to keep blade up so that we don’t yeah puncture this that’s the blood that’s his bladder and we don’t want that thing to pot so we didn’t taint any of the meat that’s right and this here for his organs with the innards out we hind the Hawks carcass from a tree to skin it you know what you have in your hand right there Gordon mmm that’s uh that’s one of his testicles right here yeah that’s a delicacy with a lot of folks really Mountain oyster so they cool yeah got the skin is so tough yeah it is it takes 30 minutes of careful cuts to remove the skin from the fat that’s my bullet can I have that back that did it that way and with the skin off it becomes recognizable you did it as a mountain of amazing cuts of meat shoulder that’s Phillip chefs delight I’m amazed how dark it is next the tenderloin and the Hogs ribs the ribs one of the cheapest but one of the most delicious here’s the hands good work great work two hands two loins two ribs two shoulders we just need to find some hungry people now yeah somebody wants to eat some ham that’s something we differ on this campanella’ won’t be right hog shot hung skinned butchered the ribs the loin and it’s amazing that will fill it here I’m punching the ribs in a fragrant stock onions cloves garlic and chili a really nice color a large tablespoon of tomato puree as that cooks starts to tenderize the ribs boil for 20 minutes this is the loin that is the rolls-royce of a hog that’s the little philip tender delicious he’s actually that raw having removed the skin slice the tenderloin and the fill it into medallions I’m making a marinade for the meat with olive oil salt pepper lime juice and chili powder the marinade will tenderize the hog to me like eating butter next to barbecue sauce for the ribs start off by the onion and add molasses mass is a really nice sort of dark sugar syrup I give the body to the barbecue sauce a couple of tablespoons of mustard chili sauces and cider vinegar when you sat down not too rich without there is the right consistency rush the meat with the barbecue sauce then grill literally 3540 seconds on the line one hour two minutes on the ribs whilst the meat rests a coleslaw not too much mayonnaise nothing worse than a cold spot you can’t identify what’s in here grain mustard coleslaw a nice slice of loin couple of beautiful ribs through that most amazing hog grips with a barbecue Lauren already now some hungry tummies where are you guys are we good we’re gonna dig in dig it very good very good very good as I say in the UK put more pork on your fork yeah outstanding we could get hypothermia if we stay down too long so we’ve got to be quick but that’s easier said than done

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  1. Nammude നാട്ടിൽ ആണെകിൽ ഇപ്പം ജയിൽ ചപ്പാത്തിയുടെ ടേസ്റ്റ് അറിഞ്ഞേനെ

  2. I was so sure this video would have many dislikes.Wow i didnt know people would be so patheticly idiotic it is a Hunting video what dk you expect

  3. This be making me want to go hunt on Red Dead 2 right when he crouched down for the first inspection of tracking lol

  4. Anyone upset over him hunting a boar consider that boars are an invasive species and cause tremendous damage to the local environment.

  5. We had a few at our family cemetery in South Texas and they completely dug up a grave. Needless to say, we dug new ones for them.

  6. eating pork is like picking up a hooker and not wearing a condom in a most Aids infested country your asking for it!!

  7. The 12k vegans that disliked this video. I wonder if they realize that all of our ancestors had to do things like this everyday our their lives and worse for us to even be here today. Its the cycle of life folks.

  8. 저나이 되도록 충분히 그는 일하였다 이젠 노후를 즐기는 일만이 남으셨다..본인이 하고싶던 요리외의 일들을 하셔서 즐기시기를 지금도 멎지시네요^^d




  10. The thing is people in the army dont get anything good to eat I mean you could get them shitter Donald's and they would be killing each other for it so when a couple guys said it was "good" my eyebrows were raised

  11. Are you calling me a shit shot…lmao 😂🤣😂🤣

    Is that the pigs arse rubbing against the tree….😂🤣😂🤣

  12. Je rêve, jamais de ma vie j ai vu une chasse aux sangliers pris dans une cage et flingué avec un pistolet 🔫 je suis choquée 🤯😤😤😤😡😡je chasse le sanglier et je trouve votre façons de faire scandaleuse, lâches

  13. I'm just pointing out a random observation…not to take away from the purpose of the video…but Gordon's left shoulder patch is wrong. The stars on the American flag are supposed to always face forward. Being how Gordon is not in the American Army and doesn't know any better, I'll give him a pass here. Other than that, my mouth was all watery from watching that BBQ come out the way it did.

  14. I like how they don't show them killing it but they show them cutting and skinning it and taking out the organs. It's just kinda ironic

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